Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blue Beetle - The World is Yours? - Matt Duarte

Blue Beetle in “The World is Yours?” by Matt Duarte

Five panels. The first four panels are equal in size on a two by two grid, while the last one is bigger. If you haven't read the Blue Beetle series, the unintelligible symbols are how the Scarab communicates with Jaime.

Panel 1

Description: Blue Beetle has formed a big shield behind him. Both him and his friend Paco are with their backs behind it. Bullets are hitting the shield as they talk. They are in the middle of a desert.

BLUE BEETLE: Why did we pick a fight in the middle of the desert again? There are no places for you to hide.

PACO: Dude, El Paso. Everything is a desert here.

BLUE BEETLE: If I turn around and fight them, you’ll be out in the open.

Panel 2

Description: Seen from above, we can see Paco and Blue Beetle hiding behind the shield, while at a distance, a group of rednecks are parked behind a car shooting at them. There is literally nothing around except an odd cactus and some rocks.

PACO: Whatever, I can handle it.

BLUE BEETLE: There has to be something I can do...

SCARAB: (unintelligible symbols)

BLUE BEETLE: Really, you can do that?

Panel 3

Description: Behind the shield again, Paco has a confused face, while Blue Beetle is smiling.

SCARAB: (unintelligible symbols)

PACO: What? What did the scarab say?

BLUE BEETLE: It says that it can “Provide supplemental temporary armory” for you.

PACO: What does that mean? What kind of weapon?

SCARAB: (unintelligible sounds)

Panel 4

Description: Still behind the shield. This time, a futuristic looking weapon (kind of like a space shotgun) has seemingly popped out of Blue Beetle’s body and landed in Paco’s hands.

BLUE BEETLE: Ouch! That hurt!

PACO: Alright, now that’s what I’m talking about! Let’s wait until they’re reloading and go all out!

BLUE BEETLE: No, wait, we better plan out something better.

PACO: Screw that, I always wanted to do this...

Panel 5

Description: Paco is now jumping from behind the barrier, with his shotgun in hand and firing it. He is laughing maniacally. Behind him, Blue Beetle is also shooting with one hand, while he takes the palm of his other hand to his face.


BLUE BEETLE: Paco, you are an idiot.

The End.


  1. This is funny. It works really well, seems a little odd thata gun just pops out, but that works to the tone of the script.

    I laughed before the end but then really had a good chuckle. Matt, you've nailed this one.

  2. Confession time. I did not have a grasp on the character until I read your script. That's how well it is written.

  3. This was perfectly paced with a nice buddy movie feel and strong dialogue. A winner, Matt.

  4. Really good back and forth between Jaime and Paco. I also really liked how you wrote the scarab. Some excellent dialogue within a strong script.

  5. Alright, so it seems that the dialog was the best part of this script. I'm glad, 'cause I struggled a lot to get everything in there in a way that flowed.

    @Ryan: As far as I know, the gun thing is not something that Blue Beetle has been shown doing, but rather something I came up with. I don't think it's something that the Scarab should do wantonly (and the "Ouch it hurts" is a clue as to why), but that it can do in extreme situations. Just adding my little part to the mythos.


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