Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Artifacts – The Intended Wielders – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Establishing shot of a library. Usual stuff, cloudy sky.
Caption: I always get these jobs.
Captions: Always.

2. We are looking down a long and dimly lit library stack, at the end we can see some candlelight illuminating a table and someone sitting there. It’s hard to see exactly what is at the end, and that’s fine. The someone is a female, Hope Perkins (new character).
Caption: “When we find the thirteenth artefact you can have that one.”
Caption: Yeah, right. They just don’t believe it exists and if it does you can bet I’ll be shafted onto the Coin of Solomon. If I’m lucky.

3. Hope turns the pages on a dusty tome. She is tired, her head in one hand. She is a decent looking girl, but flat chested so clearly nothing like the rest of the Top Cow cheesecake.
Caption: I get to research and sit around to catalogue information. If I don’t have breasts out past my nose then I’m certainly no good. Haven’t they heard of a fighter’s body?
Caption: My intellect, amongst other assets, is wasted.

4. Hope’s face lights up.
Caption: Well, what do you know, there is something to say for book smarts.

5. We look down with Hope at a page in the book. On it is a matching diagram that fits that diagram showing you the different Artifacts and how they align. This diagram is in the same shape and manner but instead of having Artifact symbols it’s got 13 familiar symbols from culture, Christian Cross, Nazi Cross, etc.
Caption: Now what to do with it…

For those wondering what sort of diagram I am talking about:


  1. Damn, well though-out AND contains a brilliantly unsubtle diss on top cow's love of heaving breasts.

    I've got no criticisms, and not just because I've been put to shame two days in a row by you guys

  2. Are you implying that Top Cow's portrayal of women is unrealistic? Bah, humbug! :P

    Anyways, nice little page and nice little pay-off. I like it.

    P.S. I am absolutely stumped this week and dreading Friday night's cram session :)

  3. Great page, Ryan. Love the concept. I would like to know more.

  4. Good page Ryan. All I would comment on is the jab at Top Cow's breast fettish. While it is certainly funny, it took me out of the story. Having said that, Hope could be a fairly cynical character, and could fit in with additional pages.
    I'm of two minds now...

  5. This was fun, Ryan, though like Ben I suspect you strayed a little too far with the big boobs stuff... it's kinda like what you took Danial to task over in his Bendis-sniping Moon Knight strip.


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