Saturday, February 26, 2011

Star Ratings

Hi all,

The week that was Power Man & Iron Fist has come to a close, and what a week it was. Many went for the comedy script, some put different people into different costumes, but on the whole it was a week of quality - as I think every week is here at thoughtballoons.

Before Sime launches the next character, and I promise you it is a doozy, I just wanted to give all of our regular watchers and PAH-ers a friendly reminder that we have put up a rating system on the site where you can cast your judgment on each page scripted.

Below the Labels on each post, you will find a set of stars. The stars on the left are the aggregated score for the script and the stars on the right at the ones you can vote with. We've got the following rating system set up so please feel free to use it every time. It is overall meant to be a bit of fun but it will also give us some understanding of what you think of the script even if you don't have the impetus to comment.

1 Star  = Hated It
2 Stars = Didn't Like It
3 Stars = Liked It
4 Stars = Really Liked It
5 Stars = Loved It

The more you all vote the better we will become, hopefully.

Otherwise, it's probably just a few short hours until the next character comes up. It's going to be a whole world of new tricks and delights. Enjoy.

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