Friday, February 18, 2011

Dracula - Chew on This - Matt Duarte

Dracula in “Chew on This” by Matt Duarte

This script takes place in the same universe as the comic Chew. It has 5 panels, divided into three large rows. Panel 2 and 4 are text insets next to the previous panels, which if you have read Chew, you know what they look like.

Panel 1

Description: A man in his thirties is walking in through a door. He is wearing a white coat on top of a rather formal attire (shirt, tie, etc). He is of Turkish origin, and therefore his skin is a bit dark. This is our protagonist, Arikan. In the room he is entering, which is his office, there is a desk and a woman sitting behind it, Mina (his secretary).

ARIKAN: Good morning, Mina.

MINA: Good morning, Doctor. There is already quite a lot for you to do today. The Chief of Police of Ankara called and insisted that you tackle a case seemingly impossible to solve.

ARIKAN: Of course, those buffoons cannot solve anything without my knowledge.

Panel 2

Description: An image of Arikan. He is waving at the reader (as if breaking the fourth wall) with a full red background.

CAPTION: This is Arikan Culah. He is one of the most renowned forensic doctors in all of Turkey despite his young age. In his rather short career, he has solved more cold cases than the rest of the Istanbul police force put together, building quite a reputation for himself. What most people don’t know is that Arikan is a cibopath.

Panel 3

Description: Arikan has now passed past the desk and is entering his private office. He is talking with Mina as he does so.

ARIKAN: Tell them that good things come to those who wait, Mina. Did he send the tissue samples like I requested? You know I absolutely need it to work my magic.

MINA: Yes, Doctor. They are on your desk.

ARIKAN: Great! Then this case is as good as solved...

Panel 4

Description: Just text on a red background.

CAPTION: Becasue he is a cibopath, Arikan can taste a victim’s drop of blood, and get a flash of the their last moments. He won’t admit it to anyone else, but he rather likes the taste of fresh blood. Both of these facts are probably a genetic inheritance from his great-great-great-great grandfather: Vladimir The Third, Prince of Wallachia, also known as Vlad The Impaler, and also known as...

Panel 5

Description: Mina sits by the desk with a rather sarcastic face. Arikan has closed the door to his personal office. It has a glass window (we can see his silhouette behind it) where there is something inscribed. It reads “Dr. A. Culah”.

ARIKAN (from inside): But I won't tell him so until next week. Hahaha!

MINA (whisper): Pompous jerk. One day I’ll get another job and that will be the last you see of me.

The End?


  1. Nice! Good call on using Chew for the character. I really enjoy the jokey reveal of his name in the last panel. The whole piece feels like it could fit pretty well within the comic itself. Well done!

  2. After all my whinging earlier about the preponderence of comedy scripts this week and Dracula having a very specific voice in my head... Matt goes and breaks both those rules, and yet I loved this. It struck just the right tone with me... and you've convinced me I need to pick up some Chew.

  3. @Rol: In my defense, I actually wrote this script before I read your comments (I usually wait until I have an idea in my head or written before I read anyone else's script).But I'll go ahead and said I did it just to fuck with your head.

    I was going for a very specific mix of serious/silly tone, which is what Chew actually has (as Grant pointed out!). I hope I landed it.


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