Monday, March 21, 2011

Blue Beetle - Beginning of the End - Ben Rosenthal

1. Jamie Reyes stands in a group of DC Heroes. He is in his Blue Beetle gear, however his head is exposed. Around him stand the heavyweights – Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Lantern. There has obviously been a battle, with debris surrounding the heroes. They are battle worn, but have obviously won.


2. We are looking behind Jamie, as he stares on at the heroes before him. The Blue Beetle scarab on Jamie’s back is clearly visible.

JAMIE (1) I fought alongside these guys. They needed me. They came to me!

I mean, I mostly just watched, but

3. Sections on of the beetle on Jamie’s back have began to blink with light, as if sending a transmission.

JAMIE (off panel)
Hey, Scarab. You have a recording device or something so I can show Paco later?

4. A screen, mounted on an alien-esque panel. It is a hybrid of electrics and organics. The screen itself is semi-transparent, and through it we can see out of a window. Outside of that window are stars and blackness – it is in outer space. On the screen is data, written in the same language that the Scarab talks to Jamie.

WORD BALLOON (off panel – replace the English text with Scarab symbols)

(We have visual on their champions. Prepare the fleet.)

*Check out the B-Side post for the Blue Beetle at Post Humour Comedy.


  1. For the record, this one is much better than your B-side. I liked that you leave us with a hint of impending doom. However, how would that last panel's dialogue work if it was in alien symbols? You'd need to include a translation or something with it. Also, in panel 3, I don't think you need the "as if" in the description. Other than those minor niggles, I liked it :)

  2. Thanks Danial. I'm pretty sure I made the right choice. As I wrote at Post Humour Comedy (cheap plug..again) this script actually starred the character we are to write about. However, writing the B-Side first allowed me to get into Jamie's headspace a little more, so it wasn’t a total waste. Plus, content.

    As for the Alien word balloon - that's half the fun isn't it? We see an alien-esque setting, with data spilling from it in the same characters of how the scarab talks to Jamie. I have only written what it says here so the artist would know which direction I am headed. Keep the readers guessing, and you keep them coming back for more is my philosophy. Peter David is a master of it.

  3. So the scarab is bad?

    Poor BB, you've made him a passanger, I don't think that's what Matt wanted from this week, ha.

    P3 needs on excised.
    P4 Threw me because I thought we were still with the beetle but we aren't (are we?). I didn't know where we were and so had to read it 3 times to really get it. Set the scene first, bluntly if necessary. In outer space, in a ship, etc. Then tell me the actions otherwise I start to attribute them to the scene we were just in and it confuses me.

    I'm going to throw my hand up and say I liked the B-side script better...

  4. @Ryan - thanks. Makes a lot of sense actually. I guess a "Meanwhile in Outer SPace" caption could have been thrown in Panel 4. Man, why didn;t I do that. Ugh, next time.

    You didn't think the B-Side was just too generic?

    Very interested to see what others think.

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  6. Kinda rings wrong to me given that the entire Blue Beetle run was dedicated to showing how the scarab wasn't evil and in league with aliens. That said, your Jaime dialogue seems pretty spot on. Also, on the topic of the fourth panel, using the word "panel" in a panel description is really damn confusing.

    All in all, technically pretty good. But I can't bring myself to really like it because the Scarab's redemption is such an important aspect of the character. But that's not really something I can knock you for - you're entitled to your interpretation.

  7. @Aryeh - thanks for the kind words. As for the Scarab - confession time. I have never read a Blue Beetle book. I'm not really a mainstream DC guy. I research the characters and go from there. As such, I had no idea that the scarab was such an important character.

    Having said that, let me just put my No-Prize hat on. Perhaps the Scarab isn't evil, but an intergallactic scout used for seeking out 'champions' in all worlds? Or maybe it's recordeings are being read without it's knowledge?

    Do I win?

  8. The scarab's purpose is fully explained in the Rogers Blue Beetle run. Which rocks. I don't want to spoil it for you, but it's not that.

  9. And your script has whatever aliens are reading the recordings speaking in the scarab squiggles. So nope on being observed without its knowledge too.

    Ooh! And Jaime has met both Batman and Superman, and has blatantly lied to the former in order to squeeze needed resources out of him. So the awe is out of place too!

    Now I'm just being an ass.

  10. @Aryeh - Ahahahaha. Love it, you fanboy :P

    This is a Year One tale...yeah....
    Plus, you can still be in awe of people after the first meeting.

    As for the Scarab..that's the mystery...oooooooooOOOOOOoooooo.

  11. Continuity notwithstanding, this is a good page. I'm impressed at how much of Jaime's voice you managed to capture without having read the series. His reaction really struck me as true to the character.

  12. I have to echo Grant's sentiment, I think you did a wonderful job with Jaime's voice for someone that has not read the series.

    As for the no-prize? This is an alternate reality where Blue Beetle wasn't left behind in the events of Infinite Crisis, and he got to meet all his heroes at the end of that particular battle.


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