Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thor - Whosoever - Danial Carroll

We are looking up at Thor standing upon a small hill. He is holding his arm up, commanding a lightning bolt to Mjolnir. Electric energy surges all around him.

CAPTION: People look to me for my power.

Thor and Hulk are lunging at each other. Thor has Mjolnir swung back, ready to strike, while Hulk has his fist clenched, preparing a punch. An earth-shattering collision is imminent.

CAPTION: My strength.

Thor is standing before a mass of Skrull. He has thrown Mjolnir into the fray, cutting a path right down the middle. Skrull bodies are flying aside from the force.

CAPTION: My grace under fire.

Close up of Mjolnir, sitting on the ground at a slight angle. This panel should be highly detailed and elaborate.

CAPTION: And yet, they can't even pronounce my name...



  1. I see what you did there - the old bait & switch.

    Well played, Danial. Well played.

  2. Very nice script. It really defies the reader's expectations, while managing to effectively highlight the parallels between Thor and Mjolnir. They compliment each other and build off of each other's strengths.

    Additionally, I think it's pretty funny that you written piece criticizes spoken pronunciation. Nice touch.

  3. So I'm sat here thinking, "not sure Danial's got the Thor voice quite right"... and then it turns out you weren't even doing the Thor voice. I liked this, and can suddenly see much potential in giving the hammer its own consciousness. That's a Walt Simonson idea, that is. Great stuff.


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