Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why Green Wake?

Sometimes you just have to lift your game. I find I write my best articles about the best comics. I play my best sport against the stronger opponents. And I write my best scripts about the best content. You rise to the challenge, that’s how you get better at the game of life. That’s why I chose what I deem the best new comic of 2011, Green Wake.

Green Wake is a new comic from Image written by Kurtis Wiebe and illustrated by Riley Rossmo. It’s a five star comic all about love, loss, and regret sieved through a Cronenberg filter and touched up with some Jeunet/Templesmith paint. It’s gorgeous but most importantly the words are haunting. This book is smart. It’s brilliant. It’s more than you can want or expect. This comic is all about soul.

It’s also about a town, Green Wake, where the inhabitants have no idea how they got there and they cannot leave. They generally keep to themselves and not much ever happens. Until a string of grisly murders brings an element of noir into this horrific landscape.

I chose Green Wake because I truly wanted the opportunity to write in this world. I wanted to see if I could lift my game up to this level. I also chose Green Wake because I wanted to expose as many people as possible to this comic. It is genius and more people need to be reading it. If you have to pick up a copy in order to write your script, or truly appreciate ours, then so be it. I can handle that, I hope you can. And the first issue has sold out, so at the start of May you'll have an opportunity to buy the reprint. You should do that.

This book looks amazing, just gaze over those covers above and below. Rossmo knows how to make art catch your eye, especially in such a truly horrific way. But it's the words in the comic. Man, the words. Wiebe brings emotion and thunder through the captions in a way I haven't seen in a while. This comic resonates. It's all about the worst within us. Not the worst of us, but the worst IN us, the worst we carry around.

This town has many possibilities, and a multitude of characters, and the only constant is the emotion present; pure and unadultered fate.

If you want more information on the title go to the following links:

Green Wake site

Green Wake blog

And then get your best horror-noir hat on and swirl down the hole of frogs with me. All the way to the bottom.


  1. I've been a little spotty on my contributions in the last bit, but I'll definitely bust my hump to get something up this week. Good choice, Ryan!

  2. Green Wake – Here the Troubles Began - MK Stangeland Jr.

    (5 Panels)

    Panel 1: Two characters, referred to here only as PRIEST and MAYOR, stand in the middle of the town hall around a small chest that has been set on a table.

    PRIEST: Contained in here is everything you shall need to seal the evil more permanently.

    Panel 2: PRIEST hands MAYOR the key the latter will need to unlock the chest.

    PRIEST: Are you certain you wish to commit to this? Once you have finished, you will never again be able to leave Green Wake.

    MAYOR (1): I have no choice. This must be done.

    MAYOR: (2): I helped found this town, it is only fitting that I atone for its mistake.

    Panel 3: PRIEST puts his hands on the chest as he looks sorrowful about what has happened and what is soon to be done.

    PRIEST: And those that will come in the future?

    MAYOR: It is a necessary sacrifice. If they knew what I was doing…

    PRIEST: But they don’t.

    MAYOR: I have no other options. This town must be used as containment.

    Panel 4: PRIEST and MAYOR share a ‘armshake’ – that is, the kind of handshake where two people grab each other at the inner end of the forearm rather than just at the hand – as an indication of their friendship that has just about reached its conclusion.

    PRIEST: It’s a shame that this is what it has come to. I will pray for your safety and sanity from the outside world.

    MAYOR: You’ve been a good friend. That means more than you could know.

    PRIEST: Possibly, but I have quite the stretch of the imagination.

    Panel 5: PRIEST begins to walk out of the town hall, leaving MAYOR to watch from behind.

    MAYOR: Take care of the survivors for me.

    PRIEST (1): I will.

    PRIEST (2): Goodbye, friend.

    (END PAGE)

  3. @MK - nice. I like that this is primarily a character page. You let them lead the way instead of trying to over-explain everything that's happeneing.

    I particularly like that the mayor's actions won't be known by others, and he understands that. It's true sacrifice.

    This script gave me a very LOST feel, in all the right ways. Nice work, mate.

  4. Three rows of panels. Panels 1 and 2 are on the first row, panels 3 through 5 are on the second row, and panel six occupies all of the last row.

    1 – A new character, Desmond, sits at a chair, looking out the window. A glass half empty of whiskey sits on the table before him. The bottle is in his hand. It is raining on the other side of the window. The first caption is at the top of the panel, while the second caption is at the bottom.

    CAPTION (DESMOND) (1): It's raining tonight.

    CAPTION (DESMOND) (2): Just like it always does.

    2 – Flashback panel. The colouring is the warmer colour (red?) used in the comic. 3/4 shot of the man standing in the middle of a street with a smoking gun in his hand. Two bodies, a man and a woman, lie at his feet, bleeding out. He looks confused and scared. It is raining in this scene as well. As before, the first caption is at the top of the panel, while the second caption is at the bottom.

    CAPTION (DESMOND) (1): Reminds me of when things went south.

    CAPTION (DESMOND) (2): I needed to get lost.

    3 – Back in Green Wake, the panel is outside of the man's window, looking in. He continues to sit, staring into the downpour without expression. Again, the first caption is at the top of the panel, while the second caption is at the bottom.

    CAPTION (DESMOND) (1): Green Wake is as lost as you can get.

    CAPTION (DESMOND) (2): But once you're lost here...

    4 – Pan out. The shot is now of the entirety of Desmond's house. His window on the second floor is still clearly visible, but he is not.

    5 – Pan out even further. The shot is now of the block that his house is on. The window can still be seen, located towards the middle of the panel.

    6 – Pan out to a view of the entire town, similar to the splash page in issue 1. The house is lost amid the rest of the town. The caption is at the bottom right hand corner of the panel.

    CAPTION (DESMOND): don't get found again.

  5. Here's a little insight into Carl. Thanks for choosing my series to interpret, I'm enjoying what I'm reading and seeing how everyone is envisioning Green Wake. Enjoy my contribution!

    1. Carl leaning on the rail of a cobblestone bridge, the cold iridescent river beneath bubbling quietly beneath. Black skies, silver light creeping through, hinting at more beyond. He’s lost in thought, peering through the bottom of a whiskey bottle, using it like a filter to watch the water rush by.

    CAP Everyone’s got a line. The moment you cross it, you know. You just fucking know.

    2. Inside the bottle, a reflection of Carl’s eye in the remaining whiskey.

    CAP All these little back steps, trying to recover. Tip toeing and egg shell walking. So weird how we do that.

    3. Carl taking a swig of the whiskey, eyes closed as he powers through the burn.

    CAP Like we’re making things better by our inattention to the details.

    4. Carl tosses the whiskey bottle as far as he can.
    CAP Happy with the lies.

    5. Shot of the bottle as it drifts toward the camera, Carl watching it go.

    CAP I could still be happy with you, Ariel.

    6. Carl, walking away from the camera, hands in his pockets, shoulders hunched.

    CAP Happy with you and your fucking lies.

  6. Wow. I believe the correct term is SQUEEEEEEEE?

  7. This site just reached a new level.

  8. @Grant - I really love your script. This premise is bringing out the best in people, I new it. Or maybe I'm just more predisposed to like this sort of melancholy stuff. Either way, gold.

    The succession of zoomed out panels felt completely fitting for the book to me. Top stuff!

    @Kurtis - I guess your is alright, yeah...

    Thanks for dropping a script on us, and a clinic. This is such a tight script, I love the venom on the words and the actions. They absolutely hum, I must say.

    But if the script is on my site do I own it now, ha.

    @Ben and Danial - yeah, shit just got real. Ha.

  9. Now we are a REAL website!

    Thanks to Kurtis for dropping by the site and contributing. That's just completely crazy.

  10. As I said to Ryan in an email, it was a great exercise and fun to do. Rather serendipitous as I just finished Green Wake #4 and Carl had a big part in it. Helped me get in his head a little for the leap into writing the script to #5.

    If I have the time, I'd love to join up and post more in the future, if your crew would have me!

  11. Kurt, I speak for everyone when I say you are always welcome here. Drop scripts as you like, and if you ever want to offically join the site, get the character choices ahead of time, then you have only to ask.

    I mean, you'll eventually make us all look bad but we can handle it.

  12. Well that's cool! I thought it would be neat if this site was visited by someone who's actually working in the industry like that, but I hardly held out much expectations that it would actually happen.

    Thoughtballoons has been noticed! Yay!

  13. MK - great dialogue here and a wonderful sense of foreboding and impending sacrifice. I can see what Ryan means when he mentions the Lost feel.

    Grant - a very visual set of panel descriptions and a nice sense of character. Ryan's right, this week is producing some very strong writing.

    Kurtis - thank you for joining us and congratulations on the buzz behind Green Wake. More success to you!


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