Monday, February 28, 2011

Venom – Hide and Seek - Ben Rosenthal

1. Night. A girl running is through the windy woods, scared. There is a cabin in the distance, which she is desperately trying to get to.

CAPTION: You cannot run.

2. The girl has reached the cabin, and has slammed the door shut behind her. A shadow of a head has begun to appear on the lower third of the door, as someone is approaching it.

CAPTION: You cannot hide.

3. We see the girl has sat in a corner of the old cabin. Her knees are pulled up to her chin. She is extremely scared.

CAPTION: We will always find you.

4. From the girl’s point of view, we see the door kicked in by large, muscular figure which stands before her. We cannot make out any features of this man, as he is just a dark silhouette as lightening flashes outside.

CAPTION: Don’t fight.

5. Back to the same angle as Panel 3. The man’s shadow covers the cowering girl, with his arm reaching for her. The girl is looking up through her fingers. The only emotion that we can see on her face through her fingertips is that of fear. Tears stream down from her eyes.

CAPTION: Accept us. Let us out.



6. This panel is just of the word CHOMP. It should look bloody and sickening.

7. The man is on the ground, staring in horror at the bloody stump of where his arm used to be. Venom stands above the man, having just transformed from the girl. Blood drips from its grinning jaws.




  1. Nice way to play on our expectations. I like it. Plus, a female Venom would be pretty cool :)

  2. Although I guessed the twist (don't worry, I do that often) that was a really nice change of pace from you, Ben, suggesting you could write a really nasty horror comic if you put your mind to it.


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