Monday, April 25, 2011

Thor - Midgardian - Ben Rosenthal

1. A typical bar setting, somewhere in Oklahoma at night. The bar is full of people. One of these people is the bar tender, dressed in a green shirt and pants. He is middle aged and slightly overweight. At one end of the bar Loki sits, disguised. He is staring at Thor, who sits at the other end of the bar, a stein of mead in his hand (or beer - whatever you want to call it). Not in his usual Asgardian attire, but in a simple blue shirt and jeans. He is trying to blend in. Thor is bearded, dishevelled and quite possibly slightly drunk. And has just noticed Loki.

Midgard. I do not see why my brother cherishes it so.

THOR (1) (from across the other side of the bar)
Come to gloat, brother?

THOR (2)
Here to toy with me, now? To revel in my loss?

2. Thor is standing, looking unsteady on his feet. He is angry at the insolence of Loki, appearing to him at this time of heartache. Whether he is drunk or purely upset at his loss, we are unsure. The bar tender has placed his hand on Thor’s shoulder in order to calm him down.

Revelling in their triumphs, celebrating their victories.

THOR (1)
I’ll not have it.

THOR (2)
Be gone from here trickster. Either under your own momentum, or with the aid of mine.

3. Thor lashes out at the man who has placed his hand on his shoulder.

And despairing in their falls.

Off me.

4. The force of Thor’s shrug off throws the bar tender smashes into the shelves of bottles which line the wall behind him

Poor brother. So arrogant.

5. Thor is checking on the man he has just hit. The man appears to be dead.

You cannot be in a place for so long. Live as one of them...

6. Mephisto has appeared in front of Thor, grinning.

7. A small panel, which simply shows the evil smile of Loki.

...and not abide by their rules.


  1. So if Thor kills then Thor goes to hell...? And he's also able to get drunk...? Are you saying Midgard is making him weak.

    Maybe he should have killed more than just a bartender, accidentally, if he's going downstairs can't he take out Osborn or Deadpool or someone... :)

  2. That's part of what I was going for, yes. He inherits humanities 'weaknesses' (according to Loki). Loki figures that if he loves Midgard so much, then he should have to go through those people do.
    This is Loki watching, and enjoying his set up. Notice the colour of the bar tender's shirt. The promptness of Mephisto's appearance. It has all been premeditated.
    Basically, I wanted to take everything away from Thor to see how he goes.

  3. I like the thought you've put into this, Ben (since obviously drunken Thor can't kill a human, it must all be a set-up) and Thor's dialogue is excellent. You got that spot on. The only line of Loki dialogue that snagged slightly with me was "And despairing in their falls." - somehow I thought "defeats" might work better... but it's a minor niggle and doesn't mar an otherwise excellent script.


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