Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dracula - Waterlogged - Danial Carroll

PAGE ONE (four panels)

PANEL 1. Mid-shot of a highly malnourished Dracula, staring right at us. His hair and clothing are swirling around him weightlessly. He is underwater.

I won't bore you with how I found myself here?

PANEL 2. Full view of Dracula, revealing that his feet are shackled to a cement block.

Suffice to say that that I was caught off-guard in a weakened state.

PANEL 3. Close up of Dracula's red eyes. Despite the closeness, you can tell he's smiling.

None of that matters now...

PANEL 4. From behind Dracula, we can see a large shark swimming up to him.

For fate has smiled upon me.


  1. That's just the kind of insane high concept pitch - Dracula versus Jaws - I can see Marvel coming up with in the 70s, and for that Danial, I salute you. The dialogue wasn't quite there for me, but that's just my niggle this week.

  2. I fear for what the result of this showdown might be - VAMPIRE SHARK! That could make for a pretty awesome villain.

    That said, I hate to be picky on the grammar and whatnot, but I can't help but notice that the first line is a question. Was that intentional?

  3. No, it wasn't. The original line was something like, "How did I find myself here?", and I obviously forgot to change it. Thanks for pointing it out. I'll edit it in the morning :)

  4. I forgot to comment on this one - Danial, I love it. The underwater concept played so well to the reveal of the shark. What happens from there - golden.


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