Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Moon Knight - Who Am I Today? - Rol Hirst

Panel One.

Close on Norman Osborn, smiling at us across a table. We are in a boardroom at Oscorp Industries. A large window behind Norman shows the rooftops of warehouses, labs, offices etc. within the Oscorp complex.

Osborn: So, Mr. Grant, I believe that concludes our business today…

Panel Two.

Pull out to reveal Moon Knight, in his Steven Grant identity, sitting across the table from Osborn. Grant looks confused, as though he isn’t actually sure why he’s there or how he got there. Osborn gets up to show him out, still smiling like a lizard. A secretary stands nearby holding a briefcase.

CAP: Where am I…? How did I…?

CAP: Norman Osborn? Oh, Khonshu – what’s going on?

Osborn: My secretary will show you out…

Panel Three.

Still confused, Grant stands up to leave. He’s trying to hide his bewilderment from Osborn. The secretary hands Grant his briefcase.

CAP: Don’t let him see you disoriented. Any weakness at all… someone like Osborn, he’ll find some way to exploit it.

Secretary: Your briefcase, sir.

Grant: Th-thank you…

Panel Four.

As Grant takes his briefcase from the secretary, a huge explosion erupts in the complex beyond the window. Osborn reacts with wide-eyed panic, throwing his arms in the air.

Osborn: Oh no! We’re under attack! Terrorists! What can we do?

Grant (to the secretary): I have to go…

Panel Five.

Grant runs from the boardroom carrying his briefcase. Behind him, through the boardroom doors, all hell breaks loose as heavily armed terrorists in body armour and helmets smash their way inside, while outside the explosions continue.

CAP: Still don’t know what’s happening or how I got here, but one thing’s for certain – I can’t do any good in my Steven Grant identity.

CAP: There’s only one identity can handle a situation like this…

Panel Six.

In a men’s room now, Grant has placed the briefcase before him on the vanity area. The briefcase is open and he’s pulling out his costume… except it’s not the Moon Knight costume we were expecting… it’s the Green Goblin’s cowl and armour. The panel fades away on the right hand side into the laughing face of Norman Osborn.

CAP: The Green Goblin!

Osborn: Hahahaha! Hahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahaha!


  1. I feel like I should apologise to Danial for this, but it's not meant to be a response to Bendis's plans for the character... more an example of the kind of twisted way that someone like Norman (who understands a little about split personalities himself) might toy with Moon Knight, given the right opportunities...

  2. I'm wondering if you could have started this scene with Osborn showing him out the door, with the briefcase, as he says his opening line. Might streamline things...?

    I like this concept of him being played with, and Norman is just the man to do it. That works completely with the Goblin suit reveal at the end. Though Norman's manically laughing head at the end might be a bit much. Almost a Dr Evil moment.

    P5 - instead of 'in my Steven Grant identity' he should just say 'as Steven Grant.'

  3. I'm kind of confused here - what just happened?

  4. No need to apologise at all, Rol, I loved it! It was a great twist.

  5. Ah Norman. This is why he's awesome. He's an evil manipulative S.O.B and you;ve captured him beautifuuly Rol. Also tied in Norman's desire he has had of finding a suitable replacement for himself as the man in the suit. I wouldn't mind this story in continuity one bit - and as a HUGE Norman fan, this is saying something.

  6. Ryan - I felt like Norman was the one character I could get away with doing the manic cackling outro with, since he was doing that shit back when Dr. Evil was just a twinkle in his dad's winkle. You're right about the Steven Grant line though.

    MK - somehow (to be explained in the rest of the story), Norman has kidnapped MK and messed with his head through drugs, hypnosis, Goblin-crackers... the result is that he no longer believes his "super" identity to be the white knight, more then green goon.

    Danial - thanks, glad you liked it.

    Ben - as I was writing it, it made me wonder why no one had ever really taken MK in this kind of direction. If an enemy ever found out about his psychosis, there must be a few interesting ways to exploit it. Norman just seemed the most obvious choice.


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