Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why Lois Lane?

Why Lois Lane?

Because she's Superman's wife!

And also because she's so much more than that.

Lois Lane is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for the Daily Planet. She is the daughter of General Sam Lane and has thusly been trained in various hand-to-hand combat techniques and is a similarly adequate marksman. She's taken on some of DC Comics' most nefarious villains and has come out on top on more than once occasion without her husband's help.

Her marriage to Clark Kent - to Superman - is merely one facet of her character; and sometimes, unfortunately, unnecessarily, that marriage overshadows everything else. So that's why, this week here at Thoughtballoons, I am challenging our writers - the tenures and our play-at-home participants - to help Lois reach her potential. She's a tough-as-nails reporter who stands for Truth, Justice and the American Way. I can't wait to see what we come up with.


  1. Why indeed. You sure do know how to "challenge" us, Sime :)

    I think I might pick Marlene Alraune for my next choice and see how you like it :P

  2. Ugh! Dammit, Danial, that's the week I'm taking off... ;)

  3. Characters like Lois need love too. :-)

    I shall take on this challenge and relish the opportunity to see what I can form from it!

  4. Hey guys, it's been a while since I posted a script of my own, so I thought I'd give this one a shot. And just in case I really missed the mark and didn't make it clear enough, this story was meant to be kind of cliché-ridden because I was trying to parody some of Lois's sillier Silver Age adventures. Hope you like it!

    Lois Lane – “PRINCESS LOIS”

    PANEL 1
    Lois stands in the regal courtroom of a medieval castle, dressed in a flowing white dress and tiara. Around her, knights, noblemen, and servants stare at her admiringly.

    LOIS (thinking): Superman has transported me back to medieval times, in the role of a fairy tale princess!

    PANEL 2
    Lois walks down a hallway toward a courtyard, several servants following in her wake to lift her dress from the floor.

    LOIS (thinking): I’m waited on hand and foot by these servants…I have everything a princess could ever want! Everything except…

    PANEL 3
    In the courtyard, Lois stands with her back to us at a low balcony overlooking the stables. By one of the buildings, Superman is talking to a red-haired stable girl.


    PANEL 4
    In the foreground, Superman looks over his shoulder towards Lois, laughing. Lois’s figure is small on the balcony, but there can be no mistake that she’s fuming.

    SUPERMAN: Oh, hello, Lois! Lana and I were just about to take a walk to Magic Rainbow Stream! I’d ask you to join us, but I know you still have to get ready for the ball tonight!

    PANEL 5
    Superman and Lana begin to walk off. Superman waves without looking back at Lois, smiling even more widely than before.

    LOIS: But…but I…

    SUPERMAN: So long, Lois!

    PANEL 6
    Medium shot of Lois as she rests her elbows on the balcony.

    LOIS: Hmpf! Just who does he think he is, running off with a lowly stable girl like that? Can’t he see that I’M a PRINCESS?? Hmm…could it be that Superman is trying to teach me a lesson? Maybe by fraternizing with Lana, he’s telling me it’s not the material things that matter!

    PANEL 7
    Lois puts her face in her hands.

    LOIS: No, that can’t be right…oh, this is terrible! Woe is me! …Goodness, I’m even starting to SOUND like a princess!

    PANEL 8
    Lois looks directly at the reader, puzzled by a voice coming from off-panel.

    VOICE: Well, look at it this way, Miss Lane…

    PANEL 9
    The panel widens to reveal, standing next to Lois, a hulking APE dressed in a green jacket and a bowtie.

    JIMMY OLSEN: …at least you’re not a giant ape.

  5. Ah Marc - we needed some SuperDickery around here, thanks. Your script made me smile but then the last panel made me laugh. Good work, mate.

  6. "Old Stories"


    Panel 1: Large panel. A starry night sky.

    LOIS(CAP): There are some old stories that I'm sick of reading...

    Panel 2: Under the same starry sky, a young woman walks through a park. Three men in the background, dressed in gang clothing and cruel looks have spied her.

    LOIS(CAP): A young woman walks alone through the park at night...

    Panel 3: A construction worker atop a building has slipped and is about to fall.

    LOIS(CAP): A construction worker has an accident at work...

    Panel 4: A little girl, about 5, walks carelessly in front of a truck.

    LOIS(CAP): A child fails to look both ways before crossing the street...

    Panel 5: Large panel. The starry sky again.

    LOIS(CAP): We hear these stories so many times, we don't even need to read to the end any more.

    LOIS(CAP): But there's another old story I'll never get tired of hearing...


    Note: The next page would go on to detail Superman's origin story in Lois's words, ending with him saving the young woman, construction worker and child.

  7. Lois Lane – Woman of Tomorrow by MK Stangeland Jr.

    At the end of the previous issue, Superman was saved from Metallo and a group of Kryptonite powered robots by the appearance of a mysterious stranger calling herself “Superwoman”. He quickly realized that this was, in fact, his wife Lois.

    Page 2

    (5 Panels)

    Panel 1: LOIS LANE (SUPERWOMAN) still floats in the air in front of SUPERMAN. Her stance should have a subtle element of flirtation to it, as though she’s trying show off her new look to her husband a little. This should not be outright obvious to the reader, however.

    SUPERMAN is in the foreground with his back to the reader. He remains surprised yet uncertain about this recent development. METALLO is still on the ground, beaten up and broken.

    SUPERWOMAN: What, don’t you like it?

    SUPERMAN: No, it’s just…

    METALLO: (Tiny text of unseen words that make it clear he’s POed, but the exact wording should remain open to the readers interpritation.)

    Panel 2: SUPERWOMAN is seen from behind as a beam of energy from one of the robots Krypton-Beam Cannons hits her in the back. Other than being annoyed and mildly surprised, she appears unaffected, as the weapon has about as much affect on her as when someone playfully smacks their friend on the backside in a congratulatory manner.

    SUPERMAN, in the background, looks worried and surprised from the attack, but it’s more out of fear for LOIS than anything else.

    SFX: (From the Krypton-Beam Cannon shooting at LOIS from off-panel.) tzzuuw!

    SUPERMAN: Lois!


    Panel 3: SUPERWOMAN looks back over her shoulder. She’s not exactly pleased about getting shot at, even if she does have invulnerability now.

    SUPERWOMAN: Excuse me, dear.

    Panel 4: SUPERWOMAN picks the battered METALLO up off the ground.

    SUPERWOMAN: I’ll take care of this.

    METALLO: Eh! What the…

    Panel 5: SUPERWOMAN throws METALLO towards the panel as she aims him at the robots that were shooting at her.

    METALLO: *^#%!

    (End of Page)

    The full story: I imagined this as part of a story arc I’d call “Man of Tomorrow, Man of Yesterday”, which would eventually reveal that the man behind it all (including Lois’ new powers) is Lex Luthor, done as part of a (likely overly complicated/convoluted) plot of which the main purpose is to pretty much to take Superman down a few pegs (humiliate him, hurt his self confidence, maybe make him feel like he owes Lex something, that sort of thing) and just maybe steal away the title of “Man of Tomorrow” for himself.

  8. This will probably be a weak one for me. I don't think I've read a Superman comic since Doomsday killed him. Obviously I know who Lois Lane is, but finding her voice was a little troublesome for me. But, one of the points of this blog is to get better at writing comics, so I might as well give it a go and let you all be the judge.

    LOIS LANE -- Times and Tribulations.

    Panel 1
    Close on a 50’s era comic book. The first panel shows Superman lifting a car like the iconic cover to Action Comics #1. The second panel shows Lois Lane tied to pole and screaming “Superman! Help!”.

    LOIS (OP): This is crap!

    Panel 2
    Lois is standing at a busy Metropolis intersection, waiting to cross the street with several other pedestrians. Lois is holding out the comic and talking to a little old lady standing next to her.

    LOIS: Look at this! I’m always the damsel in distress, or a floozy throwing myself at Superman’s feet.

    Panel 3
    Lois points the rolled up comic at the old lady.

    LOIS: Just because I’m Superman’s wife doesn’t mean I can’t take care of myself.

    LOIS: I’m Lois Lane for crying out loud!

    Panel 4
    Lois, with both hands on her hips. The old lady ignores her.

    LOIS: I’m an award winning journalist. I’ve traveled the world -- dimensions!

    Panel 5
    Lois holds up an index finger, making a point. The old lady continues to ignore her.

    LOIS: My byline might as well read “shatters glass ceilings”.

    Panel 6
    The little old lady crinkles her nose and looks up at Lois.

    OLD LADY: Young lady, you really shouldn’t read that garbage. Those comics’ll rot your brain.

    [Authors note: After a little research (*cough*wikipedia*cough*)I decided to focus on how Lois' character has changed over the decades and the general perception of comics from previous decades. Also, this isn't meant to "break the fourth wall", but rather an acknowledgment that there are comics books in Metropolis, and as Superman's popularity grew, stories loosely based on his adventures have been written.]


    Hey all. New to reading and scripting. Feedback is welcome and appreciated.

    Panels 1-8 take up the top third of the page in a traditional two-by-four block. Panel 9 makes up the rest of the page with a two-thirds splash. The small panels make up a talking heads scene, and one consistently shot at the same angle, so facial expression and body language are priority

    Panel 1: Tight, side-on shot on LOIS and SUPERMAN, from just below the shoulders up. Sky as background. Sunset. Shoulder positioning tells us that SUPERMAN has his arms around LOIS’s shoulder and waist. LOIS is leaning back, shoulders indicating that her hands are wrapped around SUPERMAN’s waist for support. Her posture is comfortable, casual. The two interact as spouses and equals no matter the situation. Both parties are holding eye contact, with pensive expressions on both of their faces. Each is waiting for the other to speak.

    No Dialogue

    Panel 2: Same shot of LOIS and SUPERMAN. Same facial expression.

    LOIS: I miss you, you know. The apartment is quiet without you coming and going all the time.

    Panel 3: Same shot. SUPERMAN’s brow is furrowed slightly, and he’s broken eye contact, looking down. He’s not angry, just hurt and trying not to be. LOIS has her finger on his lips in a “Shh” gesture.

    SUPERMAN: This was your—

    LOIS (This speech bubble should cover SUPERMAN’s. LOIS is cutting him off, calming him down.): Hey. Smallville. Relax.

    LOIS (2): And Lex was getting too close. If he saw the fight on-air—and he saw it—and then sees us like this…we just need to keep up the civilian act.

    Panel 4: SUPERMAN has reestablished eye contact. He’s back in control, although his brow is still furrowed. LOIS, on the other hand, is feeling slightly ashamed. She hasn’t broken eye contact, but you can clearly see she’s worried that she’s hurt Clark.

    SUPERMAN: I’m sorry—I feel…odd.

    LOIS: On edge?

    Panel 5: SUPERMAN nods, eyes closed. LOIS looks even more concerned.

    SUPERMAN: On edge. Work is awkward—Jimmy keeps inviting me to “hug it out,” Perry shuts off your newscast whenever you’re on. To spare me the insults. I watch it through the wall in Steve’s office.

    LOIS: You know I didn’t mean—

    Panel 6: SUPERMAN’s intense expression is replaced by mischievous grin. One of his massive eyebrows is arched. LOIS looks a little shocked that he “went there.” A thin, almost invisible plume of smoke is visible in the background.

    SUPERMAN: He pays very close attention. Now that I’m out of the picture, I think he’s planning on making a move.

    Panel 7: LOIS sticks out her tongue. SUPERMAN raises both eyebrows in bemusement. The plume of smoke is readily visible.

    No dialogue.

    Panel 8: LOIS has her arms around SUPERMAN’s neck now, and she’s wearing a foxy expression. She’s very good at that. SUPERMAN’s eyebrows are raised, but the smile’s dropped. He doesn’t know what’s coming next. The plume of smoke is raging, and the two are backlit by a flashbulb.

    LOIS: Hey, Smallville.

    LOIS (2): I just thought of a bright side.

    LOIS (3): How long’s it been…

    Panel 9: In the foreground, LOIS and SUPERMAN engage in a deep, passionate kiss. In the background, we see the roof of the Daily Planet offices(far enough away that no one could have heard the conversation). Beneath the huge dome, we see Lex Luthor’s trademark green and purple battle suit lying crumpled and smoking. Superboy is sitting on top to keep Luthor still until the police arrive. Perry White’s jaw is hanging open. Steve Lombard has his head in his hands. Jimmy Olsen is snapping pictures as fast as he can. A huge crowd has gathered behind them on the roof, cheering. A bunch of people are sticking their heads out of top floor windows, doing the same. People were disappointed when she left him for that nobody Clark Kent.

    LOIS: …since we got to do this?

  10. Hell. Yeah. Can I say to each and every one of the PAH scripters, thank you so very much, You guys are making this site rock so hard and I appreciate every single one of you who comments, views (uses the new star rating system) and especially writes a script. I absolutely love it.


    JD - not, bad, but I really doubt we need ANOTHER Superman origin story. I'd rather hear Lois recount the origin of a new hero.

    MK - fun, action packed page, I like the overall concept, and I like your reasoning behind it all. As usual, top effort.

    Adam - I really liked your page. It stands for something, and if you don't stand for something then you'll fall for anything - we all know that. Nice work.

    Aryeh - not bad, but it feels like all that dialogue might strain one page, no less the top part of a page. I think the letterer would have to be inventive and have the balloons flow thrugh all the panels and not be beholden to their structure. You should make mention of stuff like that in your script in the future.

    Thanks all, and good work. And it's only Tuesday night, damn!

  11. You guys have come up with pages already and I still have no idea what I'm going to write, despite having 10 days prior notice! Kudos to you all :)

  12. Marc - I think you captured the tone of those Silver Age "classics" perfectly, all the way down to the unnecessary exposition!

    JD - nice intro (though as Ryan says, I could do without ever reading ANOTHER Superman origin story).

    MK - like the visual layout of this page very much. Though Lois already got her Superwoman in All Star Superman.

    Adam - Lois's voice here reminds me more of Erica Durance from Smallville. No complaints as I think she's my favourite Lois ever.

    Aryeh - a very busy page, as Ryan points out, but worth it for the line: "I watch it through the wall in Steve’s office."

  13. Thanks guys!

    You're right about one too many Superman origin stories, but I envisioned a version told entirely from Lois's POV, which is a slightly new twist. The whole Krypton-to-Smallville-to-Metropolis thing would be glossed over in one or two pages.

  14. @ Marc: You certainly got the Silver Age feel down. Jerkwad Superman always makes for a fun cheesy read. Nice.

    @ Adam: It's an interesting way of addressing Lois changing status without actually breaking the fourth wall. But I find the bit at the end with the Old Lady as though she hasn't been listening to anything Lois has actually said to be particularly amusing and a nice cap to the page.

    @ Aryeh: I like the concept and the dialogue.

    However, I really don't think the page would work with a full two thirds of it taken up by one out of nine panels. I'd say the page would be on the busy side enough as it is even if there wasn't that kind of distribution. While I think I get what you're going for, I'd say that it would work better if panel 9 were saved for the 'theoretical' next page as a splash panel.

    @ Ryan: Thank you. Always feels great to know people like what I'm doing. :-)

    @ Rol: Thanks. May not usually draw out my panels at all before I script them, but I at least like to think I can get a good visualization of what they'd look like in my minds eye (so to speak). Though, then it becomes a problem of making sure I get the image across in the words appropriately.

    I'd read on Wikipedia that there was something with Lois being Superwoman in the All Star comics when I was doing some brief read-up in preparation to write my script, but I wasn't sure to what extent it had been. Even so, I figured that since the idea of a Superwoman Lois hadn't been touched on in the current mainstream DCU (as far as I'm aware), it would be safe enough to go with the idea without feeling like it was just a retread of it.

  15. Lois Lane-Dark Night Out

    Panel 1

    Int apartment: Lois is standing over a box that looks like it has black clothing in it. Clark stands in the background with a cup of coffee and a smile on his face.

    Clark-So is that the Halloween costume you and Selina picked out?

    Lois- Yep, you’re going to look so cute!!

    Panel 2

    Int Apt: Clark hovers over the box smiling at Lois, Lois has a shit eating grin on her face..

    Panel 3

    Int Apt: Clark is now looking down at the costume in the box, still smiling, Lois is the same..

    Panel 4

    Int Apt: Clark is now staring at Lois angrily, Lois is still smiling at Clark, looking very confident in her self


    Lois- you said you’d wear anything I got you…..

    Panel 5

    Int Apt: Same Panel except Lois has a scowl on

    Lois- especially after you slammed doomsday through my Gym last month and I gained 4 pounds…

    Clark-Fine but if he gets mad I’m blaming this on you…the leagues going to have a field day with this.

    Panel 6

    Int Apt: Clark now has the black costume in his hands as Lois hugs his arm and gives him a loving smile

    Lois-fine you can blame it on me, but I think he’ll be too busy scowling at Selina to be mad at you…

    Clark-Why, what is his costume?

    Lois-don’t worry about it…you’ll love it.

    Panel 7

    Int JLA Satellite: Clark and Bruce are standing next to each other in the forground, each holding small cups of punch. Lois is on Clarks arm dressed as Catwoman, Selina is on Bruce Wayne’s arm dressed as Lois. Clark is dressed like Batman, Bruce is dressed as superman (Jimmy Olsen is in the Background dressed as Robin and the rest of the JLA are all cracking up)

    Lois- Come on boys, have a sense of humor…

    Clark-Shes right Bruce..

    Bruce- Shut it Clark….


  16. To everyone who gave me feedback, thank you so much. And all of you who commented on the crowded nature of the page hit the nail on the head--halfway through scripting I realized I was writing a two page script, and what I posted was a result of my best efforts to make it work. I'll definitely keep that in mind with future scripts.

  17. Rol: The only voice I had in my head for Lois was Margot Kidder, so I guess that's what I pulled from, especially the "crying out loud" line. That sounded to me like something she would say.

    MK: I was hesitant to use the old lady because I didn't feel good about her dialogue. But I wanted something/someone that stood for old "comics will corrupt our youth" point of view.

  18. @Aryeh: Don't worry about it, it's a common mistake that all of us have made. If you go and look back at some of the early scripts we have posted, you will see that we all tried to cram two or more pages worth of script into one.

  19. Michael - that's a pretty funny script. You can see it all working up but it still works, and I think for two reasons.

    1) Lois' gym comment is good and provides solid motivation, and
    2) Jimmy Olsen as Robin. How has that not happened before already, ha.

    Apart from a few formatting and punctuation issues, I like this script. Good work, mate.

  20. I found my way over here from the Weekly Crisis link and thought I would throw my hat into the ring. Sorry if the formatting is a bit off.

    A quiet moment between Lois and Clark, discussing bathroom redecoration options. No specific moment in continuity in mind.

    1 – Lois and Clark are sitting on a couch in their apartment, going through color swatches together. Clark seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself, Lois is less impressed.

    LOIS: Burly Wood?

    LOIS (2):Electric Pink?

    LOIS (3): Peachy Keen?

    LOIS (4): Marvellous Maroon?

    2 – Lois throws the color swatches away in frustration. Clark is surprised by her sudden outburst.

    LOIS: Ugh!

    LOIS (2): Who comes up with these names? And who thinks these colours would look good in a bathroom?

    3 – Clark is on his hands and knees, picking up the dropped swatches. Lois is standing in the background, hands on her hips, a look of mild frustration on her face.

    CLARK: I know you aren't quite as excited at the prospect of redoing the bathroom, Lois. If you prefer, I could pick out the colors.

    CLARK (2) (quietly, partly to himself): -heh- Haven't done anything like this since I helped Ma design my costume...

    4 – Clark looks up, smiling his big, friendly smile. Three swatches are visible in his hands: red, blue, and yellow.

    CLARK: What do you say, honey?

    5 – Silent panel showing Lois's upper-body. Her hands remain on her hips, but her frustration is tempered by the kind offer of her husband. Weighing the merits of his proposal, she wears something between a smirk and a grin.

    6 – Repeat panel.

    LOIS: Let me see Peachy Keen again...

  21. Grant - the formatting is pretty good, simple and so an artist could have some fun with it. But I like the aspect you've taken on Lois, it's a nice slice of life mment that's just sweet between the two. Nice work, indeed.

  22. Michael and Grant, both very fun pages.

    I can't believe we've had 7 play-at-home pages in only 3 days, and here I am, still with writer's block. You guys suck! :)

  23. Michael & Grant - yeah, both made me smile. I particularly liked the pace of Grant's script, it was perfectly timed. And timing is everything.

  24. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I love the concept of the site; I might just have to stick around...

  25. Lois Lane: Up Against a Wall

    Panel 1:
    Overhead shot of AMANDA WALLER sitting alone in a bleak looking interrogation room. There is no two way mirror. The only things in the room are a table, a chair, a cup of coffee and a very pissed of WALLER.

    AMANDA: (Shouting) Anytime you incompetent pea-brains want to tell me why I’m here, I would really appreciate it!

    Panel 2:
    Shot of the door ajar. Someone is opening the door but you can’t tell who it is.

    VOICE: What’s the rush, Waller?

    Panel 3:
    It’s LOIS LANE and she’s beaming with confidence. After all this time she finally gets some one-on-one time with WALLER face to face. She’s dressed a little more business like than usual with a buttoned up jacket.

    LOIS: You got a hot date? A government that needs toppling? Lives in general to ruin?

    Panel 4: AMANDA is absolutely shocked. She was expecting a government lackey but she keeps her composure.

    AMANDA: Don’t you have a building to throw yourself off of? I’m sure I can find one for you.

    Panel 5:
    LOIS and AMANDA are now face to face, just inches away from each other with the table being the only thing in their way. Lois is grinning with pride. Amanda is not impressed.

    LOIS: I figured we start with this so called Suicide Squad or maybe Task Force X is your speed.

    AMANDA: I have no clue what you’re talking about. Besides, I’ve never talked to the press, what makes you think you’re any different? They call me “The Wall” for a reason.

    LOIS: Silly me, this no interview,

    Panel 6: Full shot of LOIS, she’s standing up and her jacket has opened up just enough to reveal she’s wearing a shoulder holster with a gun in place. She also has a Checkmate badge predominately clipped to the holster at chest level. Again, her confidence is just shining through.

    LOIS: It’s an interrogation.

    Bottom of the panel: LOIS LANE: AGENT OF CHECKMATE!

  26. Very cool idea, Chad. Kind of script that leaves me wanting to know what happens next and what happened before. Can't top that. Would love to know how / why Lois signed up for Checkmate. I'm also keen to see Lois' interrogation methods. I can't believe she'd do anything too torturous, but I reckon she could make Waller believe otherwise...

  27. Here's mine. :D

    PAGE (--): Five panels, three rows.

    PANEL 1: Widescreen panel, taking up the first row. We are on the main street of Metropolis (comparable to Times Square, but bigger, and yet more art deco and futuristic at the same time) and a huge hovercraft, big and bulky and menacing, is plowing through it, crushing cars, crashing lamp-posts, and causing people to flee for their lives. On top of the hover-craft is an almost stage-like platform where the alien despot Mongul stands. Behind him is the Justice League (Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, and Green Lantern), beaten and tied up to twisted contraptions, defeated. Above them, aliens wearing jet-packs are blasting their lasers all over the place—hitting buildings and shooting at the pedestrians below. Moving around them are round, silver spheres the size of a wide-screen TV—Warworld’s cameras.
    MONGUL (1): (big letters) METROPOLIS!
    MONGUL (2): I, MONGUL, ruler of WARWORLD, have become the MASTER of this world!
    MONGUL (3): I have defeated your champions, your precious “super-heroes”—and filmed them for my adoring people’s entertainment!
    MONGUL (4): Those that bow down before my power shall become my most valued slaves and live a life full of pain and servitude and better than your own meaningless existence! The rest—
    LOIS (1): (off-panel) Mr. Mongul!
    LOIS (2): May I ask you a few questions?

    PANEL 2: A perspective shot over Mongul’s shoulders, looking down from the hovercraft to the ground below. Next to the hovercraft stands Lois—decked out in her best power-suit, note-pad in hand, looking straight into Mongul’s eyes with absolutely no fear.
    LOIS (1): Lois Lane, Daily Planet—just what makes you think that you’ve taken over this planet already?

    PANEL 3: Profile shot of Mongul’s face, looking down at Lois, grinning like a madman.
    MONGUL (1): (big letters) HA!
    MONGUL (2): You are not AFRAID of me? That is just PRECIOUS. I believe I shall put you in my harem—it will be fun BREAKING you.
    MONGUL (3): Your “heroes” have been forced to SUBMIT to my POWER and I’ve hung them up like DECORATION.
    MONGUL (4): What CHANCE does your PATHETIC little WORLD have LEFT?

    PANEL 4: Profile shot of Lois, looking up at Mongul, writing into her note-pad without looking, with a smirk on her face like the cat that caught the canary.
    LOIS (1): Heh. I see you really haven’t researched my home planet, have you?
    LOIS (2): You haven’t defeated all our champions. There’s still--

    PANEL 5: Widescreen shot, taking up the whole third row. Superman flies in and punches Mongul square in the face, knocking Mongul’s balance off. Below them, on the ground, Lois is looking on with a big grin on her face.
    LOIS (1): (logo) SUPERMAN
    LOIS (2): (small letters) Kick his ass, Smallville.

  28. I am honestly surprised at the amount of play at home entries we have had this week!

  29. Holy crap on a stick?! Wow, thanks for al lthe scripts guys! Some fantastic stuff coming from our Play At Home-ers. Just don't keep showing us up all the time :P

  30. Simon- I see it as Lois pulled some big time favors to get a chance to go after Waller. She's not officially Checkmate. I figure with her father's military background, she could fake an interrogation quite convincingly. Of course, she has the ultimate trump card, Superman.

    I'd think it be neat to see Lois and Amanda really go at it verbally more than anything.

  31. Chad - I think tough-21st Century Lois would be an excellent match for The Wall, and I liked the dramatic reveal here. This could be a fun story.

    Jared - a nice traditional action set-up and I like the image of Lois striding onto a battleground like that. Purely from an aesthetic pov, a little more spacing in your script layout would make it easier to read online.


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