Sunday, May 29, 2011

Double Shot Of New Tenures

Up in the Tenured Writers page, you’ll see down the bottom we talk about what you can do if you want tenure with the site. You upload your own scripts (of quality), you comment on our scripts, and you generally make yourself such a piece of the furniture around here that we have no choice but to bring you into the fold. Better to harness your energy than have you as a scorned enemy.

Now, we Tenures discuss things behind the scenes constantly. Sometimes it’s just slagging each other off in crude, but well written, emails but sometimes it’s business and every now and then we discuss the site. Future plans, manifestos of purpose, that sort of thing. Then, sometimes, we discuss bringing in new tenures. It’s not something we can do all the time but periodically, seems about every six months, we like to shake things up.

Consider yourselves shaken now as we add two new tenures to the group, everyone welcome MK Stangeland, Jr and Grant McLaughlin. These rising stars took our notice as Play-At-Home scripters because of both their consistency with addressing nearly all characters with scripts (especially MK with a 100% strike ratio for 2011 – better than some established Tenures) and by weaving such fantastic words together that it came to a point where I was looking forward to their contributions each week.

If you go back through all the Why…? posts of this year you’ll see MK and Grant doing some awesome things with their ideas and layouts and captions and so it seemed like the smart thing to align them both officially with the site before they splinter celled off and took us down.

I’m excited to see how they continue to grow on the site, and what characters they will choose when their times come up. Welcome, lads.

As for the rest of our PAHs, we love you guys. Your scripts amaze us constantly, your dedication is astounding, and we want you to stick around. I hope no one sees the ascension of these two lads as their own descension (were such a word to exist – it does now, copyright, ME!). We notice every PAH script and we really try to get the opportunity to comment on them all. It’s surprisingly hard to critique at least 6 other scripts a week and give honest feedback, no less more scripts. The fact this PAH culture only continues to grow makes me extremely proud and I hope we get more and more as the months, and years, roll by.

For any further information, hit up the Tenured Writers page above, hit us up on our own sites through that page or the hot links at the top right of any page – most of us are active on Twitter. You can also keep abreast of all things thoughtballoons by following the thoughtballoons tweetbot @Thought_Balloon and having one eye on the #thoughtballoons hashtag on Twitter where a lot of chatter gets caught.

I hope you are all still enjoying the site and seeing two more guys make Tenure just makes me see an even grander and more awesome future for this site.

Good night, and good writing.

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