Friday, March 25, 2011

Blue Beetle – Under The Influence – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Blue Beetle flies through the sky, this is a heroic panel, he looks like everything superheroes were created to be. This would be a wide panel.

2. Blue Beetle flies downwards, he’s coming in to land. There’s a house kind of between him and the ground. These two panels are short rectangles.

3. Blue Beetle flies through the top corner of the house, sending shards of tiling and wood everywhere – he has hit it hard. Blue Beetle is tumbling after the hit, he’s about to hit the ground on his back.

4. Blue Beetle lands, grass is uprooted and puffed into the air with some dirt. Blue Beetle looks very awkward in this landing, arms akimbo, hell, whole body akimbo. This panel is thin and wide.

5. Blue Beetle’s head opens to show Jamie Reyes, he doesn’t look great. These three panels are taller rectangles.
Reyes: Grhhhh…

6. Reyes spews his guts out. Understated, simple, sad.

7. This panel is from directly above. Reyes, half out of his Blue Beetle costume, has collapsed next to his spew, maybe the side of his face is actually in it.
Caption: I don’t remember this part.
Caption: Let’s look at the last thing I do remember.


This script interests me because it makes me wonder what assumptions people will make. I know what I think is happening but all that really matters is that this scene is conveyed well through the panels. Does it stand alone and make enough sense as to be comprehensible? I also wanted to trim down the panels, create more of the action between the panels, but instead went for a vey staccato/strobe motion of Reyes hitting the building. I wonder if it works for others.

Strangely enough, I could see Amanda Conner doing the body acting and facial agony justice.


  1. Before I made the connection with the title, I thought it might have been that Jaime was knocked out in a fight or something, and the Scarab was on autopilot trying to get him to safety.

    But then I re-read the title and realized that Beetle is "pulling a Stark" here, isn't he?

  2. Well, the title gives us the biggest clue... without that I could have gone for the idea that he's been infected by something. Having said that, the captions in the final panel suggest there's more to the story than just a super-hero overindulging... but we'd have to read on to find out.

    Unless this is some kind of PSA - don't drink and fly?


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