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Why Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E

Why Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E

Why Nexwave? WHY NEXTWAVE? I think the following explains a lot better than I could.

Have fun, fleshy ones.


  1. I've missed a lot of this because of real life getting in the way (why does finding a job have to be so hard? :'(), but THIS WILL BE DONE. OH YES. IT WILL BE DONE.

  2. It's been at least a couple months since I've contributed, but Nextwave is totally pulling me back in. Talk about a dialogue challenge! I've got my concept and page idea, now I just need to put it together.

  3. Nextwave – Wrecking ☠☠☠☠ Now and Not Bothering With Questions Later - By MK Stangeland Jr.

    The setting is inside a DR. DOOM-esque castle.

    (9 Panels)

    Panel 1: A DR. DIRKWADBOT stands triumphantly at the top of a short set of stairs.

    This a new character, meant to be a LIFE MODEL DECOY and DOOMBOT type stand in for DR. DIRKWAD, the newest incarnation of former H.A.T.E. leader DIRK ANGER. He looks like HUMAN RECOURCE DEPARTMENT DRONE, but with DIRK ANGER’s face and wearing a DR. DOOM cloak.

    True to the style of how DR. DOOM is always a DOOMBOT and NICK FURY is seemingly always replaced by an LMD, the ‘real’ DR. DIRKWAD does not exist – he is
    always a DR. DIRKWADBOT.

    The DR. DIRKWADBOT (DR. DIRKWAD) is lit up by a spotlight, and behind him is a throne that wouldn’t look out of place being used by DR. DOOM.

    DR. DIRKWAD: Moo Wah Ha Ha! At last, I have the power to crush you with my own...

    NARRATION BOX: Dr. Dirkwad used to be Dirk Anger, Director of H.A.T.E., before he died, became a zombie, and then died again. He’s probably just a robot, and the real Dr. Dirkwad probably doesn’t really exist.

    Panel 2: Panel is just big enough to show THE CAPTAIN slugging DR. DIRKWAD across the face hard enough to send him flying backwards towards the panel.

    Panel 3: Panel is just big enough to show ELSA BLOODSTONE pumping DR. DIRKWAD full of bullets she’s fired out of her shotgun.

    Panel 4: Panel is just big enough to show AARON STACK cutting DR. DIRKWAD in half across his stomach with a large buzzsaw coming out of his arm.

    Panel 5: Both halves of DR. DIRKWAD explode, courtesy of TABITHA SMITH.

    Panel 6: The flaming, charred remains of DR. DIRKWAD land at MONICA RAMBEAU’s feet. She indicates down towards them, and does not look pleased.

    MONICA: What the ☠☠☠☠, people!? He hadn’t done anything yet!

    Panel 7: STACK looks closely at the charred remains of DR. DIRKWAD as MONICA complains to TABBY and ELSA.

    MONICA: This would never have flown when I led the Avengers!

    TABBY: I thought he was dead already.

    STACK: He also wasn’t a fleshy one. Just another Human Resource Drone.

    Panel 8: Beat Panel. Everyone looks at MONICA.

    Panel 9: Close up on MONICA’s face. She looks ticked off, but it should be clear on some level that she’s just covering her own ☠☠☠.

    MONICA: Yeah, but you didn’t know that before you killed him.


  4. Great work MK. Really captured the vibe and feel of the team. Well done.

  5. @MK: The idea of the Dirkwadbot to parody the LMD/Doombot syndrome is pure genius.

  6. MK - loads of fun. I can see this page in my head and it's making me smile like a bad person.

  7. Ok, you're going to have to cut me some slack. The concept turned out better than the execution, but I'm easing back in after months away.

    The premise: in a classic Civil War style story, the team has broken up in the face of some crazy galactic threat in the future. We get flashbacks back and forth between the present (team broken up) and the future. The future shows a reality where the five NEXTWAVE members, due to being identified as the quintessential versions of their powers and characters like them, have had to shoulder the burden of leading their own army of different Marvel characters sharing a lot of similarities with themselves. We never actually see the threat as the armies of Nextwave have already defeated it, but we do get glimpses to the fact that the threat originally killed off all the A-list Marvel characters, and so the D-listers of Nextwave decided to take it upon themselves and organize the armies. The Captain leads an army of "Captain" based heroes (excluding the deceased Captain America of course), Monica leads science and light-based characters, Elsa leads an army of mystic/magic characters, Aaron leads a bunch of robots/cyborgs, and Tabitha leads a bunch of characters who blow shit up. The page here is one of the flashforwards.

    With Great Power Comes Great Boredom - Issue #1 by Paul Vogt

    Page 15 (6 panels)

    Panel 1. A wide shot of The Captain's dark and gloomy castle complete with moat. Robots and cyborgs are busy assailing it while various members of The Captain's army fly around trying to fight them off.

    CAPTION: Meanwhile, in the future...

    Panel 2. We're inside The Captain's throneroom looking out on the balcony with a view from behind of The Captain over-looking the battle, he's silent and off in the distance the only things in view are two extended robot legs belonging to a certain robot monarch...

    Meat king, I've come to take your women!
    Panel 3. Aaron has landed on the balcony. The Captain has not stirred an inch. Aaron stands next to him casually leaning against the balconing as he faces The Captain.

    Not sure how much luck you'll have amongst my folk. 'Course there's always Captain Ultra. She had a sex change in the late 80's. Something about 'grim,' 'gritty,' or 'urban.' Not really sure what, but I'm sure he/she had his/her reasons.

    Panel 4. Aaron's arms are in the air as he gesticulates wildy, trying to cheer The Captain up. His eyes are big red robot hearts. Again The Captian has not moved.

    Foolish human! If we combine our forces we could surely take Elsa's kingdom of dastardly mystics. I hear they filthy with witches and booze!

    Panel 5. The Captain has struck Aaron with a mighty punch to the face sending him reeling off into the distance but he is otherwise still in the same position.

    Panel 6. We're looking at The Captian from the front of the balcony. His elbows are on the lip of the balcony with his hands supporting his head under his chin.

    It's just not the same.

  8. Great idea Paul ,and yo uhave obviously thought deeply about the storyline. The amin issue here I guess is the formatting of your script. Are you familiar with HTML coding? If not, it is entirely possible that it was formatted so that it was easier to read, but got messed up when you posted it here.
    If not, may I suggest looking at, or even copying the format of one of the writer's here (I would recommend Matt). If a script is not easy to read, we really do lose a lot of the punch of the story.

    Hope to read more from you soon.


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