Monday, May 9, 2011

Omega Red - Return - Ben Rosenthal

The following takes place in current continuity. That is after Wolverine has stabbed Omega Red through the heart with the Muramasa Blade.

1. Inside a poorly lit warehouse, mostly dark. From the minimal light that is available, we can see the outline of cargo boxes. In front of those boxes is the dark silhouette of a person, hanging with arms outstretched, being held in mid air.

We do not know who or where the voice below is coming from. It is simply a bubble floating in the air, suggesting that the speaker is in the room, but hidden.


Does it hurt Logan?

2. A close up of Wolverine. He is in the warehouse, sniffing around.

SFX: sniff.



3. The silhouetted figure has been moved into the light, still suspended in the air by the wrists. We can tell that it is Daken, simply via his trademark Mohawk. He is too badly beaten to recognise him otherwise.


He is your enemy. But first, he is your son.

4. A close up of Wolverine, snarling as his claws pop.

SFX: snikt.


Does it hurt to see him like this? Helpless. Dead? Does it cleave your heart in two?

5. On the left hand side of the panel we can see the back of Wolverine, crouched and ready to strike. Taking up the remaining of the panel is Omega Red, who has Daken lifted above him with the use of his tendrils. However, Red has undergone some modifications since we last saw him. Instead of two tendrils coming from his wrist, he now has them all over his body. They form crude armour, but are also moving, seeming to be alive.


Now you know how it feels, yes?


  1. This is a pretty cool page, Ben, though I found the addition of the extra tentacles a little superfluous. I'm sure it would have sat better if you were able to write Page 2 however :)

    Just curious, did you envision this change having happened in hell?

  2. I wanted more tendrils as I always found Omega Red kinda wimpy. He has two
    I thought the visual of him being made up of tendrils, all moving around him like snakes to be much more appealing. He could lash out at anyone from anywhere, and would be much more of a threat.

    As for where he got the upgrade - my thinking was The Hand and their wacky habbit of ressurecting people, but Hell works for me too :)

  3. Whimpy!?! Why I outta...! Spidey only has TWO web-shooters and you don't consider him whimpy :)

  4. I would consider Spidey wimpy. That's part of his whole charm. He's a (relitively) smaller hero, who always finds a way to overcome the odds using his powerset.

    Omega Red is supposed to be this big bad-ass Wolverine villian, but just looks more like an Albino with streamers. I just never found him interesting.

  5. Life-draining, controlable, carbonadium tentacles aren't bad-ass? Man, you are one tough customer :)

  6. Ben - an interesting slow burn of a page. Not bad at all. I'm trying to imagine thsi squirming suit of tendrils and it's kind of creeping me out.

    Now for the argument - Danial, Omage Red is kind of wimpy. And Spidey is definitely wimpy, and I love him for it.

    Ben - I'm not sure how a wormlike suit of tendrils makes him bad-ass, just makes him feel more...I wanna say pederasty...?

  7. Bah, you guys don't even like Moon Knight, so your judgements are obviously flawed :P

    Besides, if he comes across as whimpy, it just means he hasn't been written right, which is the challenge here this week ;)

  8. Any script where Daken gets his ass handed to him is cool with me.

    I was worrying that it was just me who envisaged Omega Red's new look as slightly pervy. Glad to see that Ryan's just as sick.


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