Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blue Beetle - The Man of T.O. Morrow - Sime McDonald

Jamie Reyes lays unconscious on an operating table. He's strapped in tight and is hooked into several ultramodern machines, outfitted with the standard glowing screens and blinking lights. Looming over Reyes is the dour-faced Professor Thomas Oscar Morrow.

For the first time in a long time it is quiet.
I am, finally, alone with my thoughts.

I know it will not last.
It never does.

Tight on Morrow's face, but faded in the background are two images; memories. On one side we have the Justice League smashing through the wall of one of his lairs. On the other, we have Lex Luthor (outfitted in his battlesuit), Doctor Sivana and Black Adam replicating the League, crashing through a wall.

All I want is peace and quiet.
Time alone in my lab.
But they've never let me, and I realise now:
They never will.

Morrow strokes Jamie's cheek.

I don't expect you to understand.
I don't expect forgiveness.
I just want you to know...

Morrow's lips are inches from Jamie's ear as he whispers...

... I'm doing this for science.

Morrow's back is turned. He's reaching for something. Jamie remains unconscious, helpless. Seemingly doomed.

I need protection from the forces who'd dare interfere with my research.

Marrow's facing us again. Only now, he's wielding a scalpel and a miniature chainsaw.

And once I harness the power of your Scarab,
you shall be my protection.

The Man of T.O. Morrow.


  1. As seems to be the case with many of our pages lately, mine included, this is more of a Morrow page than a Beetle page. Perhaps if you had started with the final panel and shown Jaime waking up, and the resulting battle, he might have been able to reclaim his page :)

  2. I can't deny the truth behind your words, Danial.

    Honestly, though? I'm just thrilled I finally got a damn script up!!

  3. Back when I started this crazy site (nearly a year ago), I figured so long as we used the lead character as the lead off point for our script we'd be fine. This script completely fits the bill for me. You don't need to write the script from the week's character's perspective, it just has to involve them in some way.

    And I'm not just saying that because of my Moon Knight script from last week, ha.

    I really like this page. That's how you make a character interesting, you pit them against a good villain. Heroes are nothing without something to fight against.

    But I'm confused, is Morror stating that last line...announcing himself...?

    P1 - there needs to be a comma between time and it

    P3 - creepy as hell, I picture a very soft touch

    P4 - great line. And excellent emphasis. Again, creepy.

    P5 - I'd drop the 'd of who'd, leave it as who, makes the sentence punch harder.

    P6 - Consider - "Harnessing the power of the scarab shall make you my protection." - Possibly.

    Overall, great page. Extremely solid and actually made me care about BB, which is hard to do.

  4. I think this is fine as well, a script doesn't have to have the main character as the protagonist for the script to be about the character.

    As an example, think of the funeral issue of The Comedian in Watchmen. While the whole issue is undoubtedly about him, we experience all of it through the eyes of the people he interacted with. And yet, he remains the focal point of the issue.

    Anyway, I liked this. I think poor Morrow is going to have a hard time removing the armor though...

  5. I'm also of a mind that this is a solid Blue Beetle script, whether or not he has most of the lines. I particularly enjoy the dual Justice League / Society of Villains breaking down Morrow's wall image. That really sticks out in my mind. I also think the pacing works really well, slowly revealing what Morrow wants Jaime for in the first place. Well done.


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