Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ms. Marvel - I Have Been - Matt Duarte

Ms. Marvel in “I Have Been” by Matt Duarte

First four panels are all vertical and long ones, in the same size, standing all next to each other. The final two are horizontal and wide across the whole page.

Panel 1

Description: A young couple is sitting in a field in the middle of a park in New York. A man is giving a woman a big bouquet of yellow roses. The blue sky in the back is perfectly clear, except for a small dot right in the middle.

CAPTION: I have been a delicate flower, warranting protection and care.

CAPTION: I have been a cosmic deity, capable of incredible destruction.

Panel 2

Description: The same young couple from before, this time the man is on his knees as he is opening a small box with a ring inside it. The woman, flattered by the proposal is holding her hands to her face. In the sky, the dot from earlier is getting bigger, and we can now see that it has a human shape.

CAPTION: I have been a promise waiting to be kept.

CAPTION: I have been a disappointment to everyone around me.

Panel 3

Description: The man and woman embrace lovingly in each other's arms. Caught in the moment, they don't realize that something is about to fall very close to where they are. The human shape from earlier, still falling, is incredibly close to them, and we can see that it is actually Ms. Marvel, falling rapidly to the ground.

CAPTION: I have been loved and respected as part of a family.

CAPTION: I have been cast out and forgotten by those I called friends.

Panel 4

Description: Ms. Marvel hits the ground hard and fast, leaving a small crater where she fell, dangerously close to the couple from earlier, who have now turned to see what's going on.

CAPTION: I have been to the highest and most fantastical realms.

CAPTION: I have been beaten to the ground more times than I can count.

Panel 5

Description: Ms. Marvel lays in the floor clearly in pain. The young couple looks at her in wonder.

MS. MARVEL: Better seek shelter folks, it might get dangerous out here.

MS. MARVEL (weakly): Ouch... It hurts to even talk.

CAPTION: Above all, I have been able to get back up again, no matter what life has thrown my way.

Panel 6

Description: Ms. Marvel has gotten up and is dusting her hands/shoulders. She is walking away from the couple from earlier.

MS. MARVEL: Now, if you'll excuse, I have some payback to deliver.

MAN (quietly): Wow...

WOMAN: Stop staring at her legs!

CAPTION: Above all, I am Ms. Marvel. And if there is one thing I have always been doing...

CAPTION: It's always giving it my best. 

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  1. haha Loved the "Stop staring at her legs!" you slipped in there! Very thoughtful piece too. Great job.

  2. This is one of those pages that summates but doesn't drop any story or true narrative. There's a sequence at play, sure, but it's light on details.

    That said, do you think this page could still open an issue, and if so, would you bring that couple back in later on?

  3. Yeah, this is very much a "Mission Statement" kind of page. Issue 01, Page 01 sort of thing.

    And indeed, the married couple does play a bigger part later down the road.

  4. I really like the repeated "I have been". It has the risk of coming off flat, but you avoid that completely with the effective contrast and slow build.

    The small moments of levity work really well, too. If this is representative of what would be to come, I would pick this issue up without hesitation.

  5. As scene setters go, Matt, this is solid and appetite-whetting. What tipped it over into GREAT for me was that "legs" line and the way you juxtaposed Carol's Chumbawamba moment with this cruel dissection of romance. I'm still smiling.


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