Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ms. Marvel - Fallen Angel - Danial Carroll

My inspiration for this week's page is rather tangential. I read Ms. Marvel #1 quite a while ago, and sadly, the only thing I remember from the whole issue was my shock at seeing Jessica Drew smoking. So this page is kind of my response to that...

Close up of a feminine hand holding an unlit cigarette. This is the hand of Carol Danvers, aka Ms. Marvel.

CAROL: Do you mind?

Leonard Samson is sitting upon an a chair in his office. He is wearing a suit and has a notepad on his lap, informing us that at this moment, he is working his psychiatry job. He has a pen in one hand and is gesturing continuation with the other.

LEONARD: If it helps you relax...

Close on Carol's lips. She has the cigarette between them and the flame of a lighter is seen approaching the far end.

CAROL: It's not like it can HURT either of us, RIGHT?

Close on Leonard. He looks disapproving.

LEONARD: I assume this new-found habit comes courtesy of MS. DREW.

We now see a wide shot of Carol, laying on a psychiatrist's couch. She is in civilian clothing and is blowing a stream of smoke into the air. She appears annoyed at Leonard's remark. Her eyes are red and puffy from crying, and there is the slight shimmer of tears around them and down her cheeks.

CAROL: Would you prefer I take up DRINKING again, LEONARD?
CAROL: You might recall how THAT turned out last time.

Leonard is now learning forward on his chair. He looks sorry.

LEONARD: Ok, ok...
LEONARD: So why don't you tell me what brings you here.

Close on Carol. Her hand is holding the cigarette just away from her face, as tears now stream down her cheeks. She is visibly distraught.

CAROL: He's dead, Leonard...
CAROL: ... and it's all MY fault.

From here, Carol would lay on a sob story via flashback of falling for a non-powered "civilian" and then him being killed due to some villain chasing her... or something (I hadn't thought THAT far ahead :P )


PAGE ONE (seven panels)


  1. That's a nice strong opening page. It has that human element I like to see in superhero stories, plus it seems to work with Carol's character & history. Not sure if it'd get past Joe Q's No Smoking policy though. (I miss the days when Ben Grimm and J Jonah Jameson would regularly chomp their way through cigars.)

  2. Yeah I know :) Gambit and Wolverine were some other terrible role models back in the day ;)

    I also like the humanising of superheroes, especially the super-superheroes that you only usually see when they're "on duty".

  3. I'm honestly shocked and appalled Drew smokes. That's pretty...well...lame.

    As for this page, is it set in the past, like the early years of Ms Marvel? It's like Mad Men style cigarette porn. I like how this page works.

  4. I was thinking contemporary. It seems that whenever she's written (Avengers #13 reinforced this), she's saying how she hasn't dated in a long time, so I thought she might want to branch out from the supers... and this would be the consequence of that choice.

    As for Jess smoking, it did seem rather odd. It had no relevance to the story, and just seemed thrown in. Though from what I've read of Spider-Woman, it does seem to fit her dark, sultry personality.

  5. I really like how this page fits together. The dialogue is really crisp and does exactly what it needs to do. Everything about this page feels right to me. Nice work.

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