Saturday, February 12, 2011

Batgirl - Can o' Whoop Ass - Danial Carroll

PAGE ONE (seven panels)

PANEL 1. Batgirl (Stephanie Brown) and Robin (Damian Wayne) are both perched upon an interior warehouse girder. They are looking down.

I'm going down. Are you coming?

Are you kidding? That's Killer Croc!

I know. And he's about to get his *** kicked.

PANEL 2. Batgirl is leaping at us from the girder, throwing a volley of batarangs in the process. Robin is still on the girder behind her, reaching out as if to stop her.

ROBIN (yelling):
Steph! No!

PANEL 3. Close on Killer Croc, facing away from us. He has three batarangs lodged in his back and has turned his head in pain.


PANEL 4. Batgirl has landed a flying kick upon Croc's face.


PANEL 5. Batgirl has anchored a grappling hook in Croc's mouth which she has used to swing over him and land a kick to his crotch from behind. Croc is in severe pain on both counts.


PANEL 6. Croc is laying hog-tied on the ground. Batgirl is standing with one leg up on him, smiling back up to Robin with a thumbs-up.

PANEL 7. Identical panel to panel one, except Robin is rolling his eyes.

Really? That's how you think it would play out?

Sure. Why not?

->sigh<- Let's just wait for Batman to arrive.


  1. Max is so going to love this page.

    Ben will too.

    And I did three.

    Plus, Danial wins "title of the week".

  2. Great page, Danial. Probably one of your best, I think.

  3. I like it for it what it is, though there's a nitpicky side to me that's questioning the characterization of Damian, since he's both previously been seen taking on Killer Croc on his own without any concern that it was too much to handle (see his recent Batman/Superman teamup with Supergirl) and he actually seems to care about Stephanie here (or, at least, makes his care about Stephanie apparent).

    That said, I like the visual element of it, the fake out at the end where it's how Steph thinks that's how it would go down rather than what actually happened, and (as Rol said) you've won for best script title of the week.

  4. Thanks, guys.

    @MK: I probably should point out that I don't read DC, so any characterization is bound to be flawed :)

  5. I, good sir, am grinning. from EAR. TO. EAR.

    I'm gonna live under the assumption that panel 1 is included in Steph's imagination, if only to preserve Damian's true characterisation in my mind, but aside from that slight ambiguity this is just the sort of great comedy and face kicking that I was hoping to see this week.

    Give yourself a pat on the back, you've learnt how to inadvertently pander to my tastes.

  6. I really dig the action in panel 5 with the grappling hook and crippling kick to the nads. It feels very visual - something that's not always present on this wordy site. Top work.

  7. @Max: You are correct in that everything except the last panel was intended as imagination, which would only have added to Damian's eye-rolling :)

    Thanks again for the praise, my friends :)

  8. Really nice, fluid action sequence, Danial.
    Great stuff.

  9. Really like it. Super playful script, entirely in line with the current direction of the Batgirl title. Really enjoy how unimpressed Damian is.

  10. Wow Danial, great action piece. Loved it! Only thing I would mention would be to cut Robin's last line. But still, fantastic description of the action, and it flows so well. Awesome work.


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