Friday, April 29, 2011

Thor - Fracture - Sime McDonald

Iron Man, Reed Richards and Stephen Strange stand together atop the Baxter Building. The sky above their heads is an ominously dark shade of red, crackling with a bizarre cosmic energy. The trio are dishevelled; bruised and battered, unshaven. The city around them is in ruins, debris strewn about, and skyscrapers threaten to crumble. This is the aftermath of an epic battle; but by no means the end of the war. Before the trio stand members of the Avengers, listening to these men of science and magic enunciate their findings. Thor is the most prominent figure amongst them. He looks troubled and is without his Uru mallet.

It wasn’t Galactus.

Not intentionally, anyway.

Flashback: alternate colour palette. Dynamic shot of Thor throwing Mjolnir at the Galactus. From the look on the Odinson’s face, he’s put everything into this strike.

This isn’t an exact science.
We are the victim of an uncanny set of circumstances.
A fusion of cosmology and Asgardian mysticism.

Science and magic.

When Mjolnir stuck Galactus, something happened.

Flashback: as Mjolnir strikes Galactus, a cataclysmic explosion of energy erupts from the connection between both forces.

The barriers of space and time were pierced.
For a nanosecond, the walls that separate the nine realms of Yggdrasil melted…

Species from the nine realms of the World Tree manifest from the vortex of swirling energy; fire giants, frost giants, and others from Norse mythology.

… and Earth was invaded.

The Avengers look to Thor. This is his domain, after all. The God of Thunder’s troubled expression remains. Intentional or not, he knows he is the cause of this mess. He is feeling that burden.

THOR [1]
Know this, Avengers.

THOR [2]
Without Mjolnir, I am unable to repair the fracture that
has unleashed the beasts of the nine realms upon Migard.

THOR [3]
Though we are mighty, though we stand as a strong united force,
I fear we are unmatched for the battle that lies ahead.

On Thor, his expression grim.

This is the prelude to Migard's Ragnarok.


  1. Sime - not a bad script at all. It's certainly swinging for the bleachers, and you gotta be doing that. You've gone for epic Thor and I dig that, man, I really do.

    However, I worry that you've tried to pack too much action into this mere one mortal page. Though, this could be a good recap page for the next issue, so keep that in mind.

    To be honest, I'm not sure how I'd 'fix' this one. You could choose to depict only once of the action set pieces, or...wait, i got it. It's a flash back and nearly a splash as Mjolnir hits Galactus and we see the warp of the realms. Caption: This is how Midgard's Ragnarok started, with a big goddamn hammer (or something like that, ha).

    Again, love the concept, mate.

  2. I'm with Ryan on this one. You have a great script, an interesting and innovative concept, and all of that deserves more space.

    Of course, we're working under our defined constraints, and this is an excellent use of a page to get across such an exciting concept in such a concise manner. However, I know it would be even better with some more pages to breathe.

    As it stands, it would make an excellent recap page, but I feel that some of these scenes deserve a bit more space than a single panel.

    The above shouldn't be taken as negative criticism. It's mostly me wishing that I could read this story, because it sounds amazing. Well done!

  3. As someone who often gets accused of trying to cram too much into one page on this site, I say to hell with 'em, Sime! ;-) This was a great concept with some nice lines and a wonderful set-up for a Thor-driven mega event.

    I've just been reading old Steve Englehart / George Perez Avengers stories that regularly had up to TWELVE panels per page... these kids these days, you'd think they didn't want value for money!


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