Friday, May 13, 2011

Thor - Hammer Squared - Matt Duarte

Thor in “Hammer Squared” by Matt Duarte

Note from the author: Two weeks ago, I missed my Thor script. This is my catch up script, with my Omega Red going up later in the day.

Panel 1

Description: Ronan, The Accuser is wielding his mighty hammer in a powerful upwards swing, attacking Thor. The full impact of the blow is landing squarely in his chest.

RONAN: Odinson! Mjolnir might find you worthy, but The Accuser finds you severely lacking.

Panel 2

Description: Thor has been knocked to the ground, with Mjorlnir laying a few feet away from him. Ronan is walking towards Mjolnir, still carrying

RONAN: Having defeated you so easily, reason dictates that your weapon is now mine. Stand aside, as the Accuser adds another mighty tool to his arsenal.

THOR (weakly): Thou...does not... understand...

Panel 3

Description: Ronan attempts, futilely, to lift Mjolnir. Without realizing it, in his eagerness to get a hold of a new toy, he has dropped his Universal Hammer.

RONAN: Blasted artifact, why won't it yield?

THOR (off-panel): Thou has not been deemed worthy, Accuser.

Panel 4

Description: Thor returns the favour from earlier by hitting Ronan, with his own Universal Weapon, straight into the chest, knocking him away.

THOR: Mjolnir does not measure worthiness by thy fighting prowess or thy self-righteousness...

Panel 5

Description: Ronan has fallen on the floor and is looking up. Thor has not only recuperated Mjolnir, but he is still wielding Ronan's Universal Weapon.

THOR: Only through humility will a warrior ever wield Mjolnir.

THOR: Now, for thy treacherous attack earlier, I shall teach thee a lesson.

Next: It's Hammer Time!


  1. I really like Thor's voice in this one.

  2. I don't know if you intended it or not, but you've currently got your labels blended/mixed together.

  3. I think it was caused by Blogger's recent screw up, it caused some of the labels to get mixed up.

  4. This is old-school Thor, dialogue-wise, but nothing wrong with that. The "who can yield the hammer" debate is a thorny issue (as anyone who reads Tom Brevoort's formspring will know) but my only question here is... wouldn't Ronan, having been around since the Lee/Kirby days, be aware of the hammer's enchantment by now? Or... is this a much earlier story - their first encounter?

  5. Yeah, this is set in the distant past. Maybe not their first meeting, but certainly not far after. The old school Thor dialog was a hint of that.


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