Friday, May 20, 2011

Ms Marvel – Battle Of The Sexes – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Ms Marvel stands by a pool at a beach resort. She’s wearing a bikini and that sash.
Ms Marvel: I like him. I almost don’t want to, but I do.
Ms Marvel: Can’t someone just make me magically forget all about him?

2. Spider-Woman lies on a lounger and Jessica Jones is in the pool with Danni. Both wear bikinis.
Spider-Woman: You think too much. Have your fun then squash the Spider.
Ms Marvel: You should be nicer to your arachnid family.
Spider-Woman: One, he’s no family of mine, and two, I like it when men try to squish me. Gives me an excuse to get rough.

3. Jessica Jones laughs as Danni splashes the water.
Jessica Jones: Carol, just don’t overthink it. Imagine if I overthought Luke…?

4. Spider-Woman laughs.
Spider-Woman: Imagine if you actually thought about Luke?

5. Ms Marvel dips a toe into the pool.
Ms Marvel: Why the hell are we here talking like useless women? The boys are probably on the roof bringing down a Doomcopter or something cool.

6. Spidey and Wolvie sit in a sauna. Spidey has the towel on and his mask up. And he’s sitting on the roof. Wolvie has a beer in his hand.
Spidey: But, I don’t think you understand just how much I like her.
Wolverine: Oh, I get it, bub. And if I hear it one more time you’ll be leaking more than sweat.
Spidey: But-
Wolverine: I've been there, y'know?
Spidey: Wha-?

Not my strongest outing, and certainly no way to end the year but sometimes you write a script and you know nothing better is coming and you have to move onto other projects. This week was one of those.

So, thus is my 52nd script, in a row. It's been emotional. 


  1. I think you're being a little hard on yourself, Ryan. I, for one, really like this script. It's some nice quiet moments from both sides of the "relationship".

    Even though I kind of gathered from the start that the piece would end with a glimpse into Spidey's thoughts on the situation, I really enjoyed that last panel. Now there is an example of how to write Wolverine. I will have to take note. ;)

  2. I agree with Grant - it's a nice script. I especially like it due to it being another look at the theme I went with in a much different setting. Plus I find Marvel's second line and the image of towel on his head while he's still wearing his mask (even if it's up) particularly amusing.

  3. The scene of all the women by the pool reminds me of those Top Cow "Swimsuit" comics you used to see in the 90's. I love that Carol is still wearing her sash, despite being in a bikini. That's classic :) I also think you nailed Pete and Logan's scene. It's a fun, lighthearted page.

  4. I really wanted this page to feel like the old Marvel swimsuit issues, actually. Nothing more awkward than your favourite heroes in speedos and bikinis, ha.

    Flattered you guys liked this so much. I tettered between and 2-3 star review on it, myself. It just I tweaked the final scene a fair bit, wasn't sure I should give Wolvie that last line but it made me laugh, and laughing is good.

  5. Man, I actually really liked this. Sometimes it's just nice to see that we thoughtballooners can execute a straightforward conversation page without it just being back and forth headshots or pithy one-liners.

    It's solid stuff, and I almost typed about 10 freudian slips in this comment.


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