Friday, March 18, 2011

Moon Knight - The War at Home, Part 2 - Matt Duarte

Moon Knight in “The War at Home, Part 2” by Matt Duarte

Note from the author: This script continues from the Venom script I posted earlier today.

All six panels are wide across the page, and in the same size.

Panel 1

Description: Venom is walking down some big, regal, marble stairs into a huge empty hall. He is almost all the way at the bottom of them. There are big columns in the back that adorn the whole room. He is carrying a gun as he inspects and talks through a communicator.

VENOM: Control, tell General Dodge that his info must have been outdated...There’s no one here. The whole mansion is empty...

MOON KNIGHT (out of panel): Not empty. Prepared.

Panel 2

Description: Seen from above the stairs. Moon Knight is standing on top of the stairs, while Venom is all the way down at the bottom, well inside the room, turning around. Moon Knight is holding a detonator-looking gadget, with his finger near the button.

MOON KNIGHT: Always prepared.


Panel 3

Description: Same as above, except that now Flash has lost control of the symbiote and he has Venom-ed out. He is running towards Moon Knight. Meanwhile, Moon Knight has pressed the button on the detonator.


MOON KNIGHT (caption): It looks different, but I would recognize the monster anywhere.

Panel 5

Description: Same as above, except this time Moon Knight has disappeared into a trap door below where he was standing (we can see them closing). Meanwhile, the whole room where Venom was in has turned into a giant ball of fire. We can also see from the columns from earlier waves of sound emitting powerful energy. The symbiote is in pain and fleeing Flash.

MOON KNIGHT (caption): Working with Rogers has allowed me to access their database and learn how to fight it. And more.

Panel 6

Description: Moon Knight is now standing over the badly wounded (but still alive) body of Flash Thompson. His missing legs are clearly visible and he is making an effort of staying conscious.

MOON KNIGHT: You had lost everything, your career, your love, your... legs. You accepted an entity into your body that promised to give it all back to you. And it was changing you for the worse.

MOON KNIGHT: I have exorcised it from you. That is my gift to you. Do not waste it.

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  1. This is an alright page, but then it becomes pretty damn fine by the end. That last panel, and Moon Knight's lines, are very good. A great end beat.

    I think you could have possibly just made this page the last three, or even one, panel/s and it would have been just as effective. Though then the line from panel 1 would have been lost, so that would be no good. Maybe I'm being overly picky, perhaps the page works as is. I just hate to see that final panel get squished by anything else because it's so strong.

  2. Just curious if you know that Venom and MK have met before? If so, I think it would have been cool to include a nod to that. Anyway, I really enjoyed this page, and I don't think it would need to be shortened any :)

  3. I love the change in fortunes here and particularly like the way MK is prepared to sacrifice part of his mansion to beat Venom.

  4. I think you have captured the voice of MK perfectly here, Matt. Only thing I wouldn't be sure on, as an artist (which I'm not, so could be completely wrong) is Panel 5. Unsure on how it could be drawn in order to convey what is happening to the reader.


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