Monday, January 3, 2011

Reed Richards - Upgrade - Ben Rosenthal

1. Sue Storm is in Reed’s lab. There are plenty of machines and screens about. Nothing we haven’t seen before. Sue is looking for her husband.

Reed. Reed.

2. Sue has noticed a machine is slightly away from the wall, revealing a crack. There appears to be a hidden door behind it.

3. Sue makes part of the wall invisible so that she may see within the secret room. It is dark, the only source of light coming from a large computer screen. On it are images on it of villains that the Fantastic Four have faced recently. There are technical readings all over the screen - lots of information. We can only see a silhouetted figure sitting in front of the large screen (we can tell that it is Reed Richards). Silhouetted of tubes and cables running to and from the seated figure are also visible.

4. Sue has pushed the machinery blocking the hidden door aside with her force field, also opening the hidden door with it.

5. A close up of Sue’s face. She looks worried.


6. A wide panel of Reed, with Sue visible from behind in the corner of a panel. Reed is seated in front of the huge screen. With the light now flooding in from the open door, we can now see that Reed has cables running from his suit to the large computer he sits in front of. However, more cables are wired directly to his head. Data and figures fill the screen.


What are you.....

It’s fascinating. I’ve discovered a way to use my abilities to wire myself into computers. Given that computers are the only machine built to mimic the human brain, the two were surprisingly compatible. As such, I’ve devised a way to gather the data recorded by our suits in battle, and feed the data directly into my cerebrum.

7. A close up of Sue’s face. She looks horrified.

Our enemy’s vulnerabilities and attack patterns at immediate call. Not only data on our enemies, but that which has been collected on friends and allies, even on ourselves, or our surroundings. It will all be stored within my brain.

I’m a living computer, Sue!


  1. So it's kind of like Exremis for Reed. I like that, his brain needs to be used more and more. This is creepy and that's cool :)

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  3. I agree with Ryan's words: cool and creepy :)

    Though it would have been even creepier if he had downloaded his consciousness into the computer and was talking to Sue from inside it *gasp*

  4. Cue divorce. And I find it not really hard to believe Reed could reach that point. Good stuff.

  5. Thanks guys.

    Never thought of it as Extremis for Reed, although it makes sense.

    I wanted it to be thge beginning of Reed getting an addiction to knowledge - he just HAS to know everything.

  6. As Ivan says, this seems perfectly in character for Reed - no measure too extreme. Two buts sprang to mind however...

    1. Some might argue that Reed's brain is already smarter than any computer.

    2. If he were to do something like this, using it to beat his enemies would be lower down his list of priorities than furthering his scientific reach. Reed doesn't see himself first and foremost as a superhero, but as a scientist and explorer.

    Nice play on the age old dilemma at the heart of Reed and Sue's relationship though.

  7. Man, I just worry she'll never get Reed of The Twitter.

  8. @Rol - Your logic makes me feel like a dick.

    @Ryan - Love The Twitter.


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