Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Batgirl - Spoil Sport - Rol Hirst

Panel One.

A main street in Gotham City. Night time. Police arrive at the scene of a bank robbery to find the robbers have escaped… despite having being captured earlier by Batgirl. All that remains are the ropes which Batgirl used to tie the robbers to a lamp post. In the foreground of the panel, Detective Harvey Bullock examines the scene while talking on his cell phone. The ropes he holds have been cut.

Bullock: Batgirl caught the perps, left ‘em all tied up with a nice bow… but by the time we arrived, they were gone.

Bullock: Somebody broke them loose.

Panel Two.

At the headquarters of Batman Inc, Tim Drake stands talking to Bruce Wayne. Tim is in costume, Bruce in a suit. On the desk between them is a collection of photographs documenting various calendar-related crimes that have occurred recently in Gotham.

Red Robin: Stephanie has been tracking Calendar Man for weeks. Collecting the evidence we needed to put him away for good. Then at the last minute... someone tipped him off.

Red Robin: He quit town this morning, Bruce. We lost him.

Panel Three.

Batgirl is swinging over the rooftops, guided on her latest mission by instructions from Oracle.

Oracle (jagged balloon): OK, you’re closing in on Kite Man’s location now, but be careful, Batgirl, I’m picking up another—

Oracle (jagged balloon): -sssskkkrrrrrrkkkkkkrrr…

Batgirl: Oracle?

Panel Four.

Batgirl lands on a rooftop and taps the side of her cowl in frustration. A shadowy figure steps up behind her, holding a portable jamming device…

Batgirl: Say again, Oracle? Com-link’s gone down again.

Batgirl: Damn it! What's going on? Lately, it’s like everything I do...

Panel Five.

The figure steps into view. He’s wearing a purple costume and hood… like a male version of Stephanie’s former Spoiler costume. Batgirl reacts with surprise… and shock as she recognises the man’s voice.

Spoiler: Someone comes along and SPOILS it?

Batgirl: Who’re…!? D-dad? What are you doing?


  1. While if the whole thoughtballoons thing wasn't limited to a single page a week, I'd prefer if this were played out over more than one page, I have to say I love the twist at the end. Did not see that one coming.

  2. If it wasn't for Batgirl's asian moment (panel 4), this script would have been perfect :P

  3. Man Rol, this is GREAT! Fantastically great! Loved it!

  4. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I think you have a pretty solid idea here. :P

    In all seriousness, I really like your spin on Arthur Brown's return. Some well put together panels that get the idea across rather succinctly, although I can't help echoing MK's thoughts in feeling that this would play out even better over a longer page count.

    See also: love the pun. Quality stuff.

  5. Thanks, guys. I'd often love to do more than one page, but look at thoughtballoons as a good lesson in editing a story down to its essentials. If I can do that without cramming the page (as in previous weeks) I think I've succeeded.

    Danial - "Asian moment"?

  6. Also, I just realised why comic characters often exclaim "Who--!?" but rarely "Who're--!?"

    Looks too much like a Shi'ar prostitute.

  7. Ah. I see. Edited. Thank you. ;-)

  8. Nice stuff Rol. Hilariously, despite me choosing the character, I barely knew of her family history and spoiler stuff from her pre-batgirl days (outside of what i've picked up here and there or in teen titans), so it's nice to see that people can pick up on the areas I know bum-all about with such skill.

    And your script was tighter than mine, which makes me eternally jealous.

  9. Thanks, Max. The Spoiler stuff I knew from back when I WAS regularly reading the Batbooks. It's the new stuff I knew nothing about. ;-)


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