Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Venom - Bullies - Rol Hirst

Panel One.

The new Venom gets punched in the face by a huge spiky fist. Tendrils of symbiote fly from his face like blood from a broken nose, revealing Flash Thompson’s injured face beneath.

Flash: Ughh!

Panel Two.

Flashback. In a briefing room, Flash’s superiors General Aaron Dodge and Captain Kat Glover give him the details of his latest mission. Flash is in his wheelchair and army uniform. On the screen behind the General we can see various photos of our villain, The Bully (new character). He’s a Hulk-sized powerhouse with a pudding bowl / Mo / Guy Gardner haircut. Bare-chested in most of the shots, he wears tattered jeans and big, “stamp on your fingers” boots. His fists are implemented with inbuilt spiky knuckle-dusters. In the shots on screen we see him taking pleasure in torturing his victims – pressing his boot into one soldier’s face as the injured man lies on the ground, delivering a huge gut-punch to another, twisting a third man’s arm right up his back.

Dodge: They call him The Bully. We know very little else about him.

Glover: Ex-Forces, certainly. Some kind of MGH addict with cybernetic enhancements suggestive of Jonas Harrow or Alistair Smythe. Works for the highest bidder and takes perverse pleasure in tormenting his victims before finishing off the job.

Panel Three.

Back to the fight. The Bully is giving Venom what can only be described as a super-powered wedgie. He’s standing behind Flash, literally wrenching the symbiote up his back so that it wedges between his buttocks. As he does this, Venom’s legs wither beneath him. Basically, the force of the “wedgie” is pulling all the strength and form out of Flash’s Venom-created legs. Flash screams in agony. They’re fighting in what appears to be a deserted schoolyard.

Flash: Arrrrghhh!

Bully: Ha-ha!

Panel Four.

Back in the briefing room. Close on the Captain Glover, still briefing Flash, a grave expression on her face.

Glover: Be under no doubts, corporal, this is an extremely dangerous individual. Our psych profile suggests a violent, intensely narcissistic personality prone to bouts of aggressively juvenile behaviour who—

Flash (off-panel): Kat, please… I can handle this.

Panel Five.

Venom is fighting Bully in a wrecked men’s room / school boy’s toilets. There’s a big hole in the graffiti-scrawled wall where they’ve crashed through. The stalls are also wrecked and Bully is pushing Flash’s head down one of the toilet bowls. Flash’s legs are still withered to symbiote slime beneath him. The symbiote rears up from Flash’s face to avoid getting wet and smelly from the toilet.

Bully: Suck it up, soldier! Ha-ha!

Panel Six.

Back in the briefing room. Close on Flash. His face shows a brief flicker of remorse. Behind him we see a Ditko-esque Flashback to a young Flash bullying “puny” Peter Parker.

Flash: I do have some… previous experience… with bullies.


  1. I'm getting shades of Nuke in Born Again, and I hate Nuke. I like the punch at the end, but overall the script felt like it wasn't sure if it was parody or heartfelt - perhaps both?

  2. I think you can inject humour into a concept like Venom without losing the serious nature of the character underneath. The way I see it, wearing the symbiote is like wearing a giant cartoon. It's a crazy, impossible "power" that should be larger than life and used to illustrate / exaggerate the internal struggles of its user.

  3. I love the visual of the symbiote abandoning Flash's head to its toilet bowl fate! Classic :)

  4. Funny - I'd almost expect Flash's experience to help him avoid falling into this kind of situation.

    Either way, I love what you've done putting him on the other end of the situation here and paralleling it to what his more 'classic' role.

  5. Love it, Rol. Not much more to say. Yo uhave a great ability to get characters into situations in a meaningful and character driven way. DId that make sense? I'm tired.

    Let's just pretend I jost wrote the forst bit about loving the script.


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