Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Phrase That Pays - Maxy Barnard

The Premise: Cowabunga. Word with a weird origin (that being Chief Thunderthud on The Howdy Doody Show, long, LONG ago). So I guess I decided to see if I could take that origin and tie it into a fun one page script.

The alternative to this was to make a horror comic. Prove I made the wrong choice.


We open on the turtles, all sat around a table, eating pizza and relaxing. All eyes are on Michelangelo, who is looking back at them with a mouth overflowing with cheesy goodness.

Leonardo: So, Mikey... Where *does* your catchphrase come from anyway?

Michelangelo: 'ashfrashe?

Raphael: That stupid 'Cowabunga' thing you won't quit yelling.


Close-up on Michelangelo as he swallows his mess of pizza.

Michelangelo: MMM! ->gulp<-


The other turtles all do spit-takes as Michelangelo explains his catchphrase to them.

Michelangelo: I got that from my sensei!

SFX (spit-take): SPWOOOOSHHH

A dim flashback panel, with Michelangelo kneeling before the shadowy form of Chief Thunderthud. Note: All captions, to better frame who each person is, have the face of the speaker at the edge of each box.

Leonardo(caption): Master Splinter?

Michelangelo(caption): Naw dude, my OTHER sensei. I went to him alone, whenever you guys just thought I was slacking off.

Donnatello(caption): So you WEREN'T just sneaking off for more pizza?

Raphael(caption): Just tell us who your sensei is, already!

We view this flashback from the other side, with Michelangelo kneeling in front of a large, muscular version of Chief Thunderthud, a tomahawk in each hand, and a large luxuriant moustache.

Michelangelo(caption): Don't have a cow, Raph.

Michelangelo: Howdy, dude- I mean... Sensei.

Chief Thunderthud: Cowabunga, Turtle-Face. Shall we begin?

Michelangelo(caption): He was CHIEF THUNDERTHUD, the only Indian to have a moustache, and he taught me EVERYTHING.

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  1. It's got the playful, "what the hell" vibe to it of the cartoon, that's for sure.
    I'm not sure why, but I didn't really dig this one as much as your other pieces, Max. It seems kind of forced. Doesn't flow as well as your scripts usually do.
    Not to say that there is anything wrong with it, just wasn't feeling it.


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