Friday, February 11, 2011

Batgirl - All In The Family - Matt Duarte

Batgirl in "All In The Family" by Matt Duarte

Four panels, the first one is wide across the page, the next two sit on their own row, and the fourth one is a big one that takes up about half the page.

Panel 1

Description: Stephanie Brown is being kicked in the face by someone wearing very heavy boots. However, this is not the Stephanie Brown we know, but an older version. There are liness under her eyes, her hair is shorter and more manageable, and her costume is slightly different. While undeniably still a “Bat” costume, the shades of purple are gone, replaced with pure black.

CHARACTER (out of panel): Fight back, damn it!


Panel 2

Description: Stephanie is against a wall now, in a dark room with no windows. This time she is receiving a punch in the stomach, of which we only see a hand wearing a dark glove. Stephanie is not attempting to block or evade the hits at all. Even though she is in pain, there is a faint smile on her face.

STEPHANIE: I was thinking we... HUFFF... we could hug it out.

CHARACTER (out of panel): You think this is a joke?! You think I went through all this trouble of finding you...

Panel 3

Description: Stephanie is sitting on the floor, a bit bloodied and bruised. Her opponent stands over her, still in shadows.

STEPHANIE: How DID you find me anyway? Even *I* didn’t know who you were.

CHARACTER: You have to thank my grandfather for that.

Panel 4

Description: Reveal of who the character is, seen from behind Stephanie. This is a new character, a teenager called Natalie. She has long blond hair and blue eyes, which clashes in comparison with her clothing. She is wearing a leather jacket, gloves, and combat boots, baggy ripped jeans and a white Crass t-shirt.

NATALIE: He found me on my orphanage and left me a big stinking clue of your true identity, mother.

STEPHANIE (CAPTION): Damnit, dad, why do you have to ruin everything?

NEXT: Family reunion!


  1. This page works simply and quickly - executed with strict editing skills. Nice.

    Seems like most wanted to play with Stephanie's daughter or father - both. Hmm...maybe my script was way off, ha.

  2. Great stuff, Matt. Simple idea, perfectly executed.

    I am rather disturbed by the amount of face-kicking that's gone on this week though.

  3. man, people are really capitalising on Steph's family this week, I'm impressed.

    And this is a great script. it's descriptive, the dialogue is tight, it's enticing, it makes sense... it's just RIGHT.

    Also total bonus points for ageing Steph and yet maintaining her distinctive character voice.

  4. Excellent script Matt. Loving all the familt issues that have been bought up for Steph this week.

    A very well described script too. There is no confusion as to what is happening in each panel.


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