Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Crew

As a treat for the one year anniversary of this site, our own Danial Carroll has put together this amazing logo we’ll be using up the top for a while. It’s all the Tenures, as close together as we’ll all ever get seeing as we hail from Australia, Spain, and the UK. We did have a US writer but now we don’t. I find that strange and amusing for some reason.

Anyway, this post isn’t about the words, enjoy the pic - click it to enlarge and soak in the musky flavour.

The Men of thoughtballoonsif only there were enough of us for a calendar…



  1. Gotta say, Danial did an awesome job on this piece. And I'm serious about the calendar, I'd be naked at my desk, feet up, with my notebook over the twig and giggleberries.

  2. Yeah... don't think I'd be drawing that one :P

  3. Great work. Fantastic work Danial. You made us look all so pretty.


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