Monday, March 7, 2011

Nextwave – The All New Uncanny Nextwave – Ryan K Lindsay

Marvel Press Release: For Immediate Release – Your minds are only there to be changed. Old is new, up is down, black is white. Nextwave was maybe thirteen people’s favourite comic, for 12 issues, but with this creative relaunch it’ll resonate through the Marvel ages for much longer. From the collective hivemind of Mark Millar, Daniel Way, and Jeph Loeb, and the amazing pencils of swipe extraordinaire Greg Land, comes the real Nextwave you’ve always looked for and truly wanted – whether you admitted it or not.

Prepare thyselves for:

Alright, kids, I can’t draw so the whole press release thing gets kind of ruined here, but I can describe what is available from the Merry Men of Marvel.

This is one big splash page.

This image apes the Giant Sized X-Men cover of days of yore, look after the script to be elucidated.

The banner says Giant-Size Nextwave. The side banner says ‘Senses-Melting 1st Reissue’
The faded background shows the old Nextwave team, Monica, Tabitha, Aaron, Elsa, The Captain, and Dirk. They don’t look shocked, they look goddamn pissed.

The foreground shows the new team charging through the cover like football players through the head cheerleaders…through the tickertape banner., the tickertape banner!

The new team consists of: Deadpool, Daken the Dark Wolverine, Spider-Man in his regular costume but it is under The Captain’s clothes, Red Hulk, and Gambit!

The caption on the bottom right says “New! ☠☠☠☠ Genesis!”

I was actually going to write a sweet Uncanny Nextwave page, with my own sweet character choices, but I quickly realised that would be a dick move (no matter how good it would have turned out) and it goes against everything Nextwave was and is. I, thus, hope Nextwave is actually happier with this vision into a haunting future.


  1. You are an evil man Ryan K. Lindsay. AN evil, evil man. :P

  2. This has to be THE strangest thought balloons script I've ever seen. Given that it's Nextwave, however, it seems completely appropriate.

    The one single thing I have to question is the inclusion of Dirk in the background image, due to him not being part of the Nextwave team itself and rather instead having been one of their villains.

  3. But who else would be so dastardly as to assemble this new and fan favourite crew?

  4. Too scarily true... I bet even Warren has nightmares like this one.


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