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Basilisk - Arcadia - Matt Duarte

Basilisk in “Arcadia” by Matt Duarte

Note from the Author: This is a character that I came up years ago. The whole concept strikes remarkably close to a close of Proof and Greek Street, though both series came into existence after I originally had the idea. This means that I will probably never take this story very far, but you do get to gaze at this one page teaser. Enjoy!

Panel 1

Description: A large man with a muscular upper body stands behind a bar. He has long black hair that reaches his shoulders in a ponytail, and a big fuzzy beard. Despite his intimidating appearance, he has a welcoming smile on his face and is gesturing with his arms wide open. He is the barman of a very classy and expensive looking drinking lounge, which is remarkably empty.

BARMAN: Well, well, well... if it isn’t my favorite new stranger! Back for some more after last night?

Panel 2

Description: The character known as Basilisk has just walked in through the door of the same bar. There is plenty of light coming in through the open door, since it is mid-morning, and we can see a sign on the door that says “Arcadia”. He is wearing a simple, plain black t-shirt, clearly worn jeans, and a big coat on top of it all. He has short brown hair that looks unkempt and is wearing a big set of dark sunglasses.

BASILISK: Cut the pleasantries, Argios. Where’s the girl?

Panel 3

Description: Basilisk has walked up to the bar, pointing his finger to one side where there are some stools, speaking rather loudly to Argios, the barman. Argios, meanwhile looks confused with a dash of guilt.

ARGIOS: Girl? Erm... What girl?

BASILISK: The girl that was sitting on the far end, on that last chair, last night.

BASILISK: The girl with the long blond hair, couldn’t have been more than 19.

BASILISK: The girl that you were chatting up while you kept serving her drinks.

Panel 4

Description: Basilisk has grabbed Argios, who is considerably bigger, by the neck of his shirt with one hand. Any sign of constraint is now gone and he is almost shouting into Argio’s face. With the other hand, he is grabbing the side of his glasses.

BASILISK: I just came to check out this place, to make sure you were keeping your nose clean. I stayed outside all night, and she never left Arcadia.

BASILISK: I know who you are and you know who I am, and even then, you couldn’t keep it in your pants long enough until I left.

BASILISK: So, tell me: WHERE. IS. THE. GIRL?! Or the glasses are coming off...

Panel 5

Description: Seen from behind the bar, we can see Argios being let go by Basilisk. Argios’ lower body is the same as a goat’s, as he is a satyr. Basilisk has sunken into one of the stools.

ARGIOS: Alright, fine! I’ll tell you! But you won’t like what I have to say...

ARGIOS: She is a nymph, name of Amymone. And I don’t have her. Didn’t do anything to her except pour some drinks. One of the big bosses took her, didn’t see who.


ARGIOS: Exactly... Wine?

BASILISK: I have a feeling I’m going to need it.

Next: The Missing Nymph!


  1. Nice. I like when old mythology is made modern. Might have the check out this Greek Street you mentioned.

    If you're not taking this anywhere, you probably aren't worried, but you missed a word in: "I know who you are and you know I am." ;)

  2. This page exudes character. In these five panels, I feel like I already have a strong understanding of who Basilisk and Argios are. I have a general idea of some of their beliefs and maybe even goals. Really impressive to get that all across so quickly.

    I also quite like the dialogue. It has a nice ring to it.

  3. Matt, great work. Enough twists on the one page to get me hooked, and as Grant pointed out it is full of character. I tip my hat to you sir.

  4. Thanks guys. I've had this character rattling around my head for years, so I'm glad that people like it and enjoy this little page.

  5. As the others say, you introduce your character well here, Matt. It's only because I'm a sad old Marvel zombie that I can't get the old Spidey / Thing villain Basilisk (real name: Basil Elks - heh!) out of my head.

    I couldn't make head or tail out of this sentence though...

    "I know who you are and you know I am,"


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