Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thor – The Victory Of Defeat – Ryan K Lindsay

Set up: Thor has just killed boy Loki. You don’t need to know why, just believe that he has.

1. Thor sits in the middle of a field with boy Loki’s dead body in his lap. They are both slumped, Thor cradling Loki's lifeless form.
Caption-Thor: You didn’t expect to win. Not as we think of the term.
Caption-Thor: You don’t care about your victory…

2. Thor cries, really cries, you must sell this panel.
Caption-Thor: You only ever cared about my defeat.

3. Thor’s hands still grip tightly to the length of rope used to strangle Loki.
Caption-Thor: Making me do this…
Caption-Thor: This was your true victory.

4. Wide shot from on high, Thor screams upwards, dark clouds are being summoned from every direction.
Thor: Yaaaarggghhh!
Caption-Thor: You will be honoured, still. You will be remembered.
Caption-Thor: I shall plant a new world tree in your name.

5. Lightning rumbles in the clouds. These clouds must look electric, violent, sad.
Caption-Thor: But you shall have no place upon it.

6. Rain hammers dead Loki’s face.
Caption-Thor: And that will forever crush me.
Caption-Thor: Which I know will make you happy.


  1. Wow, nice page. It speaks more to Loki's character than Thor's, but I know that doesn't matter, and it was very touching nonetheless. I really love the visual of the clouds coming across. Very cool.

  2. I didn;t comment on this yet? Wow, that's poor of me.

    Ryan - LOVE this page. I have only recently discovered the relationship between Loki and Thor - in that Thor loves his brother and is angered at him doing bad things, not the actual bad thing (although that plays the part too).
    Wonderful page.

  3. Really dramatic page, Ryan, though part of me feels it's a little bit of a cheat to write "You don’t need to know why". The why in a story like this would be the all-important bit - in effect, it's easy to write the big dramatic pay off "brother kills brother"... getting there is often harder.

    That said, I really like the monologue here, and like Ben, you give good Asgardian.

  4. @Rol - I didn't want to give the back story bcause I want the page to stand alone. I know why Thor killed Loki, there's a massive sprawling epic to explain how it all leads to that...but I was too lazy to type.

    I also think it's easy to show, in a page, Thor choking Loki but I wanted to show the desperation after the fact.

  5. A really nice representation of the Thor-Loki dynamic. Thor's inner-turmoil really comes through here. A very solid character piece and an interesting look into a possible fallout of Thor killing Loki. Quality stuff.

  6. See, now I want to read the massive sprawling epic that leads up to it... ;-)


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