Saturday, May 14, 2011

Omega Red - Post-Mortem - Matt Duarte

Omega Red in “Post-Mortem” by Matt Duarte

Panel 1

Description: A group of four men in hazard suits are picking up the body of Omega Red.

CAPTION: The death of codename Omega Red was a blessing in disguise.

CAPTION: He had long been out of our control, and his death opened up new possibilities.

Panel 2

Description: A group of scientists have Omega Red in an operating table. They are using medical saws to cut him open.

CAPTION: We have always known about his death spore pheromones, but could never control it in any meaningful way.

CAPTION: Luckily, our top-flight scientists have come up with an ingenious way around it.

Panel 3

Description: A very sexy woman is having a drink in an expensive restaurant in front of a very fat man. The man is laughing heartily not looking at the table, while the woman drops a small object into his glass.

CAPTION: It seems that Omega Red's natural abilities have surprisingly outlasted even his extended life span.

CAPTION: And his organic matter retained his powers, proving to be a powerful and untraceable poison.

The End.


  1. Very cool concept, Matt, and keeping well within continuity. I'm curious who the narrator is though. Are we meant to know? I'm guessing from the "codename Omega Red" line, that it would be the Russians. no?

  2. So Omega Red is the new date rape drug. I get the skeezy feeling he'd be alright with that.

    There are a few grammatical errors on this page but overall the structure works well.

  3. I like the angle on this one. A very creative combination of Omega Red's powers and current continuity.

  4. @Danial: I left it open on purpose, but yes, it's supposed to be the Russians.


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