Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dracula – Infinity People – Ryan K Lindsay

1. The first three panels form the top half of the page, they should probably have a different ink and colour vibe as they are a flashback. Dracula is strapped into a chair with silver chains and plaits of werewolf hair in a dirty old cabin. Off panel stands a nameless, for now, doctor. He'd be revealed later in the story, not on this page.
Doctor (op): Elders in my village called you the ‘infinity people’.

2. A hand grabs an instrument off a tray that still has a few blood spatters on it.
Doctor (op): So, I shall see just how far you stretch.

3. Shadow on the wall is created by a lightning strike. The shadow shows us a doctor plunging some strange and unknown instrument into Dracula’s chest.
Doctor: And I will take what I need to even the battleground.

4. We cut to the present - Dracula stands atop the Helicarrier. S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are assembled around him, no one you know.
Dracula: You really think you can stand in my way?
Dracula: To stand here I have, amongst over three hundred specific murders for this case, strangled an old lady with her dog’s lead. While the dog was attached. Drowned twin boys in pools of crude oil. Torn a screaming girl in half. Down the middle. And from the smell of one of you, I killed your mother two nights ago.

5. Dracula smiles.
Dracula: Tell your boss I want him out here right now. Guess you could say I’m calling him out.
Dracula: Him and anyone else living on time borrowed from me.

For those should probably check this link.


  1. Love the idea that Drac's blood is behind the Infinity Formula... that'd really screw with Nick's head.

    There's a part of me always prefers Drac's dialogue to be a little more refined though, he sounded too much like any other badguy for my tastes here.

  2. Great concept and well executed. Me liked a lot :)

  3. I also really like the idea of Dracula being related to the Infinity Formula. The hints in the flashback panels were pretty solid, as well. However, I have to echo Rol's comments in feeling that the dialogue could be a bit tighter for Dracula. He does come off as a little generic, but I do really dig the doctor character - he has some nice meat on him methinks.

  4. I'm now kind of worried I just wrote Mark Millar's Dracula - the very specific and 'bad ass' dialogue might not be that great. I think it sells him, and puts him into the intended tone, but maybe that tone was a poor choice...

    I'm glad people dug the Infinity Formula link I came up with, cheers. I was going to call this one 'Infinity People Have All The Time In The World' but I tried to brevity instead.

  5. I'm quite sad you didn't name it that, because that's an awesome title.

  6. I had no idea what the infinity formula was, but once I clicked that link and understood... fantastic idea, mate. Great script overall.


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