Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Emma Frost – Lady's Guide To Sparkling Repartee – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Emma Frost and Dakota North both look up while Daredevil swings away through the buildings of upper New York.
Dakota: You look like a slut.

2. Frost smiles knowingly.
Frost: As opposed to the woman who sleeps with the married man?

3. Frost is walking away.
Frost: I’d laugh if I wasn’t worried you’d find it attractive and switch hit on me.

4. Dakota looks on at Frost with frustration.

5. Dakota puts her hands up to her mouth to amplify what she says.
Dakota: But at least I don’t look like a slut.

- - - - - - -
You just know this page is Amanda Conner, right? Perhaps Stuart Immonen.

If Greg Land touched this page I'd sign the script Alan Smithee in protest.

I blew it on the title. Feel free to give me a better one in the comments.

Though see what I did with the word sparkling...because she can turn into diamond form variant Frost...geddit?


  1. Who is Dakota North?

  2. Good question, fair and true.

    Dakota North:

    Enjoy. She's a favourite of mine, that's for sure.

  3. I was just about to say that I liked the title.

    I see this page drawn by Kevin Maguire... but I see most pages that involve smart-talking sassiness drawn by him. He should draw more.

  4. A nice simple page Ryan. As for Emma accusing someone of sleeping with a married man - it was only a mental affair...does that count?


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