Saturday, March 19, 2011

Moon Knight – Masque Theatre – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Madame Masque presses up against Moon Knight. They are on the penthouse suite balcony atop a large skyscraper. The moon is out and full, no clouds, it’s almost a romantic night.
Masque: There’s gotta be something beneath that mask, right?
Masque: There’s always something beneath the mask.

2. Masque’s hand runs down Moon Knight’s chest.
Masque: But it’s so rarely pretty.

3. Masque’s hand is running down the side of Moon Knight’s side-abdominal muscles toward his groin. Here we see her other hand is pointing a small gun at his crotch.
Masque: And that’s okay. I like a little grim reality in my off hours.

4. Masque is in front of Moon Knight, her back to us. Her body is small, slim, tight. This figure juxtaposed by Moon Knight’s large and physical form, muscles rippled, shoulders higher and wider. His head looks down at her, shadow concealing his expression.
Masque: Do you want to see my grim reality?

5. Masque smiles with a tongue licking her lips.
Masque: I’m exactly how you see this terrible world.

6. Masque drops to her knees in front of Moon Knight - a wide shot.
Masque: If up is down and black is white then which way is home?

7. Masque uses both hands to press the gun into Moon Knight’s hand.
Masque: And can you ever really go there?


Yes, Moon Knight doesn't say much here but what could he really say in this position? His silence speaks a thousand words to me. You could argue that this is a Madame Masque page but I'd rather just know if it's a good page or not.

I agonised over how many panels were in this page, but in the end I wanted the scene to be spaced out, a little slower for the reader to really feel themselves in. I would imagine the first four panels at the top and the next three down the bottom.

I would love to see Declan Shalvey draw this page.


  1. I'm a little confused as to what's going on exactly. Particularly the final panel. Is she giving him the gun, or pointing it into his palm? Also, how is that shown? Is it still the wide shot from the previous panel? Why is using both hands significant? Sorry for so many questions, but I seriously am confused :/

    The most important question, however, is: why is he cheating on Marlene!?! :o

  2. @Danial - great questions. The last panel could be more clear, she is handing the gun to MK. It's probably not still a wide shot. Both hands was more to convey she is handing it over, not holding it like she's aiming it anymore.

    As for MK, who says he's doing anything. He probably isn't there by choice...

  3. It does feel more like a MM page since MK is passive throughout, and as such might as well be any number of costumed nutballs. That said, the script gives us MM's particular insight / opinion into MK's condition and it's an interesting one. I particularly liked the "black is white" line given the obvious Batman parallels.

  4. I like this page. The only thing that confused me was

    "Masque smiles with a tongue licking her lips."

    How is she going to do that through her mask? Or is she not wearing it at all?

  5. Wow...did anyone else feel a little dirty after reading this?

    I'm with Matt, the "Masque smiles with a tongue licking her lips." line threw me as well.

    A different style of writing from you Ryan, and it's a very effective one.

  6. @Rol - I feel it's an MK page because I see MM only acting this way with/to/for MK.

    @Matt - I thought her mask mouth was open. Facepalm.

    @Ben - Imagine how dirty I felt writing it? And, yeah, this did feel different for me. Hopefully it worked...


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