Friday, April 8, 2011

Emma Frost - Master Manipulator - Matt Duarte

Emma Frost in “Master Manipulator” by Matt Duarte

Panel 1

Description: A white/blue-ish planet in open space.

CAPTION: Despite the stories you might have heard, she does not have the power to create, just to destroy and manipulate. Who knows how many lives that bitch has destroyed?

Panel 2

Description: The same planet, from farther away, exploding into smithereens. A streak of red fire comes out from it.

CAPTION: And as much as I hate her, our lives have become, one would say, comically interconnected.

Panel 3

Description: A pull out shot from the same planet, but it and the space that surround it are inside a giant eye.

CAPTION: She saved my life, but she left behind a parting gift. A small token of her “appreciation” to put me on the right path. When I close my eyes...

Panel 4

Description: We can now see the face surrounding the eye from before. It's the unequivocally attractive face of Emma Frost.

CAPTION: When I close my eyes, I hear the scream of the souls that the Dark Phoenix destroyed. I feel their pain as their planet exploded underneath them, their sorrow as the realization dawned of them that it was the last day of their pathetic little lives.

Panel 5

Description: We can now see Emma Frost standing in a group of other X-Men, including Cyclops, in a briefing room which glows from screens on the walls. She is now in her diamond form.

CAPTION: I'm sure she gave it to me as a warning. Constructive criticism, if you will. That sanctimonious bitch. I call it torture. Good luck convincing anyone of that, though.



Panel 6

Description: Emma is walking away from the group, in her crystal form.

CYCLOPS: You turned into your diamond form for, what exactly?

EMMA: Oh, just a small reminder that I'm the best looking person in this room.

CAPTION: There is no way anyone would believe the angel named Jean Grey would do something as sick as implant a terrible memory into someone else's head. In the mean time, I take my little pleasures where I can. 

The End


  1. Really liked this. I have nothing else to say but that. Great work.

  2. Me too. I like the fact that you've found a way for Emma to play games with people without even using her powers, and I like the insecurity you've given her, that little chip on her shoulder that she'll never be as good as Jean. Good work, Matt.

  3. Damn, this is bleak. Emma isn't the bitch of the tale, Jean screwed her over. I really dig this page because of what it means. You've done a very solid job here.

    Though I don't quite 'get' Emma's final line in the caption...

  4. Glad you guys liked it.

    @Ryan: I saw it as sort of Emma reminding everyone else that Jean is not here, but she is.

  5. Great work Matt. Emma's voice is spot on. Bonus points for making me remember the broccolli people, may they rest in peace.


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