Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dracula - Demise - Sime McDonald

Panel One
We're looking at blood pooled on a polished floor.

(off panel)
The air reeks of blood and death.

Panel Two
The blood belongs to Grant Powell's (new character, no reference) wife. He is clasping her limp body in his arms, his cheeks wet with tears. Standing over them is Dracula. He's not standing with purposeful menace; he just possesses a natural aura of it. His arms are folded behind his back; his mouth is a hard line. Rather stoic.

I love it.

Panel Three
Dracula's expressionless face creases slightly.

Not by choice.

Panel Four
He bends his knees, his face now level with Powell's.

Can you comprehend that?
To live for something so vile?

I'm going to kill you.

Panel Five
Dracula smiles.

I know.

The Oracle foretold my demise, Grant Powell. 

Panel Six
Dracula is standing, holding out his hand for Powell to take.

I've come to you to ensure it happens.



  1. Very simple words from Drac, and well played. Thoe opening words set the scene so well, and yet when yuo consider them coming from his mouth it is all the more eerie for it.

    You've done good work here, Sime. Economic, tight, grim.

  2. This script opens up lots of intriguing possibilities and insights into the character. The idea that Dracula considers his curse "vile" rather than relishing it is a direction I haven't seen taken in a good long while and you set it up well, Simon.

    As Ryan says, the dialogue is taut and menacing, though a couple of the lines felt not quite Dracula enough for me, specifically those in panels 2 and 6. I guess I have a very specific Dracula Voice in my head and if his dialogue sounds too contemporary (or not quite pompous enough), I end up niggling.

  3. I really like the set up and premise of this one. I'd be interested to see why Dracula has finally grown tired of unlife and what he'd try to do to undie. Great piece!


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