Friday, February 4, 2011

Batman Inc – Not Where The Action Is, Where It Will Be – Ryan K Lindsay

1. This page will work best as a series of wide and thin panels. Our hero for this strip, a man named Rob, sits on the ledge of a building. The architecture looks like something from a Frank Quitely comic. Rob is a muscular fellow, taller than the average man, scruffy black hair, a streamlined navy superhero suit hugs his body. It is a padded affair, ready for combat, ready for anything.
Caption: He will be trained.

2. The camera of the panel zooms out, we see more of the building, and perhaps some of the streets it towers over. The streets are empty. Rob now has a lady next to him, she looks like Catwoman – for all intents and purposes, she is Catwoman.
Caption: He will be monitored.

3. A further zoom out. Catwoman has changed to Power Girl, but she looks kind of fuzzy, you can now tell she is a hologram.
Caption: He will be provided with all he needs.

4. A further zoom out, we can barely make out Rob and his companion, but we can see the female is different yet again. Perhaps Zatanna, this time. We can see the outskirts of the city, there isn’t anything beyond a certain perimeter, just red earth.
Caption: He will have to show patience and fortitude. He will be tested.
Caption: But he will be granted every opportunity and thus every grace.

5. We have panned back to show this domed city in its red Martian landscape.
Caption: And in this new frontier, he will be ready.
Caption: Nothing will stop the Batmen.


  1. Oh, I did like that. Very visual, very intriguing, and with an excellent - very Morrison-esque pay-off. One of your best, Ryan.

  2. Nice concept and a very well crafted script, Ryan.

    I always dig these scripts that don't rely on dialogue, solely the descriptions. Great stuff.

  3. Yeah, great work Ryan. The dialogue works extremely well, help settingthe mood while telling the story. Great work.


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