Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dracula - Lamentation and Reform - Max Barnard

We open on a classic, Gene Colan-esque Dracula (though not neccesarily the Marvel one) out on the balcony of his transylvanian castle, illuminated by lightning and the moon against his form. He is looking sternly out at the horizon, leaning forward as if he wants to see that little bit further.

Dracula: I am but an avatar of evil and darkness, in a landscape of gloom and misery.

A close-up on Dracula's eyes, squinting tightly.

Dracula: This, like the ages of the earth, must change.

A silhouetted arm pulling on a glove, against a blood red background.

A silhouetted leg pulling on a boot, against a blood red background.

Dracula's silhouetted head, pulling on an indistinct mask (to maintain the mystery of his new identity).

Dracula, still silhouetted (though more distinctly as the Dell Dracula, for whom I can provide picture reference as needed) is walking out the front of his castle, as a large strike of lightning lights up the entire area.


Dracula: And so I shall become something else. Something NEW, entirely different to what is expected! To what would make sense! I will become...

And we see Dracula in his full splendour as the Dell Dracula of years long past, arms on his hips and standing tall, in typical superhero fashion. Where this costume crucially differs from the Dell version, however, is that it is ill-fitting and slightly loose, combining with Dracula's manic expression to give the impression of a truly deluded fool. That's doable right? If not just beat me with a stick.



  1. Max...I kind of imagine you in the lead role. But you're wearing the skin of some hobo you met the day before and befriended with lamb shanks.

    Am I close?

  2. From the opening panel, I imagined a much more touching and tragic story... though given Max's love for the Dell Drac, I should have seen the twist coming. This made me laugh anyway... though I'd love to see the explanation of why he uses the name "Dell".

  3. I have no idea who Dell Dracula is, so I think the value of this page is lost on me :/

  4. I literally went with him calling himself dell dracula just to make it easier for any of you bunch to find the old dell dracula comics and destroy your souls.

    @ryan so very close, i'm sure

    @rol not gonna lie, this was going to be a very serious script, but a series of unfortunate events led to me kinda just brushing over the original idea for something i just felt like i could post.


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