Monday, May 2, 2011

TMNT - Eventually - Ryan K Lindsay & Danial Carroll

TMNT in Eventually
Words by Ryan K Lindsay
Art by Danial Carroll
- - - Click for larger view - - -

My script for TMNT this week, titled 'Eventually', is a love song to Donatello. He was always my favourite and he earned this place because of his brains. Who wouldn't want to be the smartest person in the room? This brainiac also got a bo staff - easily replicated with a broom handle. I WAS Donatello, man.

I wanted to mix that love for Donatello with a slightly ninja-noir vibe. Think Brubaker's run on Daredevil, if you will.

Then Danial filled my email with some very cool art and the cycle was complete. It's always interesting to see your works trasferred to the visual and this is definitely a treat. I'd love to keep Danial on retainer to draw all my scripts. Maybe one day, for now we can all enjoy his new webcomic, (in)sanity. Check it out, it's Lovecraft goodness.



  2. Considering I didn't even look at any reference images, I think I did pretty damn well :)

  3. Excellent work, guys. I'm going to struggle to comment on this week's scripts, being a generation beyond the TMNTs (and if commenting is a struggle - imagine how hard it's been to write a script!) but that was really nice work from both of you - and a prime example of how great artwork can bring a script to life.


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