Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Artifacts - Grave Danger - Sime McDonald

I will freely admit I know nothing of the Top Cow universe or of this event, and this script suffers for it. I can’t promise any of this makes sense in terms of continuity. So, if it doesn’t, and my errors are obvious, apologies. But, if it's any consolation, I have been inspired to take a peek. So, in later years, when Thought-Balloons has exhausted every character in comics and we're back doing re-runs, I'll be far better equipped. Look forward to that!

Hope Pezzini is staring down at her mother’s tombstone. Years have passed. She’s mid-thirties, attractive, but her features have weathered from age and responsibility. She's a hard woman. Nothing sweet about her. She dressed in a trench coat, wrapped tightly around her lithe frame. Her hands are buried deep in her pockets. She is gazing at the tombstone impassively. The sky above is grey, threatening rain. There are three people standing behind her, standing soberly, allowing Hope her moment. Two men and a woman, similarly clad, dark coats, standard graveyard attire. They’re all holding shovels.

Thank you for coming.

Focus on the other female. Around the same age as Hope. Cassandra Judge. She doesn’t look happy.

We don’t want to be.

Hope smiles joylessly.

So, we have something else in common.

Okay. Let’s get this done.

Hope has moved away from the grave. She’s facing us, eyes closed, gazing up at the sky. It’s just started to rain. Behind her, the trio are digging up her mother’s grave.

Focus on the trio standing around the grave. There are mounds of dirt surrounding them. Their coats are filthy. We can’t see inside the hole in the ground. But they’re looking down at the contents of the grave, awestruck.


Birdseye shot, looking down at the grave. There is no body. Rather, the thirteen artifacts are stocked together, untouched for years.

Tight on Hope, her eyes now opened. The emotion of the moment has passed.

Grab your weapon.
We’re at war.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Artifacts - What Is The Thirteenth Artifact? - Rol Hirst

Panel One.

A desert clifftop somewhere on a small island in the Aegean Sea. The Ark of the Covenant stands on a ceremonial mound, but it has been smashed to pieces. Bodies lie scattered in the immediate vicinity, many of them have had their flesh melted away down to the bone. In the foreground lies a battered Fedora hat. A man’s hand was reaching toward it from a brown leather jacket, but has failed to grab it. He’s dead now and sand is blowing across his hand and the hat; soon they'll be completely covered.

CAP: What is the Thirteenth Artifact?

Panel Two.

An old stone fireplace in a cold, draughty mansion house. In the hearth, a fire burns. On the fire, a child’s sledge with a picture of a budding rose painted upon it. The paint is bubbling and cracking as the flames lick across it.

CAP: What is the Thirteenth Artifact?

Panel Three.

The office of a gumshoe private eye. Horizontal window blinds cast shadows on a scene of murder and mayhem. The PI lies face down on the floor, dead, blood pooling from underneath him. On his desk, in the foreground, lie the remains of a bronze statue. We can just make out from the shattered pieces that the statue was of a stoic bird of prey, perched, its wings folded to its side.

CAP: What is the Thirteenth Artifact?

Panel Four.

A diner in downtown LA. Interior. Aphrodite IV is fighting two curiously dressed hitmen. She’s holding the larger of the two off the ground by his neck, yelling into his face. He’s a black man with an Afro, wearing a blue T-shirt with cartoon figures on it. The other hitman, white with grease-backed hair and a University of Santa Cruz T-shirt, is firing a big gun at Aphrodite. The bullets are bouncing off her. On the table in the booth the two men were sitting at is a briefcase, open, a golden glow emanating from inside. Diners and waitresses run or cower/hide from the chaos.

APHRODITE IV: I’m going to keep asking this question until I get the answer I want…

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Artifacts – The Intended Wielders – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Establishing shot of a library. Usual stuff, cloudy sky.
Caption: I always get these jobs.
Captions: Always.

2. We are looking down a long and dimly lit library stack, at the end we can see some candlelight illuminating a table and someone sitting there. It’s hard to see exactly what is at the end, and that’s fine. The someone is a female, Hope Perkins (new character).
Caption: “When we find the thirteenth artefact you can have that one.”
Caption: Yeah, right. They just don’t believe it exists and if it does you can bet I’ll be shafted onto the Coin of Solomon. If I’m lucky.

3. Hope turns the pages on a dusty tome. She is tired, her head in one hand. She is a decent looking girl, but flat chested so clearly nothing like the rest of the Top Cow cheesecake.
Caption: I get to research and sit around to catalogue information. If I don’t have breasts out past my nose then I’m certainly no good. Haven’t they heard of a fighter’s body?
Caption: My intellect, amongst other assets, is wasted.

4. Hope’s face lights up.
Caption: Well, what do you know, there is something to say for book smarts.

5. We look down with Hope at a page in the book. On it is a matching diagram that fits that diagram showing you the different Artifacts and how they align. This diagram is in the same shape and manner but instead of having Artifact symbols it’s got 13 familiar symbols from culture, Christian Cross, Nazi Cross, etc.
Caption: Now what to do with it…

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Artifacts – Hope for the Future - Ben Rosenthal

Setting: A large area, perhaps in the middle of a city or an inner-city park. It is not important. What is important is the fact that whatever it used to be, it is not a mess. A huge force has errupted here, and taken most of the surroundings out. I'm thinking a post-apocolyptic look.

1. Witchblade’s hand lies on the ground. It looks pale, as if it has been drained.

CAPTION (Note: the ‘voice’ that we are reading should look powerful and important.)
I created you. Created everything.

2. The Witchblade and The Darkness lay defeated, next to each other, unconscious. Both are of the same pale colour as Witchblade’s hand in the previous panel.

I was loved and worshipped by all.

But I was forsaken. Shattered, then imprisoned by those who once did my bidding.

3. A wider shot, with the wielders of the 13 Artifacts are scattered on the ground. Witchblade and The Darkness are in the centre. All have the pale drained complexion.

However, my return was preordained.

Amusing. You thought she was the hope for my universe.

4. Hope Pezzini floats above the fallen thirteen. She is possessed with power – eye’s cracking with raw energy, covered in a weird amalgamation of The Darkness and The Witchblade’s armour, with wings of The Angelus behind her. Hope is only 1-2 years old, so this scene should look horrifying and creepy.

She’s not Hope at all. She is but a Vessel.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Artifacts - Fire and Brimstone - Max Barnard

The Premise: Ironically enough I struggled a fair bit with what I could do with just one page for this group of characters that *I* chose, but after no small amount of research and re-reading I decided that the most well-suited format for these characters is to have them face off. Obviously doing that with all thirteen characters on one page is insane, so I picked two I felt would have an interesting bout and decided to let them have at it. I can't say I'm overly pleased with the result, but it's something that given more pages or time I'd love to explore further (oops that's the apologist in me breaking free a bit there)

And so we come to this: Glorianna, bearer of the ember stone who is capable of turning into a giant firebreathing dragon and Tom Judge, bearer of the rapture, which turns him into a hulking brimstone man... thingy. Two power-sets that seem to compliment each other, hence the title, and both on opposing sides of the ongoing conflict of the Artifacts event series itself.

It probably helps to consider this moment heavily out of continuity, as I'm not sure if they've ever met or if a confrontation between the two would go anything like this. Just have fun, okay?


We open on Tom Judge and Glorianna Silver, both in their human forms, in a dark, moonlit field. Tom is smoking a cigarrette as per usual, and smirking.

Tom Judge: So it's come to this, eh?

Close-up on Tom Judge as he takes the cigarette away from his mouth and exhales.

Tom Judge: Hhhh.... I guess this is where I stop you from gathering the others.

Close-up on Glorianna as she starts to smoulder and catch alight.

Glorianna: You can try, sweetie.

Glorianna transforms into her full-on dragon form, roaring down at Tom Judge, flame spewing forth at him. How to approach the transformation in a single panel is a matter of debate in my head, whether it should be a motion blur, or showing all the various stages at once, faded out accordingly with what came first. There are possibilities, and I think in the end you can decide what would suit your artistic needs best.


The flames are now mostly past Judge, who has turned into his full Brimstone form, a dark hulking brute of sulphur, his whole body smoking.

Tom Judge: Fire? HAHA! I'm brimstone, &!#%$, this is goddamn biblical!

Judge is leaping at Glorianna's dragon form, both arms raised to strike. Glorianna is rearing her head, mouth full of fire and ready to strike again.

Tom Judge: And I know from $#%&ing biblical!

Why Artifacts?

The Witchblade. The Darkness. Angelus, The Spear of Destiny, The Rapture, Pandora's Box, The Blood Sword, The Glacia Stone, The Ember Stone, The Wheel of Shadows, The Heart Stone, The Coin of Solomon and The Thirteenth Artifact. Thirteen items of power beyond human belief, from turning a man into a monstrous creature of brimstone to angelic powers that leave the host as leader of a horde of angels, the scope and differences between these 13 mystic items is HUGE, allowing for any variety of tales to be told when used correctly.

I'll level with you here, I don't expect all too many of you to know much about the artifacts, at least outside of Ron Marz's epic event series, but I'm sure that you'll all at least have heard of two of the characters; Witchblade, long-running Marc Silvestri creation formerly remembered for wearing nothing much but a bikini made out of magical material (again, a character improved in recent years) and The Darkness, wielded by Jackie Estacado, star of one of the best video games in recent years (you guessed it!) The Darkness. Those two are the clear mainstays of the Top Cow universe, popular characters oft written by some of the more talented writers in comics.

But still, I chose these characters purely on the strength of the event comic, and on how easily they resonated with me as a writer. Whether that pays off is something we'll see in a minute or two, but with any luck this feeling isn't just fanboy squees from me. Of course it helped my choice that the Top Cow universe has been growing into something more solid and respectable in these last few years, and seeing that encouraged me to highlight it with this week's choice.

So have at, check some spots for information about the characters, maybe buy the first trade of Artifacts to help you on your way (AMAZON US) (if it's anything like the single issues it will contain sufficient backmatter to get you up on all things Artifacts-related), and most importantly, HAVE FUN.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blue Beetle - The Man of T.O. Morrow, Part 2 - Danial Carroll

[I don't know if this has been done before, or is even allowed, but I'm going to run with it anyway, and deal with the beratement later :P]

Professor Morrow is leaning over a still unconscious Jaime. His back is to us so we can't see exactly what he is doing.

Same view as the previous, except now Morrow is holding the Scarab is the air like a sporting trophy.

CAPTION: An hour later...

MORROW: It is mine!

From the front, we see Morrow reaching over his head to put the Scarab in place on his back. It's legs have already wrapped around him. He is smiling triumphantly.

Close on Morrow's face, now looking confused.

Identical view as the last, only now he is wincing in pain. There is a dribble of blood trickling from his nose.

MORROW: ->Gkk<-

Close on Jaime, waking groggily and rubbing his head.

JAIME: What... Where am--

Jaime, with the Scarab on his back, is now sitting up on the operating table, looking horrified. Before him, on the floor, lays Professor Morrow. His torso has been ripped wide open like an autopsy subject. Blood is sprayed all around.

JAIME: Oh my god...

JAIME: What have I done?


Friday, March 25, 2011

Blue Beetle – Under The Influence – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Blue Beetle flies through the sky, this is a heroic panel, he looks like everything superheroes were created to be. This would be a wide panel.

2. Blue Beetle flies downwards, he’s coming in to land. There’s a house kind of between him and the ground. These two panels are short rectangles.

3. Blue Beetle flies through the top corner of the house, sending shards of tiling and wood everywhere – he has hit it hard. Blue Beetle is tumbling after the hit, he’s about to hit the ground on his back.

4. Blue Beetle lands, grass is uprooted and puffed into the air with some dirt. Blue Beetle looks very awkward in this landing, arms akimbo, hell, whole body akimbo. This panel is thin and wide.

5. Blue Beetle’s head opens to show Jamie Reyes, he doesn’t look great. These three panels are taller rectangles.
Reyes: Grhhhh…

6. Reyes spews his guts out. Understated, simple, sad.

7. This panel is from directly above. Reyes, half out of his Blue Beetle costume, has collapsed next to his spew, maybe the side of his face is actually in it.
Caption: I don’t remember this part.
Caption: Let’s look at the last thing I do remember.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blue Beetle - The Man of T.O. Morrow - Sime McDonald

Jamie Reyes lays unconscious on an operating table. He's strapped in tight and is hooked into several ultramodern machines, outfitted with the standard glowing screens and blinking lights. Looming over Reyes is the dour-faced Professor Thomas Oscar Morrow.

For the first time in a long time it is quiet.
I am, finally, alone with my thoughts.

I know it will not last.
It never does.

Tight on Morrow's face, but faded in the background are two images; memories. On one side we have the Justice League smashing through the wall of one of his lairs. On the other, we have Lex Luthor (outfitted in his battlesuit), Doctor Sivana and Black Adam replicating the League, crashing through a wall.

All I want is peace and quiet.
Time alone in my lab.
But they've never let me, and I realise now:
They never will.

Morrow strokes Jamie's cheek.

I don't expect you to understand.
I don't expect forgiveness.
I just want you to know...

Morrow's lips are inches from Jamie's ear as he whispers...

... I'm doing this for science.

Morrow's back is turned. He's reaching for something. Jamie remains unconscious, helpless. Seemingly doomed.

I need protection from the forces who'd dare interfere with my research.

Marrow's facing us again. Only now, he's wielding a scalpel and a miniature chainsaw.

And once I harness the power of your Scarab,
you shall be my protection.

The Man of T.O. Morrow.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blue Beetle - Come Together - Rol Hirst

Panel One.

Dan Garret, in old-style police uniform, wakes. He is lying on the floor, face down in the dirt, in a darkened room. He lifts his head and looks around.

CAP: Dan Garret…

DAN: Woah… head feels like a Pamplona bull run. Someone must’ve slipped me a mickey…

Panel Two.

As Dan picks himself up, he realises he’s not alone. Across from him lies industrialist Ted Kord, in an ill-fitting business suit. Kord has been piling on the pounds again.

DAN: And it looks like I’m not the only one—

Panel Three.

Suddenly Kord sits bolt upright and starts laughing.

TED: Bwahahahahahaha--!

CAP: Ted Kord…

Panel Four.

Bewildered and embarrassed, Kord stops laughing and stares at Garret. We’re watching their exchange over the shoulder of a third man, Jaime Reyes…

TED: Heh. Ahem… sorry. Why am I sitting on my ass in the dirt? Why am I fat again? Why am I laughing?

JAIME: I dunno, dude, but I reckon I can put an end to that...

Panel Five.

Garret and Kord both turn to face a revealed Jaime Reyes. He’s holding a portable computer – alien tech, similar to that which created the Blue Beetle scarab. But like his predecessors, he’s in his everyday clothing too. The screen of the computer is covered in alien symbols. Jaime looks worried.

CAP: Jaime Reyes…

JAIME: In case you're not fluent in alien-scarab-esperanto, this here says only one of us gets out of this room alive…

JAIME: And I’m sorry, I hate to pull rank on you guys, but… the truth of the matter is…

Panel Six.

Shot from behind Jaime, looking over both his shoulders this time, catching the confused, troubled reactions of both Ted and Dan as Jaime says…

JAIME: Only one of us actually came into this room alive to begin with.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blue Beetle - Deep Blue Something - Max Barnard

The Premise: Okay, so with Blue Beetle a lot of what could be covered with his family, his powers and his scarab has already been covered, he's out of the teen titans, and is basically an ancillary character at present. This would normally be something crippling to a script, but in actuality an interesting situation is created, where that can all be left behind, or stay as it is, and we can take Blue Beetle on adventures far removed from his comfort zone.

And so here we are, with a character that can be sent anywhere now for all new adventures. So my premise here is to send Jaime to as many unusual locations in a series of done-in-one stories, starting with one of the most unusual environs to throw him into: The bottom of the sea. This page joins the story in progress, with our protagonist in a deep, dark part of the ocean, scanning for the anomaly that had originally set him on his new quest.

Nothing ground-breaking, just unusual and, hopefully, fun.


Blue Beetle is standing on the ocean floor, in a vast empty circle of jagged, tooth-like rocks (which also just happen to be the teeth of a giant fish-robot, hidden under the ground). There are a few exotic fish darting about in the background, all outside of the 'mysterious' circle.

Khaji Da(caption): We are here.

Jaime Reyes: Are you sure? Because if I'm honest here I'm getting a little sick of this wild goose chase!

Blue Beetle is gesturing wildly with his arms and pacing inside the circle as he talks to Khaji Da.

Khaji Da(caption): There are no geese here. This is the correct location, Jaime.

Jaime Reyes: Then show me where!

Close-up on Beetle's face as he looks disgruntled.

Khaji Da(caption): You are standing in the precise co-ordinates.

Jaime Reyes: Well I don't see any--

A very crooked close-up of Jaime looking as everything around him (including the panel?) shakes.


Jaime Reyes: WHA?!

A shakier version of Panel 1, except now the teeth are coming together, revealing the gaping maw of the fish-robot, rising out of the ground to swallow Jaime whole. Jaime is looking around in the centre of this giant mouth, shocked by the sudden reveal.

Jaime Reyes: OH, COME ON! NOT COOL!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Blue Beetle - Beginning of the End - Ben Rosenthal

1. Jamie Reyes stands in a group of DC Heroes. He is in his Blue Beetle gear, however his head is exposed. Around him stand the heavyweights – Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Lantern. There has obviously been a battle, with debris surrounding the heroes. They are battle worn, but have obviously won.


2. We are looking behind Jamie, as he stares on at the heroes before him. The Blue Beetle scarab on Jamie’s back is clearly visible.

JAMIE (1) I fought alongside these guys. They needed me. They came to me!

I mean, I mostly just watched, but

3. Sections on of the beetle on Jamie’s back have began to blink with light, as if sending a transmission.

JAMIE (off panel)
Hey, Scarab. You have a recording device or something so I can show Paco later?

4. A screen, mounted on an alien-esque panel. It is a hybrid of electrics and organics. The screen itself is semi-transparent, and through it we can see out of a window. Outside of that window are stars and blackness – it is in outer space. On the screen is data, written in the same language that the Scarab talks to Jamie.

WORD BALLOON (off panel – replace the English text with Scarab symbols)

(We have visual on their champions. Prepare the fleet.)

*Check out the B-Side post for the Blue Beetle at Post Humour Comedy.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blue Beetle - The World is Yours? - Matt Duarte

Blue Beetle in “The World is Yours?” by Matt Duarte

Five panels. The first four panels are equal in size on a two by two grid, while the last one is bigger. If you haven't read the Blue Beetle series, the unintelligible symbols are how the Scarab communicates with Jaime.

Panel 1

Description: Blue Beetle has formed a big shield behind him. Both him and his friend Paco are with their backs behind it. Bullets are hitting the shield as they talk. They are in the middle of a desert.

BLUE BEETLE: Why did we pick a fight in the middle of the desert again? There are no places for you to hide.

PACO: Dude, El Paso. Everything is a desert here.

BLUE BEETLE: If I turn around and fight them, you’ll be out in the open.

Panel 2

Description: Seen from above, we can see Paco and Blue Beetle hiding behind the shield, while at a distance, a group of rednecks are parked behind a car shooting at them. There is literally nothing around except an odd cactus and some rocks.

PACO: Whatever, I can handle it.

BLUE BEETLE: There has to be something I can do...

SCARAB: (unintelligible symbols)

BLUE BEETLE: Really, you can do that?

Panel 3

Description: Behind the shield again, Paco has a confused face, while Blue Beetle is smiling.

SCARAB: (unintelligible symbols)

PACO: What? What did the scarab say?

BLUE BEETLE: It says that it can “Provide supplemental temporary armory” for you.

PACO: What does that mean? What kind of weapon?

SCARAB: (unintelligible sounds)

Panel 4

Description: Still behind the shield. This time, a futuristic looking weapon (kind of like a space shotgun) has seemingly popped out of Blue Beetle’s body and landed in Paco’s hands.

BLUE BEETLE: Ouch! That hurt!

PACO: Alright, now that’s what I’m talking about! Let’s wait until they’re reloading and go all out!

BLUE BEETLE: No, wait, we better plan out something better.

PACO: Screw that, I always wanted to do this...

Panel 5

Description: Paco is now jumping from behind the barrier, with his shotgun in hand and firing it. He is laughing maniacally. Behind him, Blue Beetle is also shooting with one hand, while he takes the palm of his other hand to his face.


BLUE BEETLE: Paco, you are an idiot.

The End.

Why Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)?

Because I thought he was dead.

Honestly, when it came my turn to choose a character, it seemed that good ol' DC had killed another of their teenage legacy characters. They have a pretty bad track record when it comes to that, and I was annoyed that they had done that. I wanted to see what the writers here would do with him. As it turned out, he wasn't really dead (and they dragged this event through three issues), but by the time I learned that, I had already chosen him. Not that I'm unhappy with my choice, mind you.

Jaime Reyes is more than just a random legacy character. He is unique enough to strike out on his own and come out from under the shadows of the other two men that have called themselves Blue Beetle. On top of that, I quite like the fact that he is one of the few heroes that does not opperate out of a fictional city (as most DC characters do) or New York (as most Marvel characters do). He is from El Paso, and his roots there as well with his Hispanic family play a large part in his personality. In any case, he is probably one of the best DC characters created this past decade, and I look forward to see what everyone brings to the table this week.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Moon Knight – Masque Theatre – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Madame Masque presses up against Moon Knight. They are on the penthouse suite balcony atop a large skyscraper. The moon is out and full, no clouds, it’s almost a romantic night.
Masque: There’s gotta be something beneath that mask, right?
Masque: There’s always something beneath the mask.

2. Masque’s hand runs down Moon Knight’s chest.
Masque: But it’s so rarely pretty.

3. Masque’s hand is running down the side of Moon Knight’s side-abdominal muscles toward his groin. Here we see her other hand is pointing a small gun at his crotch.
Masque: And that’s okay. I like a little grim reality in my off hours.

4. Masque is in front of Moon Knight, her back to us. Her body is small, slim, tight. This figure juxtaposed by Moon Knight’s large and physical form, muscles rippled, shoulders higher and wider. His head looks down at her, shadow concealing his expression.
Masque: Do you want to see my grim reality?

5. Masque smiles with a tongue licking her lips.
Masque: I’m exactly how you see this terrible world.

6. Masque drops to her knees in front of Moon Knight - a wide shot.
Masque: If up is down and black is white then which way is home?

7. Masque uses both hands to press the gun into Moon Knight’s hand.
Masque: And can you ever really go there?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Moon Knight - The War at Home, Part 2 - Matt Duarte

Moon Knight in “The War at Home, Part 2” by Matt Duarte

Note from the author: This script continues from the Venom script I posted earlier today.

All six panels are wide across the page, and in the same size.

Panel 1

Description: Venom is walking down some big, regal, marble stairs into a huge empty hall. He is almost all the way at the bottom of them. There are big columns in the back that adorn the whole room. He is carrying a gun as he inspects and talks through a communicator.

VENOM: Control, tell General Dodge that his info must have been outdated...There’s no one here. The whole mansion is empty...

MOON KNIGHT (out of panel): Not empty. Prepared.

Panel 2

Description: Seen from above the stairs. Moon Knight is standing on top of the stairs, while Venom is all the way down at the bottom, well inside the room, turning around. Moon Knight is holding a detonator-looking gadget, with his finger near the button.

MOON KNIGHT: Always prepared.


Panel 3

Description: Same as above, except that now Flash has lost control of the symbiote and he has Venom-ed out. He is running towards Moon Knight. Meanwhile, Moon Knight has pressed the button on the detonator.


MOON KNIGHT (caption): It looks different, but I would recognize the monster anywhere.

Panel 5

Description: Same as above, except this time Moon Knight has disappeared into a trap door below where he was standing (we can see them closing). Meanwhile, the whole room where Venom was in has turned into a giant ball of fire. We can also see from the columns from earlier waves of sound emitting powerful energy. The symbiote is in pain and fleeing Flash.

MOON KNIGHT (caption): Working with Rogers has allowed me to access their database and learn how to fight it. And more.

Panel 6

Description: Moon Knight is now standing over the badly wounded (but still alive) body of Flash Thompson. His missing legs are clearly visible and he is making an effort of staying conscious.

MOON KNIGHT: You had lost everything, your career, your love, your... legs. You accepted an entity into your body that promised to give it all back to you. And it was changing you for the worse.

MOON KNIGHT: I have exorcised it from you. That is my gift to you. Do not waste it.

Next: Venom No More?

Venom - The War at Home, Part 1 - Matt Duarte

Venom in “The War at Home, Part 1” by Matt Duarte

The first two panels sit on the same row, taking up the almost half of the page. The third panel is the biggest one, and the fourth one is an inset inside it.

Panel 1

Description: Flash Thompson, wearing the Venom suit, is inside a military issue airplane, standing right next to the door, as if he were about to air drop. He is talking on his communicator and he doesn’t look particularly happy.

VENOM: General Dodge, this is not what I signed up for, sir. Attacking an American citizen in their own home? That goes against the law, sir.

GENERAL DODGE (through comm): Complaint duly noted and ignored, Corporal Thompson. Just do what you are told. Control will take over from now on.

Panel 2

Description: Venom is jumping out of the airplane, falling through the night sky. An uneasy full moon shines in the background.

VENOM: What’s the deal, control? I normally know who I’m going after way before I’m free-falling off a plane.

CONTROL (through comm): We know, Venom. The general has been...unusually quiet about this whole enterprise. Anyway, target location should be in sight by now.

Panel 3

Description: Seen from above, Venom continues falling, and below him is a large and stately white mansion. In front of it, there are large shrubs that form a crescent shaped moon, and in the back what appears to be a helicopter pad.

CONTROL (through comm): You are to infiltrate Spector Manor and bring back Marc Spector and any known associates back to base.

VENOM:  What’s so special about this guy?

CONTROL (through comm): According to the info that General Dodge gave us, he is the vigilante known as Moon Knight.

Panel 4

Description: A close up on Venom’s face. Even through the mask, he looks slightly worried.

VENOM: Wait, I’m fighting Moon Knight?

CAPTION (white font, black background): YESSSSSSS. PAYBACK.

To be continued!

Note from the author: During Venom week, I didn’t get to do my entry, so this is my catch-up script. It will continue into this week’s script.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Moon Knight - Who Am I Today? - Rol Hirst

Panel One.

Close on Norman Osborn, smiling at us across a table. We are in a boardroom at Oscorp Industries. A large window behind Norman shows the rooftops of warehouses, labs, offices etc. within the Oscorp complex.

Osborn: So, Mr. Grant, I believe that concludes our business today…

Panel Two.

Pull out to reveal Moon Knight, in his Steven Grant identity, sitting across the table from Osborn. Grant looks confused, as though he isn’t actually sure why he’s there or how he got there. Osborn gets up to show him out, still smiling like a lizard. A secretary stands nearby holding a briefcase.

CAP: Where am I…? How did I…?

CAP: Norman Osborn? Oh, Khonshu – what’s going on?

Osborn: My secretary will show you out…

Panel Three.

Still confused, Grant stands up to leave. He’s trying to hide his bewilderment from Osborn. The secretary hands Grant his briefcase.

CAP: Don’t let him see you disoriented. Any weakness at all… someone like Osborn, he’ll find some way to exploit it.

Secretary: Your briefcase, sir.

Grant: Th-thank you…

Panel Four.

As Grant takes his briefcase from the secretary, a huge explosion erupts in the complex beyond the window. Osborn reacts with wide-eyed panic, throwing his arms in the air.

Osborn: Oh no! We’re under attack! Terrorists! What can we do?

Grant (to the secretary): I have to go…

Panel Five.

Grant runs from the boardroom carrying his briefcase. Behind him, through the boardroom doors, all hell breaks loose as heavily armed terrorists in body armour and helmets smash their way inside, while outside the explosions continue.

CAP: Still don’t know what’s happening or how I got here, but one thing’s for certain – I can’t do any good in my Steven Grant identity.

CAP: There’s only one identity can handle a situation like this…

Panel Six.

In a men’s room now, Grant has placed the briefcase before him on the vanity area. The briefcase is open and he’s pulling out his costume… except it’s not the Moon Knight costume we were expecting… it’s the Green Goblin’s cowl and armour. The panel fades away on the right hand side into the laughing face of Norman Osborn.

CAP: The Green Goblin!

Osborn: Hahahaha! Hahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahaha!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Moon Knight - Who.Am.I/Who.I.Am - Max Barnard

The Premise: Okay, I'll do this properly for once. I would want this story to be a deconstruction of Moon Knight, and subsequently the multiple personalities that make him up, to the extent of whether Moon Knight himself is seperate from the three core personalities, and if there are any others contained within the head of our multi-faceted protagonist.

Which brings us to this scene, taking place near the end of one of the issues. The core personality, Marc Spector, is within his own head, falling down a dark space, as you'll soon see, when things seem to change. I'd probably call this the penultimate page before the big cliffhanger, which I'll make a note of at the end.


Marc is still falling, naked through the dark abyss that is his own mind, his face a smoothed over blank space.

Marc(caption): I fall again, to the very depths of my mind.

A close-up of Marc's leg as it is grabbed by a man's hand.

Marc(caption): ... Until I pull myself up.

We move out to see Marc looking up at his saviour, who is indeed himself, albeit with a cocky-looking expression on his face.

Marc(caption): Jake Lockley.

Jake Lockley passed Marc up through the abyss to a new apparition, who is again himself, this time beaming a huge grin at Marc.

Marc(caption): Steven Grant.

Steven Grant continues the chain, passing Marc up to a Marc Spector-headed woman with large breasts and an hourglass figure.

Marc(caption): I don't... My feminine side, perhaps?

The Femme-Marc passes Marc up towards a bright white light, with nothing coming from it.

Marc(caption): They all save me.

Marc is reaching up at the white light, from which Moon Knight's gloved hand is coming down from, mere inches away from Marc's arm.

Marc(caption): Because we're part of the same person...

[And that's the page. The next page would be a splash of faceless Marc standing in front of Moon Knight in a vast white space, with the text "We're all part of HIM". But that'd be unrealistic to fit into this already chock-full page.]

Monday, March 14, 2011

Moon Knight - New Moon Rising - Ben Rosenthal

1. A close up of Moon Knight’s face.

I have seen the face of my God.

And found the face staring back was my own.

2. Night. It’s raining heavily. Moon Knight is looking down from a building, where a group of three men are mugging another man.

It changed me. Gave me purpose; a mission.

3. From the mugger’s point of view, Moon Knight swings down on a chain, kicking one of the three in the face as he does so.

I have seen the face of my God.

4. A front on shot of Moon Knight standing in the alley, his chain falling down behind him. The two remaining muggers stand in front of him, so that we can see over their shoulders.

5. Moon Knight punches a second man in the face, blood spraying from the man’s check after the impact of Moon Knight’s spiked knuckle dusters. The third man has a chain wrapped around his neck. This man’s hands are up gripping at the chain, trying to loosen its grip so that he will not pass out.

6. Moon Knight is offering his hand to the man whom he has saved from being mugged. The mugger with the chain in his neck is still struggling to release it in the background.

7. The man who has been saved from the mugging is staring at Moon Knight’s face, as he accepts the vigilante’s hand in getting up.

It’s time for you to see yours.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Moon Knight - Moon Knight #0 - Danial Carroll

PAGE ONE (eight panels)

Grant Mansion: Marc Spector is in the living room, surrounded by packing boxes. Behind him, entering the room, is Samuels, followed closely by Stephen Strange.

SAMUELS: Excuse me, sir, but you have a guest.

Stephen is standing before Marc.

MARC: Let me guess, Marlene sent you.

STEPHEN: I'm sorry if I'm intruding.

MARC: Not at all. I'm actually glad you're here.

Marc and Stephen are now standing on the balcony. Marc is leaning on the railing, looking out at his property.

MARC: I can't explain it. It's just-- It's like a compulsion.

MARC: I don't even like L.A.

STEPHEN: Interesting...

Close on Stephen. His eyes are closed and his hands are held up, as if feeling an energy radiating from Marc.

STEPHEN: I have sensed this before.

STEPHEN: The first time I noticed it was around Matt Murdock...

STEPHEN: And it's particularly evident when I'm with the Avengers.

Close on Marc, looking concerned.

MARC: What is it?

Wider view of the balcony. Stephen is gesturing in explanation.

STEPHEN: There are extradimenionsal beings that are able to impose their will upon our's.

STEPHEN: This particular being seems to take delight in making people act out of character.

STEPHEN: As is the case here.

Closer on the two. Marc has Stephen by the collar, begging him for help.

MARC: Can you stop it?

STEPHEN: I'm sorry, Marc, but within its realm, this being bears godlike power that not even I can combat.

MARC: This isn't right, Stephen.

MARC: No one... being... should hold that much power!

Close on Stephen, looking horribly saddened.

STEPHEN: I'm so very, very sorry...

Why Moon Knight?

If you know me at all, then you knew this day would come. It was only a matter of when. I was planning on leaving this choice until May, when his new solo series is being released, but then I heard about Bendis’ plans for the character, and I was that annoyed, that I didn’t want this site to have any connection to it.

Fan-rant aside, Moon Knight is one of those characters that’s been hanging on for over 35 years now, but has never quite made the A-league. He’s had about 500 appearances in that time, which compared to the equally-aged Punisher, with just over 1000, is not quite on par.

Though Moon Knight may appear to be a Batman rip-off on first inspection, he was actually created as an enemy for Werewolf by Night. The moon is obviously a big part of werewolf lore, and the “Knight” part comes from the silver armour he wore--silver, of course, being a werewolf’s one weakness. He proved popular enough in this brief appearance to garner his own solo title, and the character went from there.

For those who aren’t familiar with him, Moon Knight is the alter ego of Marc Spector, a mercenary who was killed by a team-mate and subsequently resurrected by Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon and vengeance. In debt, Marc took on Khonshu’s image and became a vigilante, dealing vengeance in his name. To aid him in this venture, he created two more alter egos: Grant Lockley, a low-brow cabbie who was able to eaves-drop on the city’s underbelly, and Steven Grant, a wealthy businessman who could discover the wrong-doings of high-society.

From these alter egos, to his allies Marlene, Frenchie, and Crawley, to his unique rogues gallery, I'm sure you will find that there’s no shortage of writing material. So, my friends, please join me in showing Bendis, and everyone at Marvel, that you don’t need to drastically “reinvent” a character to make them fun and exciting!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nextwave - The Parody Of Your Parody Is My Reality - Danial Carroll

PAGE ONE (eight panels)

PANEL 1. Maria Hill is sitting in front of a large monitor, upon which is the head of a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.


Excuse me, Director Hill. We've discovered something downtown that we think you should see.

PANEL 2. Maria is now standing inside a rundown warehouse, surrounded by several agents.

What on Earth?

PANEL 3. From Maria's POV, we see the team of Nextwave, seated, all strapped into what appear to be VR headsets.

Avengers. ☠☠☠☠ Avengers!

Like, ☠☠☠☠.

☠☠☠☠ fleshy ones.

☠☠☠☠, Darling.

☠☠☠☠ ☠☠☠☠ ☠☠☠☠.

PANEL 4. The agent from Panel 1 is gesturing to a computer terminal next to her.

It appears to be a modified battlefield simulator, running a custom O.S..

To what ends?

We're still looking into that.

PANEL 5. Maria is leaning down to the computer terminal. Over her shoulder we can read the screen:

(Horrendous Acronym To Entertain)
Random Enemy Generator Sub-routine Active
Broccoli Men... DELETED
Giant Robot Cop... DELETED
Killer Koalas... IN PROGRESS

Is this supposed to be funny?

PANEL 6. Wide view of the scene. Maria looks angry.

We're on the verge of a civil war. I don't have time for this.

Pull the plug!

Uhh, we're not sure that would be safe, Director.

So what do you suggest?

PANEL 7. Close up of the agent and Maria.

Our analysts have determined that the program is already halfway through its runcycle. My suggestion would be to just let it run its course.

How long will that take?

Another six months.

PANEL 8. Maria is walking away, flippantly waving her hand.

Fine, do that then. If no one's reported these heroes missing for six months, then I doubt anyone will miss them for another six.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Nextwave - Agent Against Agent - Matt Duarte

Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. in “Agent Against Agent” by Matt Duarte

Seven panels. The first one and the last one are bigger, taking up almost all of the page space. Two through 6 are a series of small panels showing a single short action.

Panel 1

Description: The Agents of Atlas (Jimmy Woo, Venus, Gorilla-Man, Marvel Boy, and M-11) are walking through a hallway, filled with computers and other machines. This has a green-ish hue, because it is being seen through a video feed. There are several people talking outside of the panel, but we can’t see who’s who.

CHARACTER (out of panel): OMG! They have a talking monkey!

CHARACTER (out of panel): You are all talking monkeys to me...

CHARACTER (out of panel): They even have their own murderous robot. I propose we make a trade.

CHARACTER (out of panel): I like the half-naked chick.

CHARACTER (out of panel): Quiet, all of you! On my mark...

Panel 2

Description: Monica zapping M-11.

MONICA: Nextwave, kick their butts!

Panel 3

Description: Tabitha pointing at Marvel Boy’s helmet and making it explode.

TABBY: Nerd!

Panel 4

Description: The Captain kicking Gorilla-Man in the testicles.

THE CAPTAIN: Throw ☠☠☠☠ at me now, will you?

Panel 5

Description: Elsa Bloodstone shooting at Venus.

ELSA: Put on some clothes, dear.

Panel 6

Description: Machine Man is headbutting Jimmy Woo.

MACHINE MAN: I’ve got the mongoloid.

Panel 7

Description: Nextwave stands triumphant over the bodies of the Agent of Atlas, sprawled all over the floor. This is seen through a very hazy sort of filter. Marvel Boy is reading Nextwave’s mind and this is what they are seeing. At the bottom of the panel, there’s a series of thoughts by the Agents of Atlas.

ELSA: Aaron, that’s deeply offensive.

MACHINE MAN: Your smell is offensive to me.

TABBY: OMFG...We killed a monkey!

MONICA: These guys had it coming. The Beyond Corporation and the Atlas Foundation were planning something together on the west coast.

THE CAPTAIN: Yeah, ☠☠☠☠ these guys.

CHARACTER (out of panel): Really? That’s how they think the confrontation would happen?

CHARACTER (out of panel): I’m sensing that their memories have been tampered with, and because of that they suffer delusions of grandeur... among other things.

CHARACTER (out of panel): No way I’d go down like a chump to this Captain guy.

CHARACTER (out of panel): I’m thinking we can use it against them.

You have been reading NEXTWAVE.
Like Ayn Rand, but with even less common sense.
Next: Atlas will shrug!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nextwave - I Have No ☠☠☠☠ And I Must ☠☠☠☠! - Rol Hirst

Panel One.

Recap box. Yes, a recap box. Yes, I am telling rather than showing. For one panel. This is how it will be. If you don't like it, you can ☠☠☠☠ your ☠☠☠☠ with a llama's ☠☠☠☠ for all I care. Recap box...

CAP: Previously on 'The Marvel Universe Is Our Plaything'...

CAP: Ultron is back. And he's a babe again, because Frank Cho is drawing him this month. And because, let's face it, if you had the choice of looking like a grisly, furnace-faced skull with wingnut ears or a hot metal Janet Van Dyne with much larger boobies, which would you choose? Even if you were an insane killer robot with megalomaniac daddy issues? Don't lie to me, I know your tell.

Panel Two.

New York City. A scene of carnage and devastation. The bodies of fallen heroes lie scattered in the wreckage of buildings, strung from lamp posts, smashed through windows, with taxi cabs parked on their faces. Above the chaos, Hot Ultron floats, gloating, triumphant. In the foreground, Mayor J. Jonah Jameson looks on in horror. His assistant, Glory Grant, hands him a phone.

JJJ: The Fantastic Four... The X-Men... The Avengers... The New Avengers... The Young Avengers... The Academy Avengers... The Nantucket Avengers... even ☠☠☠☠ing Spider-Man...

Glory: Isn't Spider-Man in the Avengers? And the New Avengers? And the Fantasti--?

JJJ: Never mind that, Ms. Grant. She's defeated them all! Who else is left to save us...?

Glory: Well...

Panel Three.

Cut to: close-up on Monica Rambeau, taking an urgent telephone call, looking worried.

Monica: Yes, Mr. Mayor - we'll be right there.

Panel Four.

The rec' room on board the Shockwave Rider. As Monica enters the room ready for action, she finds the rest of the team - Aaron, Tabitha, Elsa and the Captain slobbing out on sofas in front of the TV. Only Aaron looks less than relaxed - he's clutching his groin with a pained / angry expression. Elsa glances away from the TV, towards Monica.

TV: It takes Diff'rent Strokes to move the world, yes it does...

Tabitha: Relax, boss lady, we're handling this...

Monica: Well, excuse me, Tabitha, but from where I'm standing you’re not handling ☠☠☠☠! Every single member of this team is sat watching TV and drinking beer…

Panel Five.

Close on Machine Man, grimacing and scowling, still clutching his crotch. Tabitha leans across him, still looking at Monica, and points down into Aaron's lap.

Aaron: Not. Every. Single. Member.

Tabitha: It's fine, Monica - we sent Aaron's ☠☠☠☠...

Panel Six.

A tiny robot penis rockets towards New York to defeat Sexy Ultron... but because this is a family show, the penis is partly obscured by a large 'CENSORED' sticker. (It really is tiny though.)

Aaron's Penis: It's SEXXXY time!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Nextwave – The All New Uncanny Nextwave – Ryan K Lindsay

Marvel Press Release: For Immediate Release – Your minds are only there to be changed. Old is new, up is down, black is white. Nextwave was maybe thirteen people’s favourite comic, for 12 issues, but with this creative relaunch it’ll resonate through the Marvel ages for much longer. From the collective hivemind of Mark Millar, Daniel Way, and Jeph Loeb, and the amazing pencils of swipe extraordinaire Greg Land, comes the real Nextwave you’ve always looked for and truly wanted – whether you admitted it or not.

Prepare thyselves for:

Alright, kids, I can’t draw so the whole press release thing gets kind of ruined here, but I can describe what is available from the Merry Men of Marvel.

This is one big splash page.

This image apes the Giant Sized X-Men cover of days of yore, look after the script to be elucidated.

The banner says Giant-Size Nextwave. The side banner says ‘Senses-Melting 1st Reissue’
The faded background shows the old Nextwave team, Monica, Tabitha, Aaron, Elsa, The Captain, and Dirk. They don’t look shocked, they look goddamn pissed.

The foreground shows the new team charging through the cover like football players through the head cheerleaders…through the tickertape banner., the tickertape banner!

The new team consists of: Deadpool, Daken the Dark Wolverine, Spider-Man in his regular costume but it is under The Captain’s clothes, Red Hulk, and Gambit!

The caption on the bottom right says “New! ☠☠☠☠ Genesis!”

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nextwave - ☠☠☠☠ - Ben Rosenthal

The following takes place immediately after issue #12 of Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E

1. Devil Dinosaur lies dead on the ground. Nextwave (Monica Rambeau, Tabitha Smith, Aaron Stack Elsa Bloodstone and The Captain) stand over him, looking satisfied that the job has been done.



2. A small man jumps out from behind a pillar. He looks furious. This man is The Chief (new character). He is dressed in normal, everyday clothes, but has an air of authority about him. Nextwave looks on, confused.

You can’t just go changing a script! You can’t kill off character whenever you want! There are meetings, and protocol and procedures to follow. Devil Dinosaur was going to be used in next month’s Extreme Mega Special 5000™!

3. Nextwave looking at each other, silently coming to an agreement.

4. Nextwave looking at the direction of The Chief.

NEXTWAVE (all of them)

5. The Chief holding a large cannon type gun in front of him.

I’ll blow alright – I’ll blow you all back into line with my Retroactive Cannon! You’ll be back to who you were before this travesty ever took place! I’ll never have the insubordination from the likes of you again.

6. Nextwave are standing, each realising what they would go back to being if hit with the Retroactive Cannon.

MONICA (looking pensive)
I’d be respected again?

TABITHA SMITH (A look of excitement on her face as she stares at the ground)
I’d have a brain ag...oooh look a penny!

ELISA BLOODSTONE (looking suspicious)
I’d be forgotten again?

THE CAPTAIN (looking sad)
I’d be nothing again.

AARON STACK (looking like Aaron Stack)
You doubt the power of Nextwave? You think we don’t have a plan for an occasion such as this? We are Nextwave, we are awesome, and you fleshy one have another ☠☠☠☠ thing coming!

7. Nextwave running away from the panel, as fast as they could possibly run. Wild shots fire around them as The Chief (off panel) tries to hit them with his cannon. The Captain is in mid leap, jumping over one of the shots fired from the cannon.

Why Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E

Why Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E

Why Nexwave? WHY NEXTWAVE? I think the following explains a lot better than I could.

Have fun, fleshy ones.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Venom - Savior? - Danial Carroll

PAGE ONE (seven panels)

PANEL 1. An extreme close up of Deadpool, heavily blurred.

Wakey wakey.

PANEL 2. Close on Deadpool and Venom's (Flash) heads. Deadpool has slapped Venom across the face.

Hey! We're awake already!

I know. I just like slapping people.

PANEL 3. Wider view, revealing that Venom is bound with very thick chains to a furnace. Deadpool is standing before him. Both are in a non-descript maintenance cellar.

What are you--? How--

Sorry, this page is far too small for a flashback. You'll just have to roll with it.

All you need to know...

PANEL 4. Close on Deadpool, pointing. Despite the mask, you can tell he's smiling proudly.

Is that I'm here to save you.

From the suit.

PANEL 5. Wide view again, with Deadpool pointing up at Panel 2. Venom looks to be struggling against the chains.

I don't need saving. I'm fully in control of the suit.

Are you? Really? I can see a wordballoon that says otherwise.


Bah, amateurs.

You said, we're awake, meaning the suit is bonding with you.

PANEL 6. Close on Venom, with one eyebrow raised.


And how exactly do you plan to save me?

Like this--

PANEL 7. From Venom's POV, we see Deadpool pointing two pistols at us.

Gimme gimme gimme!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Venom – The Notorious Casebook of the Mexican Flapjack – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Eric O’Grady sits at a bar, beer in hand. He’s wearing a black suit similar to the stealth suit Tony Moore has created for the new Venom relaunch, except his head is not obscured and a black collar of Iron Fist proportions is sticking up. The pattern on the front of the suit looks like the new Spider theme except in the middle is no spider, it’s a very small ant. There are a few different barflies sitting around him enraptured.
Caption: Okay, I took the suit. My S.H.I.E.L.D. clearance went so high I had to do something. It was either that or crack the lock on Stark’s ‘Liquor and Ladies Cabinet’ and I'm certainly not that brave.
Barfly 1: You gotta be kidding us?

2. Eric takes a big drink and holds a hand up in exclamation. There are now two ants in the middle of his chest on the costume.
Eric: I tell no lies. This suit not only helps my alcohol absorption but it is alive.
Caption: You ever see the start of The Twilight Zone movie? I wanted that moment, that’s all.

3. Eric places his beer down and we see a few more empties next to him, time has passed. The ant has become a wasp.
Eric: This…thing…starts off with a dozen other candidates in the womb. They spend a few months busting each others' heads against the alien uterine wall for the right to be born. Gentlemen, this is a razzle dazzle fighting machine!

4. Eric is slumped on the bar, he’s drunk. Beer mugs litter the bar – because a barkeep never tidies around the drunks… - and he’s using all his effort to lift his head up to say one last thing to someone off panel.
Eric: Once you go black you never go back, baybee…
Caption: I may have taken it one or two snifters over the line, I’ll admit that, fine.

5. A woman’s hand caresses Eric’s passed out head.
Woman: Oh, I won’t be coming back, “baybee”, and neither will you.

6. A small and completely black panel. Eric’s voice doesn’t point to anywhere.
Eric: Guh…
Eric: …Heyyo

7. Eric is rubbing his head and looking very worried. In the mirror behind the bar and everywhere else we can see there is plenty of blood and mayhem behind him.
Eric: Aw, crud…
Caption: But I swear, on the possibility that I will ever again see a woman’s chest, I had nothing to do with what happened after that.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Venom - Bullies - Rol Hirst

Panel One.

The new Venom gets punched in the face by a huge spiky fist. Tendrils of symbiote fly from his face like blood from a broken nose, revealing Flash Thompson’s injured face beneath.

Flash: Ughh!

Panel Two.

Flashback. In a briefing room, Flash’s superiors General Aaron Dodge and Captain Kat Glover give him the details of his latest mission. Flash is in his wheelchair and army uniform. On the screen behind the General we can see various photos of our villain, The Bully (new character). He’s a Hulk-sized powerhouse with a pudding bowl / Mo / Guy Gardner haircut. Bare-chested in most of the shots, he wears tattered jeans and big, “stamp on your fingers” boots. His fists are implemented with inbuilt spiky knuckle-dusters. In the shots on screen we see him taking pleasure in torturing his victims – pressing his boot into one soldier’s face as the injured man lies on the ground, delivering a huge gut-punch to another, twisting a third man’s arm right up his back.

Dodge: They call him The Bully. We know very little else about him.

Glover: Ex-Forces, certainly. Some kind of MGH addict with cybernetic enhancements suggestive of Jonas Harrow or Alistair Smythe. Works for the highest bidder and takes perverse pleasure in tormenting his victims before finishing off the job.

Panel Three.

Back to the fight. The Bully is giving Venom what can only be described as a super-powered wedgie. He’s standing behind Flash, literally wrenching the symbiote up his back so that it wedges between his buttocks. As he does this, Venom’s legs wither beneath him. Basically, the force of the “wedgie” is pulling all the strength and form out of Flash’s Venom-created legs. Flash screams in agony. They’re fighting in what appears to be a deserted schoolyard.

Flash: Arrrrghhh!

Bully: Ha-ha!

Panel Four.

Back in the briefing room. Close on the Captain Glover, still briefing Flash, a grave expression on her face.

Glover: Be under no doubts, corporal, this is an extremely dangerous individual. Our psych profile suggests a violent, intensely narcissistic personality prone to bouts of aggressively juvenile behaviour who—

Flash (off-panel): Kat, please… I can handle this.

Panel Five.

Venom is fighting Bully in a wrecked men’s room / school boy’s toilets. There’s a big hole in the graffiti-scrawled wall where they’ve crashed through. The stalls are also wrecked and Bully is pushing Flash’s head down one of the toilet bowls. Flash’s legs are still withered to symbiote slime beneath him. The symbiote rears up from Flash’s face to avoid getting wet and smelly from the toilet.

Bully: Suck it up, soldier! Ha-ha!

Panel Six.

Back in the briefing room. Close on Flash. His face shows a brief flicker of remorse. Behind him we see a Ditko-esque Flashback to a young Flash bullying “puny” Peter Parker.

Flash: I do have some… previous experience… with bullies.