Saturday, May 14, 2011

Omega Red - Screwball - Ryan K Lindsay

1. Magneto stands above a defeated Cyclops. Behind Magneto stand Mystique, Blob, and Omega Red.
Magneto: That pressure you feel is your visor tightening. I wouldn’t advise moving, or even thinking.

2. Magneto lifts his left hand and Omega Red starts lifting off the ground with the motion.
Magneto: Now relax and marvel at a little move I call…

3. Omega Red is hurtled through the air towards Xavier’s Mansion, he is a one-man war missile. We can see Magneto behind him waving his arms a little as he sends Omega Red flying.
Magneto: The fastball special.

Yeah, I'm a little out of my wheelhouse. This is just an action script, a big old Michael Bay action moment. Imagine that final panel if Bay used five helicopters to film it. Epic. This page isn't the usual fare from me but be damned if it wasn't fun. Not every page can be full of words, and captions, and lyrical poetry. Sometimes you just gotta pick up your comrade and hurl him at a building. Take it as you will.

I must also say, my average panel count for pages is about six. The more I write the more I see why writers love a good old splash page, or even just the odd three panel page. Toiling on a page for hours can be fun but when there isn't much there and it only takes an hour, that's so goddamn satisfying. The trick is to know which moments warrant the splash pages.

Oh, and one final thing. I can remember the fastball special from my childhood. It was awesome then and when Whedon-Cassady brought it back in Astonishing it was equally as awesome. I know Wolvie's been thrown by plenty of other people but I'm not sure if anyone else has ever been thrown. This seemed like a good opportunity and pairing to make it happen. And here's the Whedon-Cassaday moment just because it's so fantastic. You're welcome.


  1. Nice and simple. I learned of this move when watching X3 and Colossus threw Logan at the Sentinel in the Danger Room. There's certainly perks to being superpowered :)

  2. I want to see this in an actual comic. Like, now!

    Love seeing you step out of the dramatic and having a little fun with this one. :-)

  3. Very nice. I particularly enjoyed how you kind of pointed towards the different nature of your entry this week through Magneto's dialogue in the first panel. Well done.


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