Sunday, March 27, 2011

Artifacts - Fire and Brimstone - Max Barnard

The Premise: Ironically enough I struggled a fair bit with what I could do with just one page for this group of characters that *I* chose, but after no small amount of research and re-reading I decided that the most well-suited format for these characters is to have them face off. Obviously doing that with all thirteen characters on one page is insane, so I picked two I felt would have an interesting bout and decided to let them have at it. I can't say I'm overly pleased with the result, but it's something that given more pages or time I'd love to explore further (oops that's the apologist in me breaking free a bit there)

And so we come to this: Glorianna, bearer of the ember stone who is capable of turning into a giant firebreathing dragon and Tom Judge, bearer of the rapture, which turns him into a hulking brimstone man... thingy. Two power-sets that seem to compliment each other, hence the title, and both on opposing sides of the ongoing conflict of the Artifacts event series itself.

It probably helps to consider this moment heavily out of continuity, as I'm not sure if they've ever met or if a confrontation between the two would go anything like this. Just have fun, okay?


We open on Tom Judge and Glorianna Silver, both in their human forms, in a dark, moonlit field. Tom is smoking a cigarrette as per usual, and smirking.

Tom Judge: So it's come to this, eh?

Close-up on Tom Judge as he takes the cigarette away from his mouth and exhales.

Tom Judge: Hhhh.... I guess this is where I stop you from gathering the others.

Close-up on Glorianna as she starts to smoulder and catch alight.

Glorianna: You can try, sweetie.

Glorianna transforms into her full-on dragon form, roaring down at Tom Judge, flame spewing forth at him. How to approach the transformation in a single panel is a matter of debate in my head, whether it should be a motion blur, or showing all the various stages at once, faded out accordingly with what came first. There are possibilities, and I think in the end you can decide what would suit your artistic needs best.


The flames are now mostly past Judge, who has turned into his full Brimstone form, a dark hulking brute of sulphur, his whole body smoking.

Tom Judge: Fire? HAHA! I'm brimstone, &!#%$, this is goddamn biblical!

Judge is leaping at Glorianna's dragon form, both arms raised to strike. Glorianna is rearing her head, mouth full of fire and ready to strike again.

Tom Judge: And I know from $#%&ing biblical!


  1. A good little matchu up here, Max. Although I'm unsure as to how the last line should be read.

  2. Truly you are Action Max. Maxion?


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