Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Omega Red - Tentacles Of Power - Rol Hirst

Panel One.

Omega Red and Whiplash (the new one, Anton Vanko) are engaged in a brutal battle inside a wrecked super-secret ex-Soviet laboratory. Vanko’s coils are wrapped around Omega Red’s neck and body – and vice versa. They’re each choking / squeezing their opponent to death.

CAP: Since the Cold War ended, internecine conflict has choked the former Soviet Union.

Panel Two.

Sweat popping on their brows, eyes bulging, faces crimson, neither man will concede. Together they’re on the verge of collapse…

CAP: Where once its deadly tentacles stretched out across the West, now this once great super-power seems intent on destroying itself.

Panel Three.

And now they’re down, both seemingly unconscious. A curious, tentacled shadow is cast over their bodies.

CAP: But the petty squabbles of a dying nation are of no concern to one such as I.

CAP: My only interest here is the tentacles…

Panel Four.

The shadow is cast by Dr. Octopus (in his current, withered and cancer-ridden form). Held aloft by two of his own tentacles, he lowers himself towards the fallen Russians, examining the carbonadium coils of Omega Red with his other two robotic limbs.

Doc Ock: Especially tentacles such as these… with their power to drain the very life energy from any foe.

Doc Ock: Imagine if that technology were to be harnessed… and then reversed…?

Panel Five.

Suddenly, Omega Red reaches out a huge hand and grabs a shocked Doc Ock by the throat. He’s been playing dead to see who was really behind his battle with Whiplash. Now he’s grinning – he has his answer.

Omega Red: I do not think this will be happening any time soon, Comrade Octavius.

Omega Red: I think instead, what little spark remains within this shrivelled, emaciated corpse you call a body…

Omega Red: …now feeds Omega Red.


  1. Ah Rol, I thought this was going to be obvious but having Red at the end makes it all work just a little better.

    I really like the line in Panel 2. That's clever, man.

  2. So... many... TENTACLES!

    Loved how you married the captions to the panels. Nice work!

  3. @Danial - my thoughts exactly!

    @Rol - I like the turn in the last panel. Everything reads really well up to that point, but things get turned up a notch with Omega Red's reveal and reversal.


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