Sunday, February 20, 2011

Power Man & Iron Fist – Run Interference – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Danny Rand’s fist knocks on a door.
Caption (Misty): I need you to run distraction.
Caption (Cage): Oh, no, not like last time.
Caption: A Hallowe’en not long enough ago.

2. Some mob goon opens the door.
Goon: Who’re you s’posed to be? Ain’t no candy here.

3. A large splash in the middle of the page cut into two panels. This panel shows Danny Rand dressed in Luke Cage’s gear: silk shirt opened to the waist, chain belt, tiara on the head. The clothes even look just a little too big for Rand. He stands with a mighty chi fist held aloft proudly.
Rand: I am the mighty Power Fist!
Goon (op): What that make you, tough guy?

4. Luke Cage stands, not so proud, in Rand’s yellow mask and massive yellow-collared outfit.
Cage: Uh…Iron…Man.
Cage (wh): No, wait, that ain’t right.

5. Rand laughs heartily in his costume, hands on his hips, head thrown back.
Rand: Nevermind. Our friend round back has already liberated your sweat shop dogs as you stood here.
Cage: Oh, yeah!

6. Cage launches a kick up into the mob goon but he’s no martial artist so his leg only reaches the goon’s low chest for a crushing blow forcing him out of the panel. Oh, and the pants are so tight and short they look like bike shorts.
Cage: Sweet Christmas…

7. Cage is doubled over with discomfort. Rand is popping his collar.
Cage: …these pants aren’t built for fighting.
Cage: And you left me with Iron Man?
Rand: You’d rather be Fist Man?


  1. That was hilarious.

    Though I have to say, 'Fist Man' has a certain nice ring to it.

  2. Love that last line. A fun page Ryan. I very much liked it. You 'get' the relationship between Randy and Luke down pat.

  3. This was great, Ryan. I find it incredibly tough to write something fun and a little light-hearted without it coming off as overly slapstick... no such problem here. Quality, man, as always.

  4. That's just the kind of goofy fun that made me love this duo as a kid, and you got the characterisation spot on, Ryan. Good stuff.


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