Friday, February 25, 2011

Power Man & Iron Fist - First Impressions - Matt Duarte

Power Man & Iron Fist on "First Impressions" by Matt Duarte

Panels one through four are all the same size, on a 2x2 grid. The fifth panel is a big one, roughly one third of the page.

Panel 1

Description: Luke Cage, in his original Power Man costume (yellow shirt and tiara, yes) is walking down a New York street at night. He is doing so decisively, as if looking for someone. He is putting his hands to his mouth, shouting.

POWER MAN: Yo, IRON FIST (logo), where are you?!

POWER MAN: Time to come out and play! I w’s paid to bring you in, and Luke Cage always delivers.

Panel 2

Description: Seen from above a building, with Power Man standing in the middle of a street. We can see a leg in trademark yellow booties and green pants reaching all the way down to the ankle.

IRON FIST: So you are the famous POWER MAN (logo)? I was expecting someone taller.

POWER MAN: And *you* are Iron Fist? But you’re... No one told me...

Panel 3

Description: Power Man is walking away now, with his back to the reader. There is no one else around him anymore.

POWER MAN: Forget it, I’m not gonna fight you...

POWER MAN: My momma taught me not to hit girls.

Panel 4

Description: A completely red panel


Panel 5

Description: Luke Cage is knocked on the ground, above him stands tall Misty Knight in an Iron Fist green and yellow costume. Her afro hairstyle is magnificently big, and there’s a huge snarky expression on her face. She is flexing her robotic arm which is glowing with yellow energy, the chi of Shou-Lao the Undying.

IRON FIST: And my sensei taught me not to hit fools.

IRON FIST: Guess we both gonna break some rules tonight, huh?

NEXT: It’s on, sucka!


  1. Had it been Luke and Danny, I would have said the script is great and stuff, though with the final panel reveal that Iron Fist has actually been replaced by a girl (rather than Luke just dissing Rand's costume), I now find myself confused.

    Sounds like a "What If?..." or an alternate universe tale.

  2. I agree with MK here, with Luke ripping on Danny being a great little banter.character piece for the two. Having said that, I am completely aware that this didn't hook me as as I know nothing about Misty Knight, besides the fact she has a name that sounds like it comes from a Bond film.

    The page itself is extremely well written, as always Matt. It just didn't really 'grab' me.

  3. I have to agree with the others on this. I'm a little confused as to why Misty is Iron Fist. At first, I thought it was going to be an origins story, explaining how the two first met, but then I was like, "Wha...?" I think you may have needed a prologue or epilogue to explain the page...

  4. So this is like a What If...Misty Knight had become the Iron Fist. Cue backstory of her getting to K'un L'un and what have you.

    I like this page and think it works strong, it's not in continuity, but it would be a fun tale, especially when business man Daniel Rand enters the fray!

  5. No reason you can't do an alternate reality twist on the characters, Matt, and as Ryan says this has a great What If? vibe. You also solved my was / wuz debate... is w's the answer?

  6. Yeah, this is meant to be a "What If" scenario. I haven't really worked out HOW Misty Knight got the powers, but I just thought that "Iron Fist" as a concept would be really fitting for someone that DID actually have a metal fist.

    That, and I wanted to do some 70's style throwback page.


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