Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Artifacts - What Is The Thirteenth Artifact? - Rol Hirst

Panel One.

A desert clifftop somewhere on a small island in the Aegean Sea. The Ark of the Covenant stands on a ceremonial mound, but it has been smashed to pieces. Bodies lie scattered in the immediate vicinity, many of them have had their flesh melted away down to the bone. In the foreground lies a battered Fedora hat. A man’s hand was reaching toward it from a brown leather jacket, but has failed to grab it. He’s dead now and sand is blowing across his hand and the hat; soon they'll be completely covered.

CAP: What is the Thirteenth Artifact?

Panel Two.

An old stone fireplace in a cold, draughty mansion house. In the hearth, a fire burns. On the fire, a child’s sledge with a picture of a budding rose painted upon it. The paint is bubbling and cracking as the flames lick across it.

CAP: What is the Thirteenth Artifact?

Panel Three.

The office of a gumshoe private eye. Horizontal window blinds cast shadows on a scene of murder and mayhem. The PI lies face down on the floor, dead, blood pooling from underneath him. On his desk, in the foreground, lie the remains of a bronze statue. We can just make out from the shattered pieces that the statue was of a stoic bird of prey, perched, its wings folded to its side.

CAP: What is the Thirteenth Artifact?

Panel Four.

A diner in downtown LA. Interior. Aphrodite IV is fighting two curiously dressed hitmen. She’s holding the larger of the two off the ground by his neck, yelling into his face. He’s a black man with an Afro, wearing a blue T-shirt with cartoon figures on it. The other hitman, white with grease-backed hair and a University of Santa Cruz T-shirt, is firing a big gun at Aphrodite. The bullets are bouncing off her. On the table in the booth the two men were sitting at is a briefcase, open, a golden glow emanating from inside. Diners and waitresses run or cower/hide from the chaos.

APHRODITE IV: I’m going to keep asking this question until I get the answer I want…


  1. Sneaky, Rol. Bloody sneaky. We clearly have to keep our eye on you. I get the four references, but won't spoil those here. I did have to read it more than once to soak it all in, once I saw what you were doing.

    It's nice, a little too cute, but nice.

  2. Being a film geek of sorts, I appreciate this page greatly. Thank you, Rol :)

  3. Ahahaha, nice! Who would have thought the Top Cow Universe was home to such film greats. Well played, sir.

  4. Nobody's ever called me cute before...


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