Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Batman Inc - The Batmanologist of America - Max Barnard

The Premise: With all these Batmen out there nowadays through Batman Inc it has become apparent that Bruce Wayne would need someone to keep track of all of them. Someone who's an expert on all things batman. Someone who not only loves the world of Batman whole-heartedly, but also loves seeing kicks to the face and car batteries being thrown at villains. As such, we meet the PREMIERE BATMANOLOGIST OF AMERICA: BatSims.

Yeah, it's totally that one guy. And I promise I'll do a serious strip next time.


Page 1

A dark figure (BatSims, visual references provided as needed) is swinging through the sky, wearing a Batman snuggie and a Bat-cowl.

Sims(caption): This is basically the most baller thing I've ever done.

We see this scene in a big ol' dream cloud. It's BatSims attempting and failing to lift a car battery.

Sims(caption): Sure, I don't have the strength...

Same style of panel, this time featuring BatSims failing to kick above his height.

Sims(caption): Or the agility...

Another dream cloud panel, in which BatSims is playing Magiquest (google for reference to the absolutely brilliant activity) as two pinstriped gangsters aim Tommy Guns at him from behind.

Sims(caption): And I'm probably WAY too distracted to actually fight crime...

BatSims is entering a doorway marked "Super Secret Batcave. Don't Enter. Seriously."

Sims(caption): But if there's one thing I know, it's Batman.

The money shot. BatSims' Batcave is a large, open warehouse with a huge set of monitors and various keypads/boards as the focal point of the room. Other items in the room should include: a rocketship labelled "WRA", a HUGE bag of salt, a giant coin with Tarot: The Witch of the Black Rose's face on it, a playing card (a queen) featuring Anita Blake on it and a set of those tubes Batman uses to keep the old Robin costumes in, except containing the costumes of the Ultimate Warrior and Walker, Texas Ranger (beard and all). The monitors should be displaying various members of Batman Incorporated, with the main, largest monitor displaying a map of the world, with bat-logos on various positions all over, marking the many members of Batman, Inc.

Sims(caption): All of them. And THAT's why they need me. The new BATMANOLOGIST of Batman Incorporated.


  1. This made me laugh. The character reminded me of the hideous techy geek loser Batman employed back in the 80s when Alan Grant & Norm Breyfogle were on the book - but a "cool", 21st century version. Can't remember what he was called.

  2. You could either take this as a nice thing to Sims, an immortalisation - or you could take it as I do. While laughing heartily at him.

    The page works well, Max, you've made me smile.

  3. I laughed. Great work Max.

    No need to get hung up about doing 'serious' pages. Go with what feels right with each character - and this is so very very right.

    Well done.


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